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ALaurence.jpg (19879 bytes)Boat-  "Triton" -  1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Lindsey Stewart  & Bruce Issell
E-Mail Lindsey  & Bruce   Purchased Triton from Andy Lawrence 10/03 and have had a number of overnight sails on this beautiful little yacht unfortunately age has been catching up with her and minor leaks have caused some significant deterioration internally.  They have just begun major restoration, currently they have the interior stripped down to the mast support frames, which are rusted away at the bottom, new stainless steel frames are being built as we speak.  They are also relining the interior and replacing windows and frames are being built the portholes de-chromed and keeping her looking as original as possible, however they are going to replace the saloon cabin sides and rear saloon paneling with white lamipanel and teak trims.  Fortunately they are able to work fulltime on this project and expect it to take about six months to fully restore her.  Website -
Boat-  "Clarity" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - New Owners Eric Meyer & Pat McKenzie
AREA OF SAILING - Freeport Maine
E-Mail Eric & Pat  Chuck and Pat did a huge amount of work preparing Clarity for their cruise from Illinois to Maine and she is a lovely vessel.  We're very excited to have her and are getting our lists ready to continue the work they started- plus doing some local cruising this summer/fall.
Boat-  "GOT MY WAYE" Lloyd informed us that his wife's maiden name is "Waye"
1968 Cheoy Lee Offshore 31'Ketch 
OWNERS - Lloyd & Elizabeth Benoit
AREA OF SAILING - Jacksonville Fl.
E-Mail Lloyd & Elizabeth
Boat-  "Briseis" -1968 Cheoy Lee Offshore 31
OWNERS - Jim & Sue Zimmer
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Michigan
Boat-  "Talsiman" -1970 Cheoy Lee Offshore 31
OWNERS - Danny Bryant
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Danny
Boat-  "Jasmine Isle" -1972  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Waiting to hear from new owner,
Boat-  "Mi-Luv" -1967 Cheoy Lee Offshore 31
OWNERS - Lee & Allison Williams
AREA OF SAILING -Gulf of Mexico - Caribbean

E-mail Lee &Allison
Boat-  "Maia" -1974 Cheoy Lee Offshore 31
OWNERS - David Collins
AREA OF SAILING - Fishers Island Sound
E-Mail David
Boat-  "HOCUS POCUS" -1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - W.I. Bill Mosher
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf Coast, Bahamas, Carribean
E-Mail Bill
Boat-  "Fortunate Cookie" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Nancy & John Schultz
AREA OF SAILING -Galveston, Texas
E-Mail Nancy & John
Boat-  "Kristinaire" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Steve Cohen
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
E-Mail Steve

Boat-  "Shu Shan" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Kenneth Thompson
AREA OF SAILING - N. Coast of Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Kenneth
Boat-  "Windflower" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Steve & Gladys Clancy
AREA OF SAILING - Bellingham, WA
E-Mail Steve & Gladys
Boat-  "Jasmin" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Dave & Ginger Davis
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Dave & Ginger  Dave & Ginger just purchased Jasmin Oct 99
Boat-  "Irish Mist" - 1972  Offshore 31 Ketch
OWNERS - Thomas Gibbs
E-Mail Thomas   

I have been looking after her as the latest owner for more than 2 years now. In her early history, I believe it was the 2nd owner in the early 80's who set off across the pacific , hitting the marquesas Is. and eventually the Great Barrier reef area of Aus. She was shipped back to Cali. after that. re. current: I have renewed a number of areas in the past 2 years; incl. the standing and running rigging, sanded and recaulked the decks, recovered the cushions, installed a new alternator. she still has wood masts which I have recently worked on , improving the rigging attachment and shives at the top of the main. Had a new tiller made. redid her underside. .... We love to sail her past Alcatraz and out past the golden gate she as smooth as a 54 Buick roadmaster! 

Boat-  "???" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Randy Ott
E-Mail Randy
Boat-  "Shanghai Lady" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Barry L. McCoy
AREA OF SAILING - Northern Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Barry
Boat-  "Wind Drift" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Jimmy Bennett
AREA OF SAILING - Tennessee River, Pickwick & Kentucky Lakes
E-Mail Jimmy

Boat-  "Stormalong" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Stan Strobel
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Stan

Boat-  "Bag Lady" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Craig & Sharon Murch
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Craig & Sharon
Boat-  "Mira Ceti" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Daniel Brown & Barbara House
E-Mail Daniel & Barbara
Boat-  "Edisto" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Gib Seese
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Gib
Boat-  "Elipsis" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Scott Reid
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Ontario, Sodus Bay, NY
E-Mail Scott
Boat-  "Orient" - 1972  Offshore 31
OWNERS - David & Julie Arnold
E-Mail David & Julie
Boat-"Mainstay of London" 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Hakan Koyuncu
AREA OF SAILING - Gocek, Turkey
E-Mail Hakan
Boat-  "Starshine" - 1973  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Robert Zimmerman
AREA OF SAILING - Mobile, AL & Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Robert
  Starshine has been Starshine1.jpg (25137 bytes) completely restored  Starshine2.jpg (14610 bytes)
Boat-  "Vesper" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Dan Perrin
AREA OF SAILING - Charleston, SC
E-Mail Dan 
Getting ready for the Caribbean 2004.  Also plans on joining the classic fleet for the Charleston to Bermuda Race, May 14 2005
Boat-  "We'll Sea" - 1972  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Tom & Mary Montoye
AREA OF SAILING - Great Lakes, Chicago
E-Mail Tom
Boat-  "Andiamo" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS -8/05 we have been informed that Andiamo has sunk off the coast of Australia

 This boat has been cruised from states to Australia
Boat-  "Galatea" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Brandon Nelson
E-Mail Brandon
Boat-  "Aldemar" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Jim & Marilyn Blanton
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Dallas, Texas
E-Mail Jim & Marilyn
Boat-  "Sea Trek" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Bob Burck
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Superior
E-Mail Bob Just purchased June 01, would like to here from others who have had to do deck repair.
minuet.jpg (39287 bytes)Boat-  "Minuet" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Ron Bohannon
AREA OF SAILING - Redondo Beach, California
E-Mail Ron
Boat-  "Phoebe" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Paul Stordy
AREA OF SAILING - Boston, New England
E-Mail Paul
Boat-  "Juno" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Jim & Junie Tew
E-Mail Jim & Junie  JUNO is for sale, click here for ad
Boat-  "Cricket" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Peter Clarke
AREA OF SAILING - Seattle / Puget Sound
E-Mail Peter  Have owned the boat for more than 10 years. Extensively restored : Main mast replaced with aluminum, electrical system updated and rewired, original MD 2 engine replaced with Universal M25, coach roof modified to reduce size of large windows, cockpit volume reduced by decking  forward part of cockpit, installed propane system for cooking and heating, replaced forward hatch with Lewmar type, plus many other upgrades
Boat-  "??" - 1974  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Al Frost
AREA OF SAILING - Edgewater, Maryland
E-Mail Al
Boat-  "Christina" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Arno & Karin Jones
AREA OF SAILING - Portland, Oregon
E-Mail Arno & Karin
Boat-  "Phoenix" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Rick Raffensperger
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Rick
Phoenix was purchased from Tim Quinn in Dighton Mass. We're keeping the name being that Phoenix is doing what they do best, Rebirth! I was able to catch her before her decks started to rot out and various other small leaks started to do their damage. She is presently almost at the end of her cosmetic refit. The bilge is now clean enough to eat off of, and the fuel tank is cleaned. Whew! Diesel sludge is some nasty stuff. There was a small air leak in the fuel line but that is now fixed. Just awaiting the new stem plate and chain plates then the sticks go up. This summer we'll be cruising the upper Chesapeake and maybe even take a trip up to Block Island in June. What a pretty boat!
Boat-  "Magnolia" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Blake & Vicki Smelley
AREA OF SAILING - Anacortes, WA/San Juan Islands
E-Mail Blake & Vicki
Just purchased (2002). 
Boat-  "Escape Clause" - Offshore 31
OWNERS - Mike Tipler
Missing info including email address
Boat-  "Zypher" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Randy Price
AREA OF SAILING - Charleston, SC
E-Mail Randy
Boat- "Sojourner" - 1968  Offshore 31
OWNER - Lance & Rebecca Williams
Essex, Maryland
We just purchased this boat at a charity auction for $100. She is in a very extreme state of deterioration.  When restoration is complete she will christened "Sojourner".  We would love to see photos of other boats, especially restoration projects.
Boat-  "Windfall" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Reid Silva
AREA OF SAILING - Vineyard Haven, Mass
E-Mail Reid
Boat-  "Sante" - 1966  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Rob Callaway
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico
E-Mail Rob
Boat-  "Herralee" - 1972  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Glenn Driscoll
AREA OF SAILING - Victoria BC/Gulf Islands - Vancouver Island
E-Mail Glenn  The name "Herralee" is a contraction of "Herreshoff" and "Cheoy Lee", although the original owner (I am number four) clearly couldn't spell Herreshoff.  She is in original immaculate condition (I just bought her) except for a new stove (propane) and engine (Yanmar 2GM).  Eager to meet or cruise with other Cheoy Lees here on the WetCoast.
Boat-  "Stormalong" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Charles Alyn Pruett
AREA OF SAILING - Miami Florida
E-Mail Charles
Boat-  "Miss B. Haven" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - James E. Barnes
AREA OF SAILING - Birmingham, Alabama
E-Mail James James would like information on manuals, or reprints
Boat-  "Tiare Nui" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Bruce Nordhausen
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay, CA
Boat-  "Heritage" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Doug Ferguson
AREA OF SAILING - Sausalito, Calif
E-Mail Doug 


  "No name as of yet" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Carl & Mary Gorman
AREA OF SAILING - Mistic Island, New Jersey
E-Mail Carl & Mary  Major restoration project, Found her abandon in a marina for 9 years 
Before & After
Boat-  "Yankee Clipper" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - William Putney
AREA OF SAILING - Northern Gulf Coast
E-Mail William
Boat-  "Valkyrie" - 72  Offshore 31
has sold, waiting to hear from new owners
Boat-  "MISS TEAK" -  1971 Offshore 31
OWNERS - Whit & Carol Johnson
AREA OF SAILING - Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida
E-Mail Whit & Carol   Purchased "MISS TEAK" in 1991.  They are the third owners of this classic 31 foot off shore Ketch.  During the past 13 or so years, extensive reconditioning has been completed both interior and exterior, plus new sails and canvas.  They also had the MD-2 Volvo rebuilt in 2002.  Presently she sports new fiberglass decks and is in near "Bristol" condition.  She truly is the "Bellie of the Bay" and definitely a pleasure to sail.  Daily sails, weekend cruises and PHRF racing are our forte.

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

UPDATE: Unfortunately we received word from Whit and Carol that "Miss Teak" was sunk by Hurricane Ivan.  We are always saddened to hear of a Cheoy Lee sinking.  james...

Boat-  "TAI PAN" -  1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Labieno Noniz Furtado
AREA OF SAILING - Ponta Delgada- Azores-Portugal
E-Mail Labieno   TOA PAN was built in 1967, Hong Kong, for Stuart Gilbert.  She was around New Port, Rhode Island - USA for 20 years until June 1994 owned by Jhon Levanthall, when I bought her.  Came to AZORES Islands where she has been  for 11 years (2005).  Has been maintained in good shape. 
Boat-  "Breathless" -   Offshore 31
OWNERS - Bobby Chandler
AREA OF SAILING - Dephne, Alabama
Email Bobby
Boat-  "Windrifter" -   1971 Offshore 31
OWNERS - John Davenport
AREA OF SAILING - East Coast  of Florida
Email John
Boat-  "Shoshana" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - J. Scott Huston
AREA OF SAILING - Alamitos Bay - Long Beach, California 
E-Mail Scott Just purchased May 2004.  Needs lots of restoration.  Generally sound and healthy otherwise.  Looking  forward to the project. 
Boat-  "Nepenthe II" -   Offshore 31
OWNERS - Captain Michael Del Marmol
Email Captain Michael

Nepenthe II is available for charter,  visit Captain Michael's website at

  "Del Corazon" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Frank "Truncale
E-Mail Frank  Website of restoration process  Click Here
Boat-  "Strega (will Change)" -  69 Offshore 31
OWNERS - Dwight & Joanne Lewis
E-Mail Dwight & Joanne
Boat-  "SEAYA" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Kieron & Linda O'Connell have sold Seaya, waiting to hear from new owners - Graeme & Michael Thomas

  "Kama" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Mike Weindl
AREA OF SAILING - Honolulu, Hawaii
E-Mail Mike

Boat-  "Arielle" -  68 Offshore 31
OWNERS - Steve Linne & Matthew Bye
AREA OF SAILING - Casco, Maine
E-Mail Steve & Matthew
 Just purchased this boat Oct 06. Will be restoring her. First job is the deck. We will sail her on fresh water for a few years until restored then out to the ocean. She will be the most significant boat on Sebego Lake. Looking forward to next summer
Boat-  "Clarity" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Jon & Karen Miller
AREA OF SAILING - Mt. Vernon, IL & Carlyle Lake
E-Mail Jon & Karen  I found this boat sitting on the hard and in need of "some" repairs and will be starting the restoration process.
Boat-  "Pleiades" - 1972  Offshore 31 Ketch
OWNERS - Irvin Blake
AREA OF SAILING - Virginia Beach, VA, Chesapeake
E-Mail Irvin   Caretaker as of June 2007 - Project underway

Boat-  "Chance Sea" - 1971  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Bill Benker
E-Mail Bill 
Boat-  "Wingsong" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - James Latham
AREA OF SAILING - St. John US Virgin Islands
E-Mail James   I'm the forth owner of Windsong, purchased in July of 2008. It needs some TLC and I hope to start the restoration soon. Mostly the area's needing attention being the MD2 Volvo, the rudder and some interior work. It recently went through Hurricane Omar (Oct. 15,2008)in fine shape.
Boat-  "Troy Lee" - 1968  Offshore 31 #2911  
OWNERS - Abner Wright
E-Mail Abner  Yard # 2011. Converted to Sloop rigged, originally built for Peter J. Merkus
Boat-  "Rainbow" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Michael Haller
AREA OF SAILING - Charleston, SC
E-Mail Michael  3/09  I just bought this boat. It is a project boat. I gladly accept any tips and other helpful information from other "Cheoy Lee Project"-Owner. Thanks in advance!
Boat-  "Flow" - 1967  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Rick Fried
AREA OF SAILING - Marina Del Rey, Calif
E-Mail Rick 
Boat-  "Aria" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Star Morin
AREA OF SAILING - Pier 39, San Francisco, CA
E-Mail Star  
 she's a sexy ketch.  she's got her original builder's plate listing her as being build for one "R.P Carter" with yard number on the storage bulkhead.  original and fully functional Atomic 4.  i love this boat.  she's a little worse for wear on the interior from previous owner's ignored leaks, but still pretty and solid. i go with oil over varnish for the teak on the topside.   she's handled a bit of my stupidity (a knock down on the western side of angel island.  a "single hand" attempt during a small craft advisory, etc) but has always gotten me back to port
Boat-  "Halcyon" - 1970  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Renard Gluzman
Home Port Tel-Aviv,  Mediterranean Waters, Italy, Greece and the Levant
E-Mail Renard
Boat-  "Artemis" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Rod Nyland
AREA OF SAILING - USA East coast, Virgin Islands, Great Lakes
E-Mail Rod
Boat-  "Esperanza" - 1969  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Warren Wnek & Brett Murphy
AREA OF SAILING - Satellite Beach, FL
E-Mail Warren & Brett 
We are two new sailors with a boat, long on enthusiasm but short on experience, hoping we can gain sailing andmaintenance tips on keeping ship shape!
Boat-  "True Grit" - 1964  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Solomon "Capt. Sully" Stone
AREA OF SAILING -Hawaii but sailing to Saipan in 2013
E-Mail Solomon

Website    True Grit was neglected for way to long and will take time to get back in primo condition. Amongst other things I'm getting done to her before my Pacific Sail in January are, a total re-rigging, including replacing the original chainplates, Botttom Job, restorated hatches/seats, adding solar panels to the already excisiting windgen, and the list keeps getting bigger until the money runs dry. LOL
Boat-  "???" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Charles Oxford
AREA OF SAILING -Newport Oregon
E-Mail Charles 
 She is moored in Newport Oregon for the winter and has been reconditioned from keel to deck. Am currently working above water line. It is relatively original including the charcoal stove. Retire in 2 years so then will sail central Americas for a while
Boat-  "Muireall" -  Offshore 31
OWNERS - David & Maria Adamson

E-Mail David & Maria
Boat-  "Strega" -  68,- Offshore 31
OWNERS - Richard Morgan
E-Mail Richard
Boat-  "Tao" -  71,- Offshore 31
OWNERS - Bill Wolters
AREA OF SAILING - Atlantic Coast of FL, Keys, and Bahamas
E-Mail Bill  10/14 Thanks for the great job you guys are doing on website! I am a new owner of a beautiful, but rough, Cheoy Lee Offshore 31 ketch. 1971 vintage. All systems work, but previous owner was not exactly a craftsman, so much of the cosmetics needs to be redone. The boat is my home, and is located on the hook in Manatee Pocket, Port Salerno, (City of Stuart, Martin County), FL. She needs to be hauled, spars refinished, (Sitka Spruce). Probably won't be under sail for another 6 months. 4 cylinder Perkins, radar, auto pilot. Then will be cruising Atlantic Coast of FL, Keys and Bahamas and ?
Boat-  "Evening Star" -  69- Offshore 31
OWNERS - Mike & Kristin Covert
AREA OF SAILING - Astoria, OR/Lower Columbia River
E-Mail Mike & Kristin
Boat-  "China Rose" -  68 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  Scott McCullough
AREA OF SAILING - Tampa, Sailing the Gulf, Caribbean Waters
E-Mail Scott
Boat-  "????" -  72 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  James Courtot
AREA OF SAILING -Long Island Sound/East Coast
E-Mail James
Boat-  "Longshot" -  73 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  James Johnson
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland
E-Mail James
Boat-  "Son of WASP" -  68 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  Pete Pfaff
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland
E-Mail Pete
Boat-  "Extravagant Promises" -  71 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  Michael Leporatri
AREA OF SAILING - Bradenton, Florida
E-Mail Michael
Boat-  "Viajero" - 1972  Offshore 31
OWNERS - Italo & Beverly Sessegolo
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Italo & Beverly
Boat-  "Galadriel" -  68 - Offshore 31
OWNERS -  Luke Sirl
AREA OF SAILING - Mooloolaba, Australia
E-Mail Luke

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