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This page is a joint effort between James and Jonathan Cannon at Cheoy Lee Shipyard Ltd.  Our goal is to provide the Association's Membership with pertinent information such as contact information, parts, that are still available for their boats, etc.  It will be a work in progress for some time as we explore what info should be placed on this page that will be useful to all.  james


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Info on current Cheoy Lee Shipyard - Click Here

Bahia Mar Yachting Center
801 Seabreeze Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: 954-527-0999
Fax: 954-527-2887

Portosole, Via del Castillo, 17
18038 Sanremo (IM) - Italy
+3933 1234 4855

Cheoy Lee Yachts Australia
Suite 31-5 Marina Mirage Main Beach, Gold Coast Qld 4217
+61 7 556 11107

Bill Gross Marine Inc.
9830 Lk Wash Blvd NE, Bellevue WA 98004
+1 206 284 4844


Jonathan Cannon

89 & 91 Hing Wah Street West
Hong Kong, China
Phone: (852) 2307 6333
Fax: (852) 2307 5577

BIO - Part of the Cheoy Lee team since 1992, Jon manages the Cheoy Lee sales department at the headquarters in Hong Kong. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he went on to qualify as a naval architect in the UK in 1990. A British national, he remained in England for a further two years, working as a designer, although returned home to Hong Kong to take up his position at Cheoy Lee. He is the channel through which all new Cheoy Lee yacht orders are placed, detailed and processed, and also involved with the development of new Cheoy Lee yacht models, coordinating the efforts of naval architects, structural engineers, interior designers and stylists. He also plays a part in some of the yards commercial project activities, on the design and contract side. And, of course, stands ready to assist any Cheoy Lee owner requiring any form of assistance with their yacht.

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Parts for older Cheoy Lee's

We have a jumble of original Cheoy Lee made fittings. Due to the wide range of components and low inquiry rate, an inventory list has not been prepared. Most items also need some form of discussion, so please write in with your inquiries. For example, the few remaining dorades have varying degrees of dents and chrome defects, builders plates need identification proof, we have a huge array of cleats, but all different sizes, base type etc. This is not 'as-new' equipment and it is appropriate to explain this on a case by case basis. The fittings were all made 30+ years ago. Stainless steel grade is lower than standards expected from today’s fittings, nav.lights do not comply with today’s standards, etc. etc

Below, we have provided a brief photo library showing the type of fittings we have left in our stores, and perhaps give a general overview of their state and approximate stock level. Please do let me know if you have a requirement for old parts and I will see how we may be able to assist.  Jonathan


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The plastic lenses in our old Cheoy Lee nav. lights perish/break much earlier than the heavy chromed housings that they sit in. As a result, we have the housings, but no more lenses in our stores. On my hunch that these lights were an old automobile part, one of our CL35 owners tracked down a source. The lense from an old British Leyland Mini is apparently a perfect fit in our chrome stern light housings. He found it at Mini  Mania,, and the part is 54581622/P LENS TURN SIGNAL CLEAR PLASTIC BEEHIVE.

Unfortunately, the red and green lenses for our CL side lights is also one of the most common requests I receive, but a source for those has not yet been found.

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