Cheoy Lee Owners
Richards 41, Offshore 41's, and the Cheoy Lee 41

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I have grouped the Richards, the Offshore, and the Cheoy Lee 41 owners on one page.  There is some mystery surrounding the 41's produced by Cheoy Lee.  Click Here for more information on the mystery.  If I have you listed under the wrong heading let me know by email -
Richards 41 Owners

66 Owners

Boat- "Tiger Lily" -1978 Cheoy Lee 40'9" - designer - Ray Richards
OWNER - Duncan Kellogg
AREA OF SAILING - Puget Sound,
E-Mail Duncan  I bought Tiger Lily last year from Greg Scherzinger.  I have kept the same name and will stay in the Puget Sound area; Port Townsend to be specific.  Tiger Lily is a project boat.  We have put a new engine, prop shaft, instruments and some interior improvements.  I'd like to hear from anyone about their experience with the refrigeration and holding tank systems.  That's next on my list.
Boat- "Zebra" - 80 Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 - designer - Ray Richards
OWNER - Dick & Betsy Poe  (owners of a Rigging Shop on Narragansett Bay in Wickford, RI)
AREA OF SAILING - Rhode Island
E-Mail Dick & Betsy
Boat- "Elaine Marie" - 1980 Cheoy Lee 40'9" - designer - Ray Richards
OWNER - A Taglient & R Masefield
Boat- "Nordstar" - 1980 Cheoy Lee 41 Ketch by Ray Richards
OWNER -Rachel Dinno
AREA OF SAILING - Santa Cruz, Calif
E-Mail & Rachel

Boat- "Seraphim" -1977  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 - designer - Ray Richards
OWNER - Paul Thompson
AREA OF SAILING - Long Island Sound and Huntington Bay
E-Mail Paul

New Owner 2015

Boat- "Matarua" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Brent & Krista Lefler
AREA OF SAILING - British Columbia (Bowen Island)
E-Mail Brent & Krista  friends of ours owned this boat over 10 years ago and we sailed with them around the American San Juan Islands. She was the first boat we ever sailed on and through crazy twists of fate she came back to us without us even having to look!
Boat- "???" - 1976  Richards 41
OWNER - Norman Stark
E-Mail Norman  Proud owner of a Ray Richards and has a question about hull speed as the owner is considering repowering the boat.  What are the design, cutting, and maximum hull speed?
Boat- "Horai" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Ed Van Keuren
E-Mail Ed 

Hi. Rachel Greenfield and I completed a circumnavigation in July 2005 and it took almost 5 years. We brought the boat back to Marion, MA and now she is hauled for some TLC this winter.

10;13 HORAI is actively sailing New England waters after her 5 year circumnavigation (the 2nd for the boat – Previously under the name MARION G) and receiving continual upgrades each winter.

Boat- "Suspense" - 1980  Richards 41
OWNER - Dan & Terri Gilmer
E-Mail Dan & Terri
Boat- "Amphora" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Ken & Susan Fitzgerald
E-Mail Ken & Susan
Boat- "Tigerlily" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Greg Scherzinger
AREA OF SAILING - San Juans, Guld Island, Puget Sound
E-Mail Greg
Boat- "White Cloud" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Bill McCuistion
AREA OF SAILING - Texas Gulf Coast
E-Mail Bill

Boat- "Selkie" - 1981  Richards 41
OWNER - Peter & Maureen Thompson
 Peter has sold Selkie, waiting to hear from new owners
Boat- "Spice Island Lady" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Lynne & Lois Peck
AREA OF SAILING - East Coast - Caribbean
E-Mail Lynne Cruised E. Seaboard, Florida Keys & Bahamas, Lived aboard for 5 yrs. We have now owned Spice Island Lady for the past 12 years and spent this time cruising the east coast of U.S. and the Caribbean.  We spent 2 years in Puerto la Cruz, Ve. where we stripped off the teak decks and gave the "Lady" a total refit. 
Boat- "Gypsy Mare"  - 1979  Richards 41
OWNER - Mary Filbee & David Archibald
AREA OF SAILING - Atlantic Canada & E. Seaboard
E-Mail Mary & David  Recently purchased and plan restoration
Boat- "Thistle" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Kenneth & Jana Paton
Thistle 8.jpg (14227 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Greater Puget Sound
E-Mail Kenneth & Jana
Boat- "Denouement" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Eric Stover
E-Mail Eric  Eric has owned Denouement for over 15 years.  
Tenacious.jpg (15346 bytes)Boat- "Tenacious" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Waiting to hear from new owner
Boat- "Wherabouts Unknown" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Jim Sandhl
AREA OF SAILING - Tampa Ban & South
E-Mail Jim  Living aboard for 5 yrs.
Boat- "Twist of Fate" - 1979  Richards 41
OWNER - Steven Barton has sold Twist of Fate, waiting to hear from new owners
Boat- "Magic Moon" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Laurence & Bonnie Sheldon
AREA OF SAILING - Sea of Cortez, Mexico
E-Mail Laurence & Bonnie  Magic Moon was importantly lost during hurricane Marty
Boat- "Bacchus" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Albert Salzer
AREA OF SAILING - Santa Barbara Calif
E-Mail Albert 
Boat- "Tim Kiki" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Tony Hinman
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Tony 
Boat- "Pukka" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Marston Winkles
AREA OF SAILING - Eastern Caribbean
E-Mail Marston 
Boat- "Gossamer Wings" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Karla & Jim Kupec
E-Mail Karla & Jim 
Boat- "Karma
 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - David Thompson
San Diego, Calif
E-Mail David  
Boat- "Kismet" - 1981  Richards 41
OWNER - Bud Metzger
E-Mail BudKismet.jpg (23127 bytes)      Kismet2.jpg (33234 bytes)      Kismet3.jpg (32806 bytes)
Boat- "Antares" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Drew & Brigitte Wise
AREA OF SAILING - Manchester, MA/New England
E-Mail Drew & Brigitte
Boat- "Mamba" - 1981  Richards 41
OWNER - Tom & Caro Gear
AREA OF SAILING - Isle of Palms, SC
E-Mail Tom & Caro
Boat- "Virgoschild" - 1979  Richards 41
OWNER - Terry & Elaine McCarroll
AREA OF SAILING - Ballina, NSW Australia
E-Mail Terry & Elaine original papers say boats name was Wallace Stevens and was from California [San Diego ???] then changed to Marameo and sailed to aust via pacific 93/96?? .We purchased her in 99 and changed the name to Virgoschild so we could get her aussie registration as we intend taking her to Thailand and Malaysia this year  We have cruised the whitsundays in her last winter and live aboard in our home port of Ballina northern NSW We would love to hear from anyone who knew the boat or has information about her previous sailing history Thanks Terry and Elaine
Email from Terry and Elaine - Oct 2012 

Hi James and Cilla
    On October 14th we crossed our outbound track on the east coast of Australia thus completing a 12 year circumnavigation of the world in our Cheoylee 41 ' Virgos Child'. A no time did we feel that she was ever going to let us down. On our way around we encountered several of our sisterships in exotic ports which is a great testament to the seakindlyness of these vintage cruisers. All in a great trip in a great vessel
 Terry and Elaine McCarroll
 'Virgos Child'
Boat- "Odyssey" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Nick Friedman
AREA OF SAILING - S. California
E-Mail Nick
Members Photos/Stmarys.jpg (7477 bytes)Boat- "The Two Dolphins" -  Richards Offshore 41
OWNER - Stephen & Penny Pastiva
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake, Washington DC
E-Mail Stephen & Penny  Stephen has submitted a discourse on teak deck replacement... Click Here for article
Boat- "Namaste" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Jerry & Linda Bryant
AREA OF SAILING -Hawaii, Kauai
E-Mail Jerry & Linda  complete retrofit, re-enforce, re-rig, re-power '91-97, '97 Seattle to Sea of
Cortez and west coast Mexico '99 Mexico to Hawaii '99 to present chartering to all Hawaiian islands including "unknown Hawaiian islands"
Boat- "WhiteBird" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Alan
E-Mail Alan   If you ever had a problem(s) with your 41 Offshore & want to give me a heads up, it would be appreciated-mail me,Thanx.
Boat- "Fantasy" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - David & Bon Bon Fambrough
E-Mail David & Bon Bon Restoration in process
Orion1.jpg (17654 bytes)Orion4.jpg (31654 bytes)

Boat- "S/V Orion" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Michael & Becki Antonides
AREA OF SAILING - Port Clinton, Ohio/ Lake Erie
E-Mail Michael & Becki

Boat- "YANKEE" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Conrad & Barbara Rieckhoff
AREA OF SAILING - Chicago, Great Lakes
E-Mail Conrad & Barbara
Boat-  "Invitation" - Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - Juli & Scott Chapin
AREA OF SAILING - Rhode Island
E-Mail Juli & Scott
Boat- "Fantasy II" - 1981  Richards 41
OWNER - Norm Jacobsen
AREA OF SAILING - Mystic CT/ Cape Cod to Atlantic City
E-Mail Norm

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
FANTASY II is her new name. She used to be called ENCORE and was owned by Patrick Hitchinson, a previous member of the Cheoy Lee Assoc.
Boat- "Yet to be determined" - 1980?  Richards 41
OWNER - Mike & Carla Reynolds
AREA OF SAILING - Yet to be determined
Just acquired this project (a major one at that), but we think the efforts will be worth it. She has every design feature that I always imagined a strong offshore yacht would have
Boat- "Adagio" - 1979  Richards 41
OWNER - Mike Schock
E-Mail Mike

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

Boat- "Tenacious" - 1978  Custom Offshore 41
OWNER - Gordon Owen
AREA OF SAILING - Portland, Oregon
E-Mail Gordon


Boat- "Keiamora" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Michael Boney
AREA OF SAILING - Long Beach, Santa Barbara Calif.
E-Mail Michael

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

Keiamora is for sale, Click Here for info

Boat- "Whereabouts Unknown" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Brian Harmon
AREA OF SAILING -  St. Petersburg, Florida
E-Mail Jim 
Boat- "NightMoves" - 1978  Richards 41 - Hull # 608910
OWNER - David Donaldson
AREA OF SAILING - Jacksonville, Florida
E-Mail David
Boat- "Sowelu" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - Valentina Vix since Aug 07
AREA OF SAILING - Marathon, FL Keys
E-Mail Valentina
Boat- "Windsong" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Atle Riise
AREA OF SAILING - Oslo, Scandinavia
E-Mail Atle
Major restoration on going.  Atle's website is with information on Windsong
Boat- "S/V Moonshadow" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - James Hall & Family & Friends
AREA OF SAILING - Nehalem, Oregon & North West
E-Mail James
Boat- "Pooch Pounder" - 1978  Richards 41
OWNER - Kevin Dillon
AREA OF SAILING - Calgary, Canada
E-Mail Kevin  
Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
3/08 This is project boat that will take time to restore to her full glory. When I'm done, I plan to circumnavigate. I have some ideas, like converting the ketch to a sloop with a freestanding carbon fibre mast, installing electric pods instead of rebuilding the motor.... and others.... but any comments gladly welcomed at .
Boat- "Alita" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - George Somogyi
E-Mail George
Boat- "Dawnbreaker" - 1980 Richards 41
OWNER - Herrick Ramberg
AREA OF SAILING - Finland / Baltic sea
E-Mail Herrick
Boat-  "Mirage" - 1977 Richards 41  
OWNERS - Jim & Diane Holland
AREA OF SAILING - Marina del Rey, CA
E-Mail Jim & Diane
Boat- "Anemone" - 1977  Richards 41
OWNER - La Voie
AREA OF SAILING - Massachusetts
E-Mail La Voie  "Anemone" is in the final stages of a complete refit being done by Brion Reiff Boatbuilders of Brooklin, ME
Offshore 41 Owners


Cheoy Lee Sailboat Association

Boat- "Kittiwake" -1977  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 ..
OWNER - Jack & Kitty Engels
AREA OF SAILING - Great Lakes, but leaving for Caribbean in June
E-Mail Jack & Kitty

Boat- "Tramica" -1980  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 
OWNER - Dewey & Stephanie Mauldin
AREA OF SAILING - Hampton, Virgina
E-Mail Dewey & Stephanie Tramica was hit hard by Hurricane Ivan.  Hull damaged, mast broken, rigging destroyed, hurt bad.  Any ideas, part sources, etc. appreciated.  Love boat and will rebuild. 
Kaylee2.jpg (36025 bytes)Kaylee1.jpg (42110 bytes)Boat- "Kaylee" -1979  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41  
OWNER - Bob Young
AREA OF SAILING - East coast of Canada
Boat-  "Odyssey" - 1972 Cheoy Lee Offshore 41
OWNERS - Michael Press
E-Mail Michael
Boat-  "Santana" -  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41
OWNERS - Larry A& Thea McKiernan
AREA OF SAILING - Holland, Michigan
E-Mail Larry & Thea  Owned Santana since 1987: Sold wood 30' 1957 Hinckley Southwester Jr. to purchase Santana to enable cruise to Caribbean which we did from July 89 to Sept. 1991
Boat-  "Sharifa" -  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41
OWNERS - Martin Howard Tregoning
AREA OF SAILING - England, France & Biscay
E-Mail Martin  Martin has submitted a parts catalog of Cheoy Lee parts.  Click Here for Catalog
Boat- "ChaBrie" -1979  Offshore 41
OWNER - Don Fuller
AREA OF SAILING -Great Lakes (Lake Michigan)
E-MailDon Don purchased in Florida, made 2 trips to Bahamas before bringing to Great Lakes.  Replacing teak decks..
Boat-  "Malaguena" - 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 41
OWNERS - Ross Mainor
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Ross
Boat- "SEA WH" -1977  Offshore 41
OWNER - Patrick Avice
AREA OF SAILING - Newport Beach (Boat now is Colon Panama for 3 years)
E-Mail Patrick
Boat-  "Delta Lady" -  Cheoy Lee Offshore 41
OWNERS - Wayne & Micheline Brown
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
Boat-  "Raven" - Offshore 41 
OWNERS - Mike Smith & Rana Segal
AREA OF SAILING - World Cruise
E-Mail Mike & Rana  It might well be enjoyable for you to follow Mike and Rana as they sail the Raven down the east coast of the US, thru the Caribbean, and on.
Click Here for their website with great log and great pictures. 
Boat-  "Nanka" - Offshore 41
OWNERS - Robert McCord
Missing info including email address
Boat- "Wind Dragon" - 1978  Offshore 41
OWNER - Frank Koucky
AREA OF SAILING - N. California
E-Mail Frank
Boat-  "Acappella" -  1980 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Ernie Forsey
Great Lakes,
E-Mail Ernie   Acappella was purchased this summer and is currently undergoing restoration for a transatlantic passage in 05.
Boat-  "Pearl S. Buck" -  1980 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Bryan J. & Kenna Rae Nellor
San Diego/Pueblo, Colorado
E-Mail Bryan & Kenna Rae   
Boat-  "Sitka" -  1976 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Bob Lorriman
Blaine, Washington/San Juan?  
E-Mail Bob   
Boat-  "Kobayashi Maru II" -  1978 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Khem Butcher & Nancy Wagner
Port Townsend/ Pacific 
E-Mail Khem & Nancy    
Boat-  "Amphora" -  1978 Offshore 41
OWNERS - David & Wendy Barrett
Bellingham, WA / San Juan and Gulf Islands
E-Mail David & Wendy   We purchased Amphora from Ken & Susan Fitzgerald,of Seattle, also on your registar. Like all Richards 41's, she sings and dances best to the music of "22 Knots". A dream come true, sailing the San Juans and the Canadian Gulf Islands.
Boat-  "Cynthiana" -  1980 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Carl Holm
Latchi, Cyprus
E-Mail Carl
Boat-  "Lili Marlaine" - Offshore 41
OWNERS - Ray Dowsett
AREA OF SAILING - Sydney, Australia
E-Mail Ray
Boat-  "Malaguena" - 1976 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Ed & Connie Vinson
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
E-Mail Ed & Connie

We have owned a wooden S&S wheelhouse ketch since 82 and have just passed it on to friends with children at home (on board) and are most happy to have just gotten a Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 and look forward to restoring/further equipping her for cruising.

Boat-  "Maranatha" - 1978 Offshore 41 Yard# 3295
OWNERS - Tony & Cynthia Ingersoll
E-Mail Tony & Cynthia  
The Cheoy Lee "Yard No." is 3295. She's been neglected for over a decade and needs much TLC. We just installed a brand new Yanmar 54hp diesel, new SS shaft, new aqua drive system, all new thru-hulls and ball-valves and, by ourselves, sanded her bottom all the way down to the fiberglass, repaired blisters, put on new barrier coat, and repainted her bottom. I just finished replumbing her old copper pipes, too. I'm about to install a new toilet (any suggestions of brand?).
Boat-  "Marie Sylance" - 1978 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Serge Vezina, submitted by Andre Brodeur
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Champlain, NY
E-Mail Serge and Andre
Boat- "Oceanus" - 1980 Cheoy Lee 41
OWNER - Mark Altstetter
AREA OF SAILING - Scappoose, NW Oregon, Multnomah Channel
E-Mail Mark - Involved in Extensive Retrofit. 2012
4/2013 update - Thanks for your continued upkeep to the site – it’s nice to see the association is strong.
A few things….firstly – Oceanus - is a 1979 CL 41 and is not the Richards design as I first thought.
As well, Oceanus is back in the water after an extensive bottom job, many new systems installed ( mech/water/propane/ and waste) as well a new Le Feill mast being installed with furling.
Finally, it may be noted that Oceanus used to be named ‘Twist of Fate’, and alas the owner is no longer traceable ( my searches have gone unrealized)

Website - Click Here 

Boat-  "ARGUS" - 1980 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Bryan & Stephanie Wesolek
E-Mail Bryan & Stephanie
Boat-  "Appatude" - 1977 Offshore 41
OWNERS - Alan & Lynda Johnson
E-Mail Alan & Lynda 

This boat has had 2 other owners, and 2 other names. 'Lady K' from 1977-2007 and Entonces from 2007-2013
Boat-  "Asian Lady" - 1979 Offshore 41 Hull Number CHL035710879, Documented
OWNERS - Dr. John Hart
E-Mail John

Past name of boat was Miles of View  I have recently purchased a Cheoy Lee offshore 41’ ketch. She was built in 1979 and I purchased her from her original owner. She was purchased new from the Cheoy Lee dealer in Santa Barbara, Ca and was berthed there throughout her history. Her name was “Miles of View”. I sailed her down the coast to San Pedro, CA where she is now at the Cabrillo Marina. I have renamed her “Asian Lady” and have documented her. Although she is in very good condition, I am bringing her up to date with electronics etc. She has a new holding tank and electronic head. She also has an up-to-date BG navigation system with an auto-helm and radar. I have always had a fondness for Cheoy Lee and fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I am currently working on the teak, bright-work and hardware. She is a beautiful sailing boat and fits my needs perfectly. Last weekend I sailed to Catalina. The winds oscillated from 27knots to 33knots and she sailed like a champ.

Boat-  "Lanai" - 1979 Offshore 41
OWNERS -F DeWolfe Miller
E-Mail F DeWolfe
Cheoy Lee 41 Owners


Boat-  "Mistress" - 1984 Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - Geoff Elvy
AREA OF SAILING - Port Vila, Vanuatu
E-Mail Geoff
Boat-  "Maria II" - 1956 Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - Bob Nethery
E-Mail Bob
Boat- "Che Donna" Cheoy Lee 41' formally "Sponge"
OWNER - Chris Gamble
AREA OF SAILING - England to New Zealand
E-Mail Chris  After restoration, Chris is planning on sailing Sponge back to his home in New Zealand
Astreia.jpg (22781 bytes)Boat- "Astraea" - 1981  Cheoy Lee 41
OWNER - Nathan Kraft
E-Mail Nathan

Website -

Boat-  "???" - Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - Sam & Gabby Laughton
E-Mail Sam & Gabby
Boat-  "Aeolus" - 1979 Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - Wilton Rooks
AREA OF SAILING - NE Florida to Maine
E-Mail Wilton
Boat-  "Gaucho" - 1980 Cheoy Lee 41
OWNERS - David Wyman
AREA OF SAILING - Channel Islands, Calif
E-Mail David

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