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Offshore 28 Owners

24 Members

Boat-  "Pilgrim" - 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - Russ Waughman
E-Mail Russ
Boat-  "Nostalgia" - 1975 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - Waiting to hear from new owners
Boat-  "Pearl" - 1975 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - Brad Choate
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Pontchartrain and Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Brad
Boat-  "Lea II" - 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - Gianfranco Varetto & Maurizio Palmisano
AREA OF SAILING - Mediterranean, Italian Waters
E-Mail Maurizio  Maurizio is taking care of Lea II for owner.    james
Boat-  "Makarios" - 1974 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Barry & Cheryl Durham
AREA OF SAILING - Cape May, Barnegat, NJ
E-Mail Barry & Cheryl
Boat-  "L'Intrépide" - 1976  Offshore 28
OWNERS - Jay & Jackie Thompson
E-Mail Jay & Jackie
Boat-  "Interlude" - 1973 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - John Nye
E-Mail John
Boat-  "Gumbo Limbo" - 1979 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Pam Gonzalez
AREA OF SAILING -Miami Yacht Club, Miami, Florida
E-Mail Pam
SeaNymph.jpg (25061 bytes)Boat-  "Sea Nymph" - 1974 Luders Offshore 28
OWNERS - David Davenport
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Ray Habbard, Dallas, TX
E-Mail David  
I purchased my 1974 - 28'- Offshore - Cheoy Lee, in late September of 1999. The boat had virtually been abandoned. By this time, she had set derelict, unprotected, in dry storage for 8 ˝  years, exposed to the harsh weather and elements of Northeast Texas's brutal egg frying summers and bone chilling winters. Unfortunately, the wooden mast and teak decks were weathered beyond salvage but the rest of the teak trim and interior I knew could be brought back to Bristol or near Bristol condition.
The fact that we were able to bring this boat back to Bristol condition is a testament to the quality of Cheoy Lee's construction. Not many boat could have withstood the neglect and abuse this boat did and still be repairable. Plus, there are no sailboats manufactured today that have the classic beauty and eye appeal of a Bill Luders design. My Cheoy Lee may not be the fastest boat on the water but she is, far and away, the prettiest lady on the lake.    
Boat-  "Sans Souci" (Without a Care in French)- 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 28
OWNERS - Rob Frerichs & Tanya Okasaki
E-Mail Rob & Tanya
  I nominate Nik Worden to the Cheoy Lee hall of fame if every there is one started. He typed a 50 page owners manual for Sans Souci when he sold her in 1989. This started a chain reaction of every owner since writing personal accounts and pointing out features of the boat. I was reading this treasure trove, lounging below on my second day of ownership when Nik himself walked up and said hello. By a strange coincidence he happened to be in Seattle, visiting from Port Townsend, happened to be at Shilshole, and happened to see Sans Souci!  Thanks Nik and all Cheoy Lee owners who care for their boats with pride and pass them along when they must with concern for their continued well being. All Cheoy Lee owners are welcome to email me anytime
Boat-  "Compass Rose" - 1974 Offshore 28
OWNERS - David Webster & Nancy Salmon
AREA OF SAILING -South Freeport, Maine & Maine Coast
E-Mail David & Nancy 
“Compass Rose” continues to sail the Maine Coast since we took ownership in 2001. We continue exploring farther Downeast each summer as well as cruising Casco Bay. Each winter provides the time for upgrades and repairs. There have been some significant projects: Replaced interior veneer damaged by leaking windows, re-placed/reinstalled salon windows, installed new teak window frames, re-glassed the bottom of the centerboard box, replaced the two fixed ports and two opening ports with four bronze opening ports, replaced rigging and steering cable and replacing one (or more) thru-hulls and sea cocks. We have also done a variety of cosmetic upgrades. Note: We recommend you keep an eye on those old thru-hulls and sea cocks and change them before you need to.
Boat-  "Second Wind" - 1976 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Glen & Cindy Graf
AREA OF SAILING -Nanaimo, BC, Canada
E-Mail Glen & Cindy   This boat spent most of her life in Washington State, the last several years on Lake Washington.  The previous owner brought her into Canada last year, and did a lot of work on the hull and topsides.  The interior is yet to be redone, an ongoing project.  She is now berthed on Vancouver Island.  They have always loved the lines of the boat plus all the teak and nice gear.  She is a pretty food overall shape, but needs more attention, largely cosmetic, to bring her up to bristol condition. 
Boat-  "???" -  Offshore 28
OWNERS - Cameron Crounse
AREA OF SAILING -Stingray Point, Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Cameron  just purchased August of 2003
Boat-  "Sula" -  1976 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Jens Roland
AREA OF SAILING - Saltspring Island, BC
E-Mail Jens
Boat-  "MAKARIOS" -  1973 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Barry & Cheryl Durham
E-Mail Barry & Cheryl
Boat-  "Lady Evelyn" -  1974 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Steve & Sandy Drozell
AREA OF SAILING -Plymouth, Mass
E-Mail Steve & Sandy

launching may 07 boat restored last in water1993 still mostly original including md2b diesel
Boat-  "Pearl" -  1975 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Matt Taylor
E-Mail Matt  Matt has rescued this Cheoy Lee from Davy's Locker, Here are some before and after pics
Boat-  "Sans Souci" -  1976 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Trey & Angie Valenta
AREA OF SAILING - Seattle, Washington
E-Mail Trey & Angie
Boat-  "Spindrift" -  1973 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Donnie & Shannon Tyler
AREA OF SAILING - Mobile, Alabama
E-Mail Donnie & Shannon
Boat-  "KARMA" -  1973 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Richard Nista
E-Mail Richard
Boat-  "Bonnie Lee" -  1973 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Richard Buning
AREA OF SAILING - Ft Lauderdale, Florida
E-Mail Richard
Boat-  "Ti Hani" -  1974 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Kevin & Pat Wood
AREA OF SAILING - Gladstone Queensland Australia
E-Mail Kevin & Pat
Boat-  "Tsue Kwan" -  1968 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Patti Valiante
AREA OF SAILING - Port Galveston, Texas, Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Patti
Boat-  "Camaja" -  1975 Offshore 28
OWNERS - Luke Van Der Horst
AREA OF SAILING - Coastal British Columbia, CA
E-Mail Luke
Boat-  "Savoir Faire" -  1974 Offshore 28, Yard # 2802
OWNERS -Phil and Jan Williams
AREA OF SAILING - Mandurah, Western Australia
E-Mail Philip  Originally registered as the 'Vellela' and based in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1974.  By September 1995 she was in Western Australia, based at the Fremantle Yacht Club.
Sold in mid 2010 and moved a few kilometers to Port Bouvard, near Mandurah in Western Australia
Luders 30 Owners

10 Members

[ Kick Back ]
KICK BACK 3" - 1978  Luders 30
OWNERS - Lee & Barbara Van Deman
AREA OF SAILING - Lower Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Lee & Barb Visit The Van Demans website Click Here
Ludders30turner.jpg (12845 bytes) Boat- "DRAGON MYST" - 1969 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - David & Lynda Turner
AREA OF SAILING - Shell Pt Florida to Appalachicola
E-Mail David & Lynda T,,
Boat- "SHUN FENG" - 1972 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - Bob Schaut
E-Mail Bob
arethusa_side_view.jpg (30229 bytes)Boat-  "ARETHUSA" -70 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNERS - Erim Foster
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay Area
E-Mail Erim    Click Here to view Erim's website
Boat-  "ZINCALI" - 1970 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNERS - Brian & Marianne Steeger
AREA OF SAILING - Moss Landing, CA
E-Mail Brian & Marianne Told us there are 3 other Cheoy Lee in the North Harbor


 Boat-  "Black Pearl" - 1973 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
 OWNERS - Chuck Cole
 AREA OF SAILING - Gibraltar, MI, Lake Erie
 E-Mail Chuck

Boat- "Cygnet" - 1970 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - Falk & Joy Marria
AREA OF SAILING - Emeryville, CA
E-Mail Falk & Joy
Boat- "Adagio" - 1973 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - Steve Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland
E-Mail Steve
Boat- "Beckoned" - 1972 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - Walter Masterson
E-Mail Walter
Boat- "Finesse" - 1973 Cheoy Lee Luders 30
OWNER - Philip Louis Cenac, MD
AREA OF SAILING - Pago Pago, American Samoa
E-Mail Philip
Luders  36 Owners

67 Members

Boat-  "Mandala" - 1978  Luders 36
OWNERS - J. Eric Albrecht
AREA OF SAILING - Galveston Bay, Texas
E-Mail Eric  In process of refurb
Boat-  "Veux de Louisiane"  -  1977  Luders 36
OWNERS - David & Laura Vaught
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay & East Coast
E-Mail David & Laura  We just bought "Loki" and will rename her Yeux de Louisiane. It means the Eyes of Louisiana (Laura and I are both born in Louisiana and have Cajun in our blood.)
We have lots of Brightwork work ahead... Looking forward to showing off this wonderful old sea bird.
Boat-  "Eldorado" - 1976   36 designed by Luders
OWNERS - Robert Page...
E-Mail Robert
Boat-  "ABonnie III" - 1968   36 designed by Luders
OWNERS - Phil & Rose Averbuch.
AREA OF SAILING - Long Island Sound
Knudson.jpg (18844 bytes)Boat-  "Sea Cloud" -1972  36' Sloop designed by Luders
OWNERS - Ray Knudsen...

E-Mail Ray
Boat-  "Angel del Mar"  - 1976  Luders 36
OWNERS - Charlie Watt
San Francisco
E-Mail Charlie
Boat-  "Amadon Light" - 1977   Luders 36
OWNERS - Bradley Smith

E-Mail Bradley
Boat-  "Atiu" - 1968   Luders 36
OWNERS - Jason Agudo
Gardiners Bay & Long Island Sound
E-Mail Jason
Boat- "TEVAKE" - 1972  36' Luders Sloop
leslycl36sloop.jpg (57212 bytes)OWNERS - Todd & Lesley Lewis
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake 
E-Mail Todd & Lesley   
Boat-  "DUET"  - 1968  Luders 36 
OWNERS - Dave & Lilly Balladone
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco, Calif.
E-Mail Dave & Lilly
Boat-  "Tern"  - 1969 Luders 36
OWNERS - Rick & Debbie Bacon
Delaware Bay
E-Mail Rick & Debbie
Boat-  "Asturias"  - 1975  Luders 36'
OWNERS - Bob & Ann Hargraves
AREA OF SAILING - Maine to Mass..
E-Mail Bob and Ann
Boat-  "CEILIDH" pronounced Kay-Lee (Scottish for gathering of friends) - 1970 Luders 36
OWNERS - Richard Andersen
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Area
E-Mail Richard
Boat-  "Yaqui"  - 1977 Luders 36
OWNERS - Chris Poulter
San Francisco to N. Zealand
E-Mail Chris  Yaqui is currently lying in New Zealand after an excellent trip from San Francisco last year. Unfortunately I'm back in SF and moving to New York so I'm not sure what to do with her. She's a truely beautiful cruising boat - especially for short/singlehanding.
Boat-  "Remedy"  - 1968 Luders 36
OWNERS - Jim Todd
New England
E-Mail Jim
Boat-  "???"  - 1971 Luders 36
OWNERS - Paul Sims
E-Mail Paul
Boat-  "Allegro"  1964 Luders 36
OWNERS - Skip Erickson
allegro.jpg (16936 bytes)AREA OF SAILING -
E-Mail Skip
Boat-  "Whitehawk"  - 1976 Luders 36
OWNERS - Jeff Tokars
E-Mail Jeff
Boat-  "Escape IV"  - 1972 Luders 36
OWNERS - Tom & Laurie Dunlap
Perry Lake, Kansas
E-Mail Tom & Laurie
Boat-  "Not yet named"  - 1968 Luders 36
OWNERS - Allen Frost
San Diego
E-Mail   Do not yet have address
Boat-  "Tonic"  - 1968 Luders 36
OWNERS - Ray Nord
Stamford/Greenwich CT, Long Island Sound
E-Mail Ray
Boat-  "Solveien" (Norwegian for Sunny Path) 
1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Capt. Ms. Susan Cooper & Capt Shannon Pennington
Port of Sidney Marina, Sidney,  British Columbia, Canada
E-Mail Susan & Shannon
Boat-  "Agnus"  - 1978 Luders 36
OWNERS - Shraga Renyi
Tel Aviv/Mediterranean
E-Mail Shraga  Agnus (ex Silver Down of Hong Kong), yard #3249.  The yacht is sailed from East Mediterranean to Darwin Australia via the Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Pacific, visiting the Caribbean's and many Pacific islands. During the next 12 month I plan to finish the  circumnavigation via the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Mediterranean
Boat-  "Courage"  - 1976  Luders 36
OWNERS - Emory Jones
Norfolk VA & Chesapeake
E-Mail Emory  Just purchased and doing some restoration
Boat-  "Joy"  - 1977 Luders 36
OWNERS - Shep Shapiro & Sumati Eberstadt
AREA OF SAILING - Bristol, RI /Block Island to Maine

E-Mail Shep or Sumati  Just purchase "Joy" formally "Sunchaser"
Boat-  "Dinty"  - 1973 Luders 36
OWNERS - John Dwyer (Father) & Devin Dwyer (Son)
Newport Beach, CA
E-Mail John & Devin  info on restoration would be appreciated...

Boat-  "
Quintessence"  - 1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Pam & Jim LaWare
New London CT, 
E-Mail Pam & Jim  will rename boat
Boat-  "Rainbow"  - 1974 Luders 36
OWNERS - L.B. Carpenter
Coconut Grove, Florida 
Cill and I have received bad news, Rainbow was lost due to Wilma the hurricane
Boat-  "Naked Lady"  - 1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Rick & Audrey Shumaker
Panama City, Florida 
E-Mail Rick & Audrey  Sail to Bahamas each summer
Boat-  "Fun Cheoy"  -  Luders 36
OWNERS - Dave Balodini
SF Bay, Calif 
Boat-  "Flying Cloud"  - 1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Ken Allen
RCYC Toronto 
E-Mail Ken  Flying Cloud has made a trip to the Caribbean, and then back to thunder bay. Flying Cloud has been constantly maintained since it purchase.
Boat-  "LONO"  - 1976 Luders 36
OWNERS - Bill & Julie Evans
Sausalito, CA
E-Mail Bill & Julie
Boat-  "Anelsa"  - 1974 Luders 36
OWNERS - Ian Nadel
San Francisco
E-Mail Ian Owned since 1985, she was commissioned at Block Island
Boat-  "Fancy"  - 1973 Luders 36
OWNERS - Martin & Jenn Monaghan
AREA OF SAILING - Cataumet/Buzzards Bay

E-Mail Martin & Jenn  Restoring wooden mast
Boat-  "Island Girl"  - 1970 Luders 36
OWNERS - Ryan & Becky Smith
E-Mail Ryan & Becky  3/09 We bought the boat from James Danis who had looked after her very well. We're busy fixing her up for a trip down Mexico way and across to the South Pacific, where we met.
Boat-  "Sun Dancer"  - 1970 Luders 36
OWNERS - Mike Dougherty
Port Charlotte Fl
E-Mail Mike
Boat-  "Orient"  - 1969 Luders 36
OWNERS - Willis "Skip" Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Gilardi's Lakeville Marina, Petaluma River California

E-Mail Skip Plan to restore her, install shower in head and need suggestions about keeping original teak deck and other questions.
Boat-  "A'Bientot"  - 1977 Luders 36
OWNERS - Bob & Joan Schultheiss
AREA OF SAILING - Kennewick, WA/San Juan Islands, WA, USA

E-Mail Bob & Joan  
Boat-  "Nimrod"  - 1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Alex Cottle
AREA OF SAILING - Southampton

E-Mail Alex
Boat-  "Aye Yi Yi"  - 1970 Luders 36
OWNERS - Donald Jacobson & Nanci Eisner
AREA OF SAILING - Marina Del Rey

E-Mail Donald & Nanci  
Boat-  "Westwind"  - 1970 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Jack & Judy Faust
Long Beach, CA / S. California
E-Mail Jack & Judy
Boat-  "Fancy"  - 1974 Luders 36
OWNERS - Bob & Betsy
AREA OF SAILING - Gloucester, MA

Bob & Betsy
Boat-  "Callisto"  - 1972 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - John & Marcia Calhoun
Long Island Sound
E-Mail John & Marcia
Boat-  "Icon Duet"  - 1968 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Israel & Mazal Oren
AREA OF SAILING - Ashdod, Israel

E-Mail Israel & Mazal    Just bought this boat. It is at MD but am fixing it up to bring to Israel. Will be sailing the Med, maybe further. Of course the first trip on it will be crossing the Pond. Hope to see here in Israel shortly.
Boat-  "Sea Wolf"  - 1970 Luders 36 Ketch
OWNERS - Jennifer Labbe & Christopher Bonnet
AREA OF SAILING - North Palm Beach

E-Mail Jennifer & Christopher
Boat-  "Juggler"  - 1968 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - John Dailey
AREA OF SAILING - Boston to Portland Maine

E-Mail John -   Just bought her, she is still down in Maryland. Will look at a nice 4-5 day trip back up to New England in the spring. Could use as much advice as folks are willing to give on winterization, checking the rigging, keel, rudder, and eventually any tips on teak restoration and filling in the cracks. Right now just need to her ready for winter, water tanks, engine, balast tanks, head....thanks much. John
Boat-  "Interlude"  - 1970 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Chris & Virginia White

E-Mail Chris & Virginia  We're the third owners.  Bought her in 1992 in New Hampshire.  She's been redecked, repowered, reheaded, new cushions, new sails, new standing rigging, new lifelines...Still going strong and a great cruising boat!
Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
Boat-  "Windfall"  - 1969 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - William & Mary Anne Phipps

E-Mail William & Mary  We bought this boat from the estate of a man who lovingly cared for it. It was where he spent most of his last days, lovingly tending it for the next owners, leaving notes of what he did and his secret formula for some of the best interior brightwork I've ever seen. We have had the boat nearly a year and hope to keep it up as well as he did.
Boat-  "Moonshine"  - 1973 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Ken & Chris Emmes
AREA OF SAILING - Oregon/ Washington

E-Mail Ken & Chris  11/08  Recently purchased in California and currently sitting a cradle in Eugene, Oregon. I have 9-months to fluff, buff and upgrade some of systems for a re-launch in May 2009. Home port thereafter will probably be Orcas Island, Washington.
Boat-  "Blown Away"  - 1974 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Paul & Mary McLaughlin
AREA OF SAILING - East Greenwich RI & South Dartmouth MA

E-Mail Paul & Mary
Boat-  "John B"  - 1974 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Stephen Crockett
AREA OF SAILING - Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

E-Mail Stephen  I bought her in April 2008. She is in dire need of some serious TLC. Teak decks have leaked so badly that interior veneers have been damaged. Hull is in excellent condition with no signs of osmosis. Mast is about to be removed and refurbished and rigging is to be replaced ( I doubt it has been looked at since 1974). She's a lovely lady and still has a fling or two left in her ...she sails beautifully. Her name was changed by her second owners (originally named Keeseng)
Boat-  "Song"  - 1972 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - James Doyle
AREA OF SAILING - Tampa Bay, Fla.

E-Mail James   2009  in process of a complete restoration, inside and out. lots of sore fingers from sanding.
Boat-  "Aurelia"  - 1969 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Stan & Reina Ellis
AREA OF SAILING - Portsmouth, NH

E-Mail Stan & Reina  Hi! I love your site. Reina and Stan Ellis quit our jobs and "sold it all" to go sailing on Aurelia (nee "Cedalion") in 1998. We sailed to the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Azores and the Med. between 1999 and 2003. We now have a 6 year old son ("Ulysses- go figure!) and can't wait to go sailing again. Can we join your association? We have stories, pictures and questions. Smooth sailing! -Stan and Reina
Boat-  "SV Mola Mola"  - 1968 Luders 36 Sloop
OWNERS - Chaz & Emily Cheadle

E-Mail Chaz & Emily

We purchased our boat in April 2010 and have been living aboard since May. Emily and I met while working on a boat and and have dreamed of living on one of our own ever since. The boat has kept us plenty busy but we've also made time to sail her around LI Sound. She really is a great little ship! We're performing all of the restoration and repair work ourselves and have started a blog for the Mola Mola at http://svmolamola.blogspot.com

Boat-  "Robin"  - 1969 Luders 36
OWNERS - Andrew & Sarah Lea
AREA OFSailing

E-Mail Andre
w & Sarah 
 Website - ventureminimalists.wordpress.com
Boat-  "Windeva"  - 1976 Luders 36
OWNERS - Steve Archambault
AREA OF Sailing - Falmouth, Maine

E-Mail Steve
- Sept 2011 - I am currently sailing south along the eastern US coast and plan to head to Tortola for early December. I would like to get together with several other boats planning to make the crossing to the Islands or to Bermuda, and then on to the Islands. Currently I am solo, but would not be adverse to having someone else on board looking to make the crossing.
Boat-  "S/V Shadow Line"  - 1975 Luders 36
OWNERS - Michael Painter
E-Mail Michael
Boat-  "Hedwig"  - 1970 Luders 36
OWNERS - Sasha Leitman & Jessie Alsop
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco (Pier 39 Marina)
E-Mail Sasha & Jessie
Boat-  "Traveller"  - 1969 Luders 36
OWNERS - David Bond
E-Mail David  I bought Traveller a couple years ago from a scoundrel in SC and have been slowly bringing her back to life. A safe boat in bad weather! I am considering converting to the yawl rig and would like to hear from any CL owners who might have suggestions (and rig details) about the conversion.

Boat-  "Kennebeck"  -  Luders 36
OWNERS - John Stolz
AREA OF SAILING - Portsmouth, RI
E-Mail John

Midshipman 36 Owners

4 Members

Boat-  "Raintree"  - 1974 Midshipman 36 by Luders
OWNERS - Michael & Elyn Coyle
AREA OF SAILING -South Shore, Long Island, NY

E-Mail Michael & Elyn 

Boat-  "Acceptance"  - 1976 Midshipman 36 by Luders
OWNERS - Jon Boulton

E-Mail Jon  - Jan 08 I have recently retired and entered the sailing community late in my life. I purchased "Acceptance" a Midshipman 36 from Todd Vogel. The decks have been covered by a sealant. I would love to restore the teak decks, but I have received lots of conflicting advice. I think the layout and design is exceptional. I am a live aboard and do not know too much about sailing ketches and would welcome any advice about the boat or her sailing characteristics.

Boat-  "Sundancer of Rhu"  - 1974 Midshipman 36
OWNERS - Colin Walker
West Coast of Scotland
E-Mail Colin  Undergoing major refit at home near Perth, Tayside
Boat-  "MUNN"  - 1975 Midshipman 36 Hull # 2880
OWNERS - Stuart Harris
AREA OF SAILING - Australia, Port Hacking

E-Mail Stuart  Have owned boat since 1991, 3rd owner, & have lived aboard for 13 years. Bought as a wreck, I have almost totally restored it. Centre cockpit design has allowed me to have a solid coach house integrated into the cockpit. Have changed the aft cabin to a athwartship bunk, nav station & dresser & increased stowage. Yanmar 3hm34f is the powerhouse, eutectic 3 plate refrigeration. Anchor locker (thru deck) now & electric windlass, draft 1.2m, raised cockpit sole 4", integrated electronics, including radar, stainless tanks throughout, water capacity 256usg; fuel 80usg, davits, battery capacity 440ahrs & 120w solar. Hood furling genoa & main, MPS & mizzen s'sil. Rewired & plumed totally, teak decks. Vessel was sailed down from China, & have mainly cruised east coast Australia. Have been working towards a circumnavigation. Now lying Mooloolaba, Queensland.




Midshipman 40 Owners

27 Members

Boat- "ANAK" - (Child in Tagalog) 1979 Midshipman 40' Ketch
OWNER - Michael Lagunowitsch
AREA OF SAILING - Hong Kong, China
E-Mail Michael  Converting Anak from Ketch to Cutter 

Hope this finds you both well.  Just wanted to update you on the progress of ketch to sloop/cutter  conversion on my Midshipman 40 Anak. Well the work is finished and is had  totally transformed the performance of the boat (positively). The rig is a  double spreader 52ft high with 18ft boom. Compared to what she had before it  is a hugh improvement in sail area and efficiency. Anak has a deeper keel  (5ft 10) over the normal shoal draft keel so I am not sure whether a shoal  draft keel would stand up to this sail area. I had the rig designed by  Yachtspars NZ who did a fabulous job. In doing this project I learned that  Midshipman 'ketch' is not a true ketch in the sense of the word. It is  actually a sloop that had a 45ft tall mast. "Ichiro" a sister ship in HK is of this build. For owners wishing to increase sail area (as she is undercanvassed) Cheoy lee added the mizzen trappings resulitng in hugh weight and of course increased revenue. In a true ketch the main mast is much further forward. Realising that the Midshipman ketch is a actually
bodged sloop greatly faciliated the simplicity of the conversion. Anyway in a nutshell I am VERY pleased with the rsult - the boat balances nicely especially with big traveller. I find that I need first reef in around 20knots apparent. This results in simialr sail area to the old main sail on the ketch rig.
Anyway I am happy to answer questions that any other Midshipman 40 owners may have.
All the best, July 06
Mike Lagunowitsch
Anak 6345
Hong Kong



Boat- "Dragon Lady" - 1973 Midshipman 40' Ketch
OWNER - Barry & Jackie Moore
AREA OF SAILING - Australia - Brisbane and S.E. Coast of Queensland
E-Mail Barry & Jackie

Click Here for "Dragon Lady" Log

Received following email from Barry Jan09  You might be interested to learn that a lady (Martha Slaughter) whose father (Jack Winans) had a Cheoy Lee Midshipman 40 built in 1973 in Hong Kong where they lived; googled the name and the brand and up came our details, with entries on the Cheoy Lee web site and also on the Slocum Spray Society of Australia web site http://www.slocumspraysociety.asn.au/  (I am the president there) The google picked up entries of our exploits through the Spray society (check it out). Point is- through http://www.slocumspraysociety.asn.au/  she emailed me and asked all about our boat as she is wondering if our Dragon Lady is the same Midshipman 40 also called Dragon Lady that her dad had built for himself and the family in 1973 in Hong Kong when they lived there. He actually did some of the work on it himself with her brother but essentially it was built by Cheoy Lee ship yards. They set it up for short handed sailing and had extensive carvings in teak done inside. They tried to sail it to Vancouver but ended up (because of typhoon season) sending Dragon Lady over via ship and they used her for a lot of years, finally moving to San Francisco where after many more years of happy sailing they sold it due to ill health and he took up flying (the mind boggles!!) Now the quirky thing is- our DL was built in Hong Kong in 1973, has carvings inside, was set up for short handed sailing (like her fathers) and in June 2004 we bought her from a San Francisco couple (we understood from them they were the second owners) They then sailed her to Australia in 2002 approx, but later discontinued their trip through ill health. She still had Dragon Lady San Francisco on her when we bought her, after she sat on the hard here for a few years.

I thought you might be interested in this story- so far. Gee I really hope it is her fathers old boat, it would complete her history but we don't know just yet. She is getting her brother to try and dig up some early photos. She talks of teak carvings in some of the cabinet fronts, which we don't have, but we do have carvings around the aft cabin rear ports, which she can't recall- of course over 35 years some owner could have changed either, or her recollections from when she was a small girl could have confused the carvings locations. Who knows?.

Boat- "Mystic Realm" - 1975 Midshipman 40'
OWNER - Dave & Joanne Tarzwell, formal owners
mystic2.jpg (12554 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Great Lakes, ICW, Eastcoast/Bahamas
Dave sold Mystic Realm

Boat- "Pendragon" - 1975 Midshipman 40'
OWNER - Art Johnson
AREA OF SAILING - Eastcoast/Bahamas
E-Mail Art
ju-lay(1).jpg (25259 bytes)Boat- "Ju-Lay" - Cheoy Lee 40 Midshipman
OWNER - Todd Conant

E-Mail Todd Todd purchased in July of 2001
Boat-  "Zydeco"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Steve & Vicki Babb
AREA OF SAILING - Stuart, FL/Caribbean

E-Mail Steve & Vicki
Boat-  "Splendid"  - 1973 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Alex Dorsey

E-Mail Alex  Be sure to check out Alex's website. 
Boat-  "Liberty"  - 1978 Midshipman 40
Jerry Crook
San Diego
E-Mail Jerry
Boat-  "Last Unicorn, Part 2"  - 1978 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Bill & Patti Tarpenning
Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Bill & Patti
Boat-  "Jacaranda"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
Attilio Atzeni
Cagliari Italy & Sardinia
E-Mail Attilio
Boat-  "Lotus Flower"  - 1976 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Aldo Roveda
AREA OF SAILING - Trieste-"Marina San Giusto", Italy. 

E-Mail Aldo 
Boat-  "Tondelayo"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Kerry & Charmayne
Mana Wellington, New Zeland
E-Mail Kerry & Charmayne
   Tondelayo is new to us.  In the short time we have had her we have sailed across the Cook Strait many times and circumnavigated the North Island. 
Boat-  "Zenith"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Colin Webb
Apollo Bay, Australia
E-Mail Colin

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
Boat-  "Antares"  - 1975 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Robert Metzger
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay

E-Mail Robert  I am the third owner of Antares, currently repowering and upgrading equipment for cruising.
Boat-  "Ichiro"  - 1980 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Nigel Watson
Hong Kong
E-Mail Nigel
Boat-  "Sirocco"  - 1973 Midshipman 40
Tampa Bay Florida
E-Mail Clayton 
Boat-  "Mia-Cheoy"  - 1978 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Tom & Sharon Day
AREA OF SAILING - Port Huron, Michigan

E-Mail Tom & Sharon  They just purchased the Last Unicorn Part tow and are bringing her to port Huron, Our 36 Cheoy lee Midshipman "Raintree" is being lived aboard in New York by their daughter.  Are they the only "Fleet Owner"?
"Celtic Dream is now named "Calobra" and is owned by Francoise Bergua.  See listing to right.  This boat has covered a lot of miles, James

Boat-  "Celtic Dream"  - 1978 Midshipman 40
Past OWNERS - Morgan's
AREA OF SAILING - Marmaris, Turkey


Email received 12/06 - Hi both,
Just to bring you up to date with our progress on "Celtic Dream". We are now in Tunisia and are spending our second winter here at a lovely little marina called Port el Kantaoui. We sailed from Turkey the summer before last and have cruised the whole of the Turkish coast and the Greek coast en route to Tunisia , some 3000 nautical miles covered. We must commend you on the quality of your site and through it have had quite a few enquiries from other owners and potential buyers of Midshipman 40's, obviously others are appreciating the value also.regards Roger Morgan

Boat-  "Calobra"  - 1978 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Francoise et Gerard Bergua
AREA OF SAILING - Corfu Greece

E-Mail Francoise  We bought 3 years ago Midschipman the 40 "CELTIC DREAM" which belonged to Roger MORGAN. This boat is now called THE CALOBRA and sailing under the French flag. We sail in the Mediterranean and is currently in Corfu Greece. Next summer we return back to France in the Italian coast. We would like the website reflects this change of name and owner and would be willing to be part of your association.
Boat-  "Aletheia"  - 1975 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Leonard Tyminski
Los Angeles
E-Mail Leonard 
Boat-  "Sun Chaser"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Gene & Nellie Gruender
Rockport, Texas
E-Mail Gene & Nellie
Boat-  "Whirlaway"  - 1973 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Ira & Diana Millman

E-Mail Ira & Diana  We purchased our boat a few years ago, and are in the beginning stages of a near total refit.
Boat-  "Sojourner"  - 1976 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Robert & Chere Permenter
AREA OF SAILING - Apostle Islands, Bayfield WI

E-Mail Robert & Chere
Boat-  "Pendragon"  - 1975 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - John & Andrea Shanahan

E-Mail John & Andrea
Boat-  "Remlap III"  - 1974 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Cliff Howes
AREA OF SAILING - Newcastle, On Canada-Lake Ontario

E-Mail Cliff  Bought boat 2002 - decks sanded and
re-caulked - 2003
Boat-  "LunaSea"  -  Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Michael Rossi
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco, CA

E-Mail Michael  Currently the boat is still in San Francisco but will be sailing to Mexico for the 2014 season.
Boat-  "Alamar"  - 1973 Midshipman 40
OWNERS - Craig Latham

E-Mail Craig
Offshore 47 Owners

19 Members

Boat-  "Pacific Rose" - 1974  Offshore 47
OWNERS - Jack Flanagan
E-Mail Jack   

Boat-  "DAZZLER" - 1973 Cheoy Lee Offshore 47
OWNERS - Carey Johnston & Wally Agnew
AREA OF SAILING - South Pacific
E-Mail Johnston  
Click Here for Dazzlier's Travel Log
Boat-  "Indira of Turks" - 1989? Cheoy Lee Offshore 47
OWNERS - Indira & Paul Day
AREA OF SAILING -Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean
E-Mail Paul
  After Hurricane Bonnie this year I purchased and salvaged a 47' Cheoy Lee Ketch, my intention is to restore this vessel
Boat-  "Emerald Lady" - 1972  Offshore 47
OWNERS - John & Kelly Wanamaker
AREA OF SAILING - Currently the west coast of Mexico and the Sea of Cortex but headed for the Panama Canal and the Caribbean.
E-Mail John & Kelly   
Website - http://svemeraldlady.yolasite.com/

After doing a complete engine rebuild in Puerto Vallarta we are finally ready to continue the adventure we started in June 2012; leaving Seattle to travel through Desolation Sound then down the west coast to Mexico and points beyond.  We plan to travel east through the Panama Canal then south to Columbia before heading back north, maybe up the east coast of the US.
Boat-  "ARTI" - 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 47
OWNERS - Lee & Cholly
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay Calif.
E-Mail Lee & Cholly Our Plan is to take Arti to the South Pacific in 3yrs.
Boat-  "Aglovale" - 1973  Offshore 47
OWNERS - Robert & Joy Anderson
AREA OF SAILING - Fairhaven, Mass
E-Mail Robert & Joy  purchased from Nick Boylon
Boat-  "Bold Endeavour" - 1976 Cheoy Lee Offshore 47
OWNERS - James & Marcia Farley
E-Mail James & Marcia
Boat-  "Angel" - 1974  Offshore 47
OWNERS - Scott Morris
AREA OF SAILING -Alameda, San Francisco
E-Mail Scott  Boat found
marooned in an almond orchard well inland.  
Boat-  "Rabelais" - 1979  Offshore 47
OWNERS - Terje Strand
AREA OF SAILING - South Norway
E-Mail Terje
Boat-  "??" -   Offshore 47
OWNERS - Pascal Beauvais
AREA OF SAILING -French Caribbean
E-Mail Pascal
Boat-  "Yemaya" -   Offshore 47
OWNERS - Ron Hendrixson
E-Mail Ron  Purchased in June 2002, Hope to traverse Panama Canal by April
Boat-  "Revelia" -   1975 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Jeffrey Johnson & Carol Bartlett
E-Mail Jeffrey & Carol  Purchased Revelia in the winter of 2003, shipped her from Seattle, Wa to Ct, and spent April through July restoring her.  Just in time for Fall sailing season on Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.  Wonderful boat with great lines and a tremendous heritage for being sea worthy and fast.  They love her and expect her for many years to come. 
Boat-  "Poseidon of Maidon" -   1978 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Nick & Joyce Dunster
AREA OF SAILING - Maldon England - Florida/Bahamas
E-Mail Nick & Joyce  Formerly "Roseidon B" purchased in Greece 1994 and sailed/motored via Med and French canals to England for major restoration.  Sailed Transatlantic 1999 and then through Caribbean to East Coast USA.  Cruised Bahamas to Maine.  Now only winter Florida/Bahamas. 
Boat-  "Wind" - 1973 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Gilberto Oliveras - Tony
AREA OF SAILING - San Juan, Puerto Rico
E-Mail Gilberto & Tony
Boat-  "Quantro" -   1975 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Drs. George & Carol Carayannis
E-Mail George & Carol


Boat-  "Antinea" -   Offshore 47
OWNERS - Oliver Gilbert
E-Mail Oliver
Boat-  "Desperado" -   1977 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Steve & Teri Reeder
AREA OF SAILING - Ventura, Calif.
E-Mail Steve & Teri New Owner 5/14
Boat-  "Instant Karma" -   1972 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Andrew Hayden
AREA OF SAILING - Hyannis Port, MA
E-Mail Andrew
Calypso" -   1978 Offshore 47
OWNERS - Arthur Wilding
E-Mail Arthur
Cruismaster Owners

3 Members

Boat-  "??" - 1970  Cruismaster 37
OWNERS - David Kudish
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake
E-Mail David  From what I understand, this model was designed by Luders, made in Hong Kong by David Cheng not Cheoy Lee

Boat-  "Borne Free II" -  1970  Cruismaster 37
OWNERS - Jerry & Dixie Sansom
AREA OF SAILING - Florida, East Coast
E-Mail Jerry & Dixie    "Borne Free II" former "Septima" - 1970 Cruismaster 37 OWNERS - Jerry & Dixie Sansom AREA OF SAILING - Florida East Coast The boat was built by David Cheng in Yau Tong Bay,Kowllon, Hong Kong in 1970, Luders design.

Boat-  "Dolphin Song" - 1978  Cruismaster 37
OWNERS - Ronald Rubottom
E-Mail Ronald

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