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Why you have an advantage advertising your Cheoy Lee  with us.

This web site now receives over 1000 hits per month from people searching for information on Cheoy Lees

We now have over 1400 Cheoy Lee members and our membership is growing at the rate of 20 to 30 per month.   These owners know people that are looking for Cheoy Lees and refer them to our site..

We receive visitors from nearly 80 countries.  Click here for chart showing breakdown of domains from other countries visiting this web site.


Top Search Engines are finding our web site, below are the stats for which search engines are used to find our site


Google has close to 60% of the search engine business and we come up number two in Google, Yahoo and many of the other search engines.  We also come up in the top 3 if you do a search under "Cheoy Lee Sailboats for Sale".

Bottom line, anyone searching the net for information on Cheoy Lees will find this site.


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What we Offer and details on submitting your Ad.
  We are offering a full page of space to advertise your Cheoy Lee. 
  I will do the layout in a method that enhances your pictures and clearly lays out the specs and description of the boat as well as the equipment.  This full page ad includes unlimited pictures unlimited text, no limit on changes or additions to ad, and no time limit.

   Many sites charge up to $40 per month for this size ad and some charge close to $200 for a few lines and one small picture.  For our current suggested donation, we have never set the website up as a business, is $250. 

If you are a broker and would like a price on listing several Cheoy Lee's contact us.

Your ad will not only be where people are looking for Cheoy Lee's but will also help support our efforts maintaining this site.

Click Here to view samples of ads to get ideas on what to include for the text of your ad. 

Please submit your text in MS Word if possible.  Be sure to include the contact information, where the boat is located, name of boat, etc.  The more time you spend on details concerning upgrades, equipment, etc the better.  Also good pictures really help sell.  You can email photos and james will make any correction etc  in PhotoShop

Letters from Past Clients


Just to let you know that we sold Spice Island Lady our wonderful Cheoy Lee 41 which we had owned and cruised through out the East Coast of the U.S., Caribbean, South and Central America for 15 years. She was a wonderful "Live-a-board and cruiser. We had many inquiries from your web site and that is where the new owner saw her, flew from Colorado to Panama and bought her. Thanks so much for all you have done for the Cheoy Lee Association. Take care and smooth seas Lynne  P. s/v Spice Island Lady
March 2010

Guess what - as you predicted Pearl has sold very quickly.  the *** from Riverside (locally) saw the ad on your web site when it came out on Friday and put down a deposit on Saturday.  Sea trial yesterday cemented the deal.  So - could you remove our ad from the web site before more interested folks see it and call?  Thanks!!!! Your web site is fantastic and we really appreciate the exposure and high quality ad.  I do not think we would have sold her so fast without you!!!  Thanks again, S.C.

I hope everything is going well with you. Well I sold Island Zephyr to Richard B.... I thought he was going to tell you so you could up date your web site, however I'm still getting calls. Thanks so much for the use of your web site. We received many many calls, I only wish I had 6 more to sell! 
We are now busy at work on our new boat and expect to be sailing early Spring.
Thanks Again,
Harry D

Hi James,
I am pleased and yet saddened to tell you we have sold "Karma" our Richards Offshore 41.  She was advertised in both print and www.  The Cheoy Lee website was by far the most comprehensive and impressive layout done by anyone.  No matter what inquires we received I always referred them to (I can type it in my sleep, backwards!).  Ultimately the successful buyer initially found her there.  He obviously studied each item in detail asking questions and pointing out items only seen on the Cheoy Lee site.  He is a happy and already proud owner.  Exactly what we hoped for Karma. James, you did a great and very complimentary layout.  Thank you so much.
My best to you, your family, and all the Cheoy Lee owners and "wannabees" we have met and written to these past few years. 
Fair winds,  Chris F.....

Hi James,
 We have sold the Tai Pan, the Offshore 40 we have advertised on your site.  We actually received an offer quite some time ago, but it took a while for the survey and buyer's finances and whatnot to all come together, so I held off on canceling the ad until it was a sure thing.  The new owners of the Tai Pan are John and Shelley W... of Bellingham, WA.  They originally saw the ad for our boat on your site, so to you I offer my most profound THANKS!  Now you can have your web site space back.  :-)
 Best Regards,
Rebecca and Michael P....

Dear James,
I want to inform you that my Robb 35 has sold.  My ad with your site was a great aid.  I had other ads but it was this one that generated the most action by far.  And, of course, was how the buyer first came in contact with me.  Thank you again. 
Best regards, Jack M...


I have sold Shogun thanks to your advertisement.  I received a number of inquires from interested parties from the US and Europe. The only placed I advertised was on your website and got just the buyer I was looking for, someone knowledgeably of Cheoy Lees. Once again thanks for your assistance and you can cancel the Ad.
Lynn F...

Good morning,
Just wanted to let you know that as of 11/7/;03 vessel Blessed has been sold and has a new home in Maine.  She will be leaving here next week by transport company. I just wanted to thank you for your website and the time you took to place her. It pleases me to know that through your website she has found a home with someone that was truly looking for a Cheoy Lee.

Many thanks


Dear James,

My Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 (Firefly) sold a while ago, and was shipped last week, finalizing the sale.
The website ad had over 6,000 hits, and was really very effective at soliciting informed buyers. In fact I probably could have sold the boat sooner than I did, but I was busy with work and what-all, and I simply did not have time to return all the queries.

The buyer was so confident in what he saw over the website, and in the supporting text, that he bought the boat without ever having laid eyes on it. He contracted with a shipper and had the boat shipped to the East Coast.

Thanks again for the help and the fun over the years. You have built a wonderful community through the creation of an Owners Association and of an Association Website.
Kind regards,

James -
This to let you know that we acquired the Clipper 33, "Shannon Lee", from Mic W...  Mary and I are sailing her with our three children in the Pensacola, FL area.  
PS:   Love the CL association web site, which is how I found the "Shannon Lee". 
Warm regards,  Wendell R..... 

 Please note that "Reverie" has been sold. The person that bought her saw our ad first on Trader Online but became convinced once he saw her on the CL site. Thanks very much for your help and good luck with the site.
 Sincerely, Mark W...

Dear James and Cilla,
    Now, when our boat is sold, we would like to thank you for having it advertised on the Cheoy Lee Association web site. We found it quite helpful and we must have got more than hundred inquiries from the ad. We also want to thank you for all your help, and we wish you the best of luck for the future of the web site, that we have often visited and found very interesting.
    Cathy and Max.

Dear Mr. McGarvey-
The sale of our boat was completed on March 26, 2001.  I had over 20 inquiries as a result of your site and one of the first bought the boat and is having it trucked to Amarillo, Texas, where it will stay for five years in a large, deep  lake and then go to a coastal area where the new owner plans to live in it.  We are very happy with the buyers and they found us through you.  Thank you so much for your assistance and your kindness.  The new owners are looking forward to continuing contact with you and your organization. 
Grant and Catherine A.... 

This is a bittersweet day.  We have sold our beautiful ORIENT STAR to a very nice couple, Don & Lee Holmes from Palm Harbor Florida, thanks to you.  We had her advertised in at least 17 different places or publications.  But, the actual sale came from the new owners finding her on your Cheoy Lee website.   It took us about 6 months to find her a new home, but we finally did and am sure it will be a good match.    Thanks again for all your help on a job well done... Janice & Jack Stevenson

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