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1889 Members from 45 plus countries

The following members are new as of Jan - Dec 2018

Brandon R. - Clipper 42
Kingsley Haskett - Perry 48
Les & Dorothy Chase - Clipper 33
Bert van den Broek - Perry 44
Tom John - Offshore 33
Jack Ryan - Offshore 26
John Graham - Robb 35

The following members are new as of Jan - Dec 2017

Richard Macdonald - Pedrick 36
Brad & Chris Olsen - Alden 32
Tony Johbnson - 43 Motersailor
Allen Sewell - Alden 50
Roy Skanes 0 Offshore 27
Mike Robichaud - Motorsailer 53
Brent & Cindi Small - Offshore 32
Sean Hickey&Ruby Riker - Offshore 26
Ray & Shannon Latcvhem - Expedition 70
Albert & Sandi Sykes - Pedrick 41
Brian & Jane - 1958 Wood 42 Sail
Roy Herselman - Motorsailer 43
Jeff Lange&Keri Young - Clipper 33
Carsten Rode&Gracia Tharp - Perry 35
George Wolfe - Bermuda
Donovan P&Sally Brennan - Offshore 40
Shaun Brown - Clipper 33
David Linsdeau - Alden Offshore 44
Kakan Koyuncu - Offshore 31
Richard Piekos - Motersailor 63
Luke Sirl - Offshore 31
Richard Nistsa - Offshore 28
Shane Magill - Motersailor 43
Travis Faker - Pedrick 41
Fletcher Sunde - Lapworth 50
Chris & Michele Hartnett - Pedrick 41
Krista Granieri - Robb 35

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Pages Worth Visiting 
on our Website
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Cheoy Lee Sail Models - Click Here

This is the heart of the website.  I have collected images from the original brochures on over 55 of the various models produced over the past 40 years.  We have hundreds of images and line drawings etc. 


Cheoy Lee Power Boats - Click Here

This is the beginning of our collection of information on the Power models, includes links to Power Owners.

Rhodes Reliant Website

Ben Stavis began a website on the Cheoy Lee Reliants and the Offshore 40's before this site was founded.  Ben has a great site with complete information on the Rhodes designed Cheoy Lees, a must see.   Ben has been very helpful in putting together the information for our site and was very encouraging when I was struggling to created the Association's website. 
Click Here

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Cheoy Lee's for Sale
We currently have several sail models, a Motorsailer and a trawler for sale...
Click here for Ad info on Selling Cheoy Lee's

Association Members

We have a complete listing of over 1200 members listed by the model they sail.  Includes E-mail address and pictures if submitted.  Click Here 

We have Cheoy Lee Shirts and Gifts for many models at our online store,  Click Here to view


History of Cheoy Lee Shipyards, Ltd
We have started collecting interesting pictures and facts on the history of the company


Join our Cheoy Lee Forum

April 05  We have enhanced the forum for your use.

Cheoy Lee Forum
Click Here   & join cheoy lee forum.
Try our new Cheoy Lee Forum.  You will have to register at Delphi  (this allows me to block unwanted visitors) but it is free and takes up zero space on my server.  There are now over 3600 messages here, most on restoration issues...

Important Address and links for Parts

We have started a collection of links for parts for Cheoy Lees as well as the address for the Cheoy Lee Company  Click Here

Cheoy Lee Restoration Issues

This is the part of the web site I am going to put some work into this winter, will be looking to the network for help  Click Here

Miscellaneous Pages

Cheoy Lees in the News
Information on Movies and Ads that relate to Cheoy Lees
Parts Catalog submitted by Martin Tregoning
Cheoy Lees in Charter Business

Cheoy Lee Links
This page has links to other Cheoy Lee related sites
Original Price Sheet, Lloyds Regs & Bill of Sale

Jonathan Cannon, some parts available, Click Here
Karen & Jeffrey Siegel have started a great database for boaters.  You can add to the information with a free membership.  Website has interactive map of marinas etc.  We encourage you to participate in this project.  Click the logo  to visit and sign up.  james



ActiveCaptain currently has a visual database of over 8,000 marinas and a building database of anchorages. "Local knowledge" and other points of interest are coming soon. To be successful we need your help. Become part of the ActiveCaptain community now. It's simple and it's free.


Cheoy Lee Model Builder

Tom Thomas, one of our members builds half hull and full models of Cheoy Lees, Click Here

clipr33HalfHull.jpg (5461 bytes)Here is pic of half hull of "Hen Frigate", Clipper 33  created by Tom 


Notes form james , webmaster for Cheoy Lee Association

   I would like to thank all those who have sent in brochures, articles, etc that has helped make this site what it is.   Special thanks to Ben Stavis, Dr Wayne Stromberg, Robert Chave, Andy Lawrence, Werner, Alessandro Treleani, Bill Simmonds, Ray Knudson, Tim Scearce, Tim Cox, Mike Underwood & Bryan Teague, Justin Thompson, Dave Turner, Ruth Donohue and all the others who have contributed to this growing collection of information on Cheoy Lees.   james...

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