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We now have collected a list of over 1200 Cheoy Lee Sail Owners  from around the world.  This page has become too large to have all listed on one page, therefore have created separate pages for owners of certain models.  

If any of the information  is incorrect please let me know, it can get confusing with all the e-mails I have received.  If I have missed posting your information please e-mail again - james

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Alden Owners
32, 44, &Offshore 50
Separate Page
Bermuda 30 Owners
Separate Page

Cruisaire Owners
Located on brochure page

Frisco Flyer Owners
Separate Page
Bill Luders Design Owners  
Separate Pages
Clippers 33,36,42 & 48 

Offshore 28, Luders 30,Luders 36, Offshore 47, & Midshipman 36 & 40 Owners all grouped on one page  

Lapworth 50 Owners - on brochure page

Offshore Model Owners

Offshore 27 (Newell Cadet)
Offshore 26 -
on brochure page
Offshore 28 

Offshore 31
Offshore 33

Offshore 36
 - on brochure page
Offshore 41

Ray Richards Owners
Separate Page
Perry Owners 35,38,40,41,42,44, 48 & 
 Motorsailor 43
Separate Page
Pedrick Owners  (All Models) Rhodes & Offshore 40  Separate Page
Robbs Owners - Lions, Robb35,& Princess
Separate Page
Sigma Owners  on brochure page  
Vertue Owners - on brochure page Cheoy Lee Motor Sailors separate page plus listings on brochure pages
Winslow Owners - on brochure page

Wittholz 52 Owners - on brochure page

Wittholz 53 Owners - on brochure page

Golden Wave Owners Click Here

Monterey Clipper Click Here

Cheoy Lee Power Boat Owners  
The Owners of the following models are still located on this page
Custom Cheoy Lee's

Misc. "Not sure of the models"
from the little info submitted

Honorary Member - Tom Thomas 
Tom has submitted Dues and asked to join membership.  Tom builds models and half-models, Click Here to visit his website and see a Cheoy Lee he built
Custom or one off a kind built by Cheoy Lee
Boat-  "Waitere" - 1955  Cheoy Lee
OWNERS - Igancio Lacosta
AREA OF SAILING - Mediterranean Sea, Spain  
E-Mail Ignacio  In restoration project, Waitere did the Sidney Hobart in 1966.  See
Boat-  "Magic" - 1963 36' Gaff Rigged Pilot Schooner by George Stadel
OWNERS - Jorma Salomaa
AREA OF SAILING - Helsinki, Finland
E-Mail Jorma 
Jorma would like to know if there were other owners of same design

Click for full view
Boat-  "Pagurus" - 1964 42' Ketch by Ralph Winslow
Pagurus.jpg (24553 bytes)OWNERS - Francois Lavoie
AREA OF SAILING - Monterey, Calif.
E-Mail Francois  Francois tells there was a book written about Pagurus called "The Pagurian Adventure"
Boat-  "Mah Jong
OWNERS - Jim & Deb Dyer
AREA OF SAILING - East Coast to Bahamas 
E-Mail the Dyers

We purchased Mah Jong in 1996, and have sailed extensively the East Coast of US and Caribbean to Grenada. Cruising is a new beautiful anchorage to work on an old wooden boat that you love. There have been no major rebuilds necessary, though we have finally replaced our 1957 problematic Mercedes(no more parts available) with a new Perkins M65 She was owned by Jim Mc Curdy, of Mc Curdy and Rhodes yacht designers, for 30 yrs, and built previously by the Grosvenor Clan and friends from National Geographic Society. (Highlighted in December 1958 National Geographic article " Posidon's Adventure") We are very interested in all info related to our vessel, as we would like to fill in her history. Mc Curdy, the commodore for many years of NYYC, sailed many Bermuda races, and we have had recognition throughout all of our voyages of her history. Mah Jong is all teak, copper riveted and bronze strapped deck and hull. She has always enjoyed excellent care and we strive to continue the tradition.

Boat-  "Kuan Yin" - 1964 34' Cutter designed by Laurent Giles
OWNERS - Elmo Mackay
AREA OF SAILING - Portland Maine
E-Mail Elmo  Kuan Yin is a one-off, custom designed by Laurent Giles for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harper in 1964.  She is essentially a longer version of the Hiscock's Wanderer.  Giles described her as the boat the Hiscocks couldn't afford.
I am the third owner.  The original owner Mrs. Mary Harper is 86 years old and came sailing with me this summer.
The boat is in fine condition; a tribute to her designer and builder.  One of the finest wooden boats I have seen. Currently I am bringing some cosmetic and mechanical/electrical systems up to snuff.
I have the original drawings and correspondence between Giles, the owner, and the builder's rep.
Boat-  "Ping Ling" - 1956  30' Custom built
OWNERS - Eric Peikin
E-Mail Eric 

This wonderful sailboat was built for one owner in 1956 and delivered in 1957 to its original owner, who lived in Maine. I purchased it about eight months ago from a gentleman who lives in NH. I believe he was the second owner. Currently it is undergoing a complete restoration. I believe I was meant to find this boat, and once completed she will accompany me around the globe. I would like to personally thank the gentleman who sold me this boat, as he let me begin my restoration under the protection of his barn, always willing to lend me a tool, and take the time to see my progress. The original owners family and the second owner both have a front row seat at her christening once she has been reborn.

Misc. "Not sure of the models"
If your listing is below and you would like it grouped elsewhere let james know
Boat- "Maria II" 1956 Cheoy Lee
OWNER - Bob Nethery
MariaII.jpg (37864 bytes)E-Mail Bob  Bob is trying to find out what model Cheoy Lee he has.  If you can identify model email Bob, LOD is 40' 9".   
Boat - "Scribe" - Offshore 35
Owner - Curtis Reeve
AREA OF SAILING - Tampa Bay & Gulf Coast of Florida

E-Mail Curtis
Boat - "Red Dwarf" - Cheoy Lee 35 Sloop
Owner - Mick Rogers

E-Mail Mick
Boat - "Jolly Dragon" - Cheoy Lee 33
Owner - John Van Amstel

E-Mail John
Boat- "Orient Express", 1965 Cheoy Lee 30
OWNER - Bob Forrest
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Texoma, Texas

email not working
Boat- "Alegria"1979 Cheoy Lee Sloop
Owner - Greg Hayden
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
E-Mail Greg
Web Site with nice Picture
Boat - "Toledo" - Cheoy Lee
Owner -R. Johnson
AREA OF SAILING -Cape Town, South Africa

E-Mail not working
Boat- "Suspense" Cheoy Lee 41'
OWNER - Dan & Terri Gilmer
AREA OF SAILING - Great Lakes.
E-Mail Dan & Terri
Boat- "Here and Now I", 1978 Cheoy Lee 30
OWNER - John Wilson. & Ginny D.
E-Mail John & Ginny
Boat - "Saraband" - Cheoy Lee H31
Owner -Drew & Brenda King

E-Mail Drew & Brenda
Boat-  "Manana"  - 1978 Cheoy Lee 38
OWNERS - Dick & Nancy Pilponis
Lake Michigan
E-Mail Dick & Nancy
Boat - "Aurora" - Cheoy Lee 33
Owner - Carl (Fritz) Severin

No Email Address
Boat - "Victoria" - Cape Cod Cat
Owner - Chris Coose
AREA OF SAILING - Portland, Maine

Email Chris
Boat - "Scribe" - Cheoy Lee Offshore 35
Owner - Curtis Reeve

Email Curtis
Boat - "Shameen" - Cheoy Lee 36 LOA 42 feet
Owner - Brian and Jane
AREA OF SAILING - Hampshire, England

Email Brian & Jane


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