Cheoy Lee

Member Dues: $20 per year, $100 life
The dues are voluntary, we want to list all Cheoy Lee owners whether you can contribute or not.

To register you information and be included on the Association's list of Cheoy Lee Owners click on "Sign Me Up" button.


Dues may be submitted via snailmail to:

James & Cilla McGarvey
PO Box 2073
Candler, NC, 28715

**You can just slip a $20 bill into an envelope or if paying by check please make check out to James McGarvey

What will you get in return for your dues?

  • I will continue to do my best to make this website fresh, pleasing to look at and always  growing & expanding with useful information...

  • I will always be open to suggestions for things you would like to see included on the website...

  • I will do my best, through this site, to make Cheoy Lees a "Cult" boat which, as many of you have suggested, should add to the value of your boat...

Thank You for your support
james & cilla

PS  You can also lend your financial support to the association by purchasing all your books and music from Amazon.Com.  By coming to the association site, following the link to our bookstore, then going to Amazon's site from one of our links,  5% of your purchases go to the support of this website.  If you link and purchase one of the sailing books listed on the pages then 15% of the cost of the books come back to this association...

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