Cheoy Lee Association

Cheoy Lee Owners - Sign Up Form

By filling out this form you will be listed on the Association's list of Cheoy Lee Owners, give me a few days to transfer info to website, james...

I have had to do away with the form I had on this page as was getting too much form spam.  Please just send us an email at the following address. 
svjamcill (put in the at sign ) 

Please include "significant other's" name if that is the way you want your listing on the Owner's Pages, also type your email address carefully...

Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your boat's name
  • Model of your Cheoy Lee
  • Year built
  • Length
  • Where your home port or sailing area is
  • Lastly any comments you want included with your listing.  Also include the email address you want posted.
  • If you have a website you want included then give us the URL to be posted with your listing.