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Glass Water Tanks      

The tanks on my Clipper appear to be in good shape but I did receive the message from Bob W...(see sidebar) about problems he encountered on "Bolero" which like my Clipper is a 1969 Clipper 36.  Has anyone else experienced problems with their glass tanks??

     My water tank appears to be glassed to hull,  but perhaps only the ends of the tank are glassed to hull.   Would be a job to get at the keel bolt located under the tank on the Clipper...

     Has anyone had problems with the glass fuel tanks???

Boat Name:   Bolero
Contact:  Bob W...
Location:  San Francisco Bay  Berthed in Sausalito Ca.

Sounds like you are embarking on much the same projects as I have in the past. 

A BIG caution:  If you have integral fiberglassed fuel tanks replace them with stainless ASAP!  Mine leaked for years causing countless hours (& Dollars) of frustration....  
let me know.


Glass Fuel Tanks

   On my clipper I will be going through the process of tank restoration this spring 1999.  My fuel tanks were leaking around the fuel line connections. Will be installing new fuel lines and will post pictures of the process.  james...