Submitting Photos for Web Site

I have learned to work with both jpeg and gif formats.  I prefer jpgs since it is easier for me to work with in PhotoShop with my limited knowledge.  Also I can compress the jpegs and thus make the download times as short as possible yet retaining an image that is suitable.
Getting your images into jpeg format
If you can borrow a digital camera the rest is easy.  Your photos will be in digital jpeg format, just load to your computer and attach with you e-mail.

Or, if you are going to shoot a roll of film of your boat on regular film then request your photo developing shop to have your film developed in digital format on floppy discs as well as your regular prints.  Kodak offers this service for just over $5 for a roll of 36 photos, just specify jpeg format and they will be sized correctly for the web in most cases.

The rest is easy, just attach to your e-mail and I can handle the rest.

E-mail them to James @






Scanning for the web takes a little knowledge of scanning techniques,  therefore you may need help from someone who knows the limits of web sites.  Scanners can scan at high resolutions for quality prints on high quality printers.  But these files can be huge, sometimes several megabytes per image. 

   Scan at a resolution of no more than 96 dpi.  As I understand the process this is the max resolution of most computer monitors, therefore any higher resolution just wastes file size and causes longer download of page.

   Choose your image size before you scan for best results.  Do not scan a 8 x 10 photo and expect the file size to be small and correct for a web page.  Most of the images on this web site are 7-900 dpi in width, remember older monitors are only 640 dpi in width. 

   Therefore scan to the proper size then your file size, if you have selected the correct resolution and image size, will work for the web.

   My computer and software is IBM compatible therefore I cannot use files created on a Mac unless you format them correctly.

NOTE:  Many people are not familiar with all this computer talk.  Therefore I will accept your photos in full size and try to downsize them here.  It is better to send me a full size digital photo than one too small that will look terrible when I resize it.

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