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Boat-  "True Lee" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Glen Coleman
AREA OF SAILING - Central Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Glen
Boat-  "Yin Yang" - 1977 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Jim Philpott has sold, waiting to hear from new owners
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Erie, Ohio
Boat-  "Snow Goose" -1972 Cheoy Lee Offshore 33
OWNERS - Richard...
AREA OF SAILING - Bahamas, Florida Keys, Eastern Long Island,NY
E-Mail Richard
Snow Goose Web Site,  Great site on crusing, worth a visit
Boat-  "Lila Mae" - 1976 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Bruce & Terry Meikle
AREA OF SAILING - St. Lawrence River/Lake Ontario
E-Mail Bruce & Terry
Boat-  "Sayonara" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Chris Mason
AREA OF SAILING - Anguilla, St. Kitts, and Nevis
E-Mail Chris
Boat-  "Folly" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Winn & Tess Rosch
 E-Mail Winn 
Winn submitted an original ad that came with their Offshore 33  Click Here for Ad
Boat-  "Famille" - 1971 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Ron Croteau
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf Coast Florida
E-Mail Ron We are currently in the process of restoring a newly bought cheoy lee and anyone who can give us any information of the boat would be greatly appreciated.
Boat-  "Chinquapin" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Hugh Elmore
AREA OF SAILING - Clear Lake Shores, Texas
E-Mail Hugh
Boat-  "Drake" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Darrel & Jennifer Roberts
AREA OF SAILING - Gulfcoast of Florida
E-Mail Darrel & Jennifer
NekoII.jpg (19562 bytes)Boat-  "Neko ll" - 1973 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Paul DeSmit

- San Diego
E-Mail Paul

I keep the Neko at Silver Gate Yacht Club on Shelter Island in San Diego.  
Boat-  "Aurora" - 1970 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Carl  Severin
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico and Ports South
E-Mail Carl
Aurora was busted up in hurricane, Carl & Darice have restored from keel up.
Boat-  "Briseis" - 1968 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Alen Skibbe
AREA OF SAILING - Great Lakes, Michigan
E-Mail Alen
Boat-  "Solitude" - 1973 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Clark Robins
CRobbins.jpg (22502 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Lower Chesapeake Bay, Deltaville, VACRobbins2.jpg (23766 bytes)
E-Mail Clark  Clark purchased in 1988 and has done major restoration  
Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
Boat-  "??" - 1978 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Joseph Ouellette
E-Mail Joseph
Boat-  "Cuz'nBill" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Waiting to hear from new owner
AREA OF SAILING - Hernando Beach, FL
Boat-  "Take Five" - 1972 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - David Armstrong
E-Mail David  Just purchased
Oxender.jpg (39602 bytes)Boat-  "Euphoria" - 1974  Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Dorin Oxender
E-Mail Dorin  The boat has history.  This is the Jimmy Buffett's
Euphoria I.
Boat-  "Happy Pelican" - 1973 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Adam Clay
AREA OF SAILING - New York City Area
E-Mail Adam  Just bought her and would love to hear from anyone with information on this particular model.  Will be replacing the teak decks this winter.
Boat-  "Kaveinga" - 1974 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Al Frost has sold Kaveinga, waiting to hear from new owners
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake
Boat-  "Wind - A - Leigh" - 1974 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Brian & Debi
AREA OF SAILING - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
E-Mail Brian & Debi
Boat-  "Jade- 1974  Offshore 33
OWNERS - Jeffrey Rogers
E-Mail Jeffrey 
Jade was purchased in Clearwater FL in June 2004. She has undergone extensive refit with a new teak deck, refurbished spars and a new paint job. She now lives in St Petersburg FL but we hope to take her home to Wales UK in the near future.
Boat-  "Yin Yang" - 1977 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Bradley Hoffman
E-Mail Bradley  New owner moved boat to South Carolina
Boat-  "Pearl" - 1975 Offshore 33'
OWNERS - Peter & Susan Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Thimble Islands
E-Mail Peter & Susan  3rd owner. f/k/a santa fe, f/k/a fantasia. CT to Bahamas Class of 1984-1985. Stored on Pot Island ,Thimble Islands CT(Long Island Sound) on owners railway since 1985. Recomissioned 2001. Interior and overhead redone. Perkins 4-108 lit right up after 16 years
Boat-  "Salina "1972 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Ed Popchock & Theresa Dietz
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Area
E-Mail Ed & Theresa Currently restoration project which was recently purchased in Virginia.  
Boat-  "Dreamer"1972 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Elsie & David Matthews
AREA OF SAILING - Hernando Beach, Florida
E-Mail Elsie & David   Recently purchased and she is getting a windlass and a new main electrical panel in a more accessible location.
Boat-  "Owl Moon"1973 Offshore 33
OWNERS - William Price
AREA OF SAILING - S. California
E-Mail William
Boat-  "Coconut Jack"1976 Offshore 33
OWNERS - waiting to hear from new owner
Boat-  "WoodWind"1973 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Sara Goetzelman
E-Mail Sara

Purchased WoodWind in February 07
Boat-  "Brigadoon"1972 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Robert & Valerie Letourneau
AREA OF SAILING - Fairhaven, Mass
E-Mail Robert & Valerie    recently purchased. unfortunately, the 'Brigadoon' has been sitting on land since 1983. She's in extremely rough shape, but I'm hoping to bring her back to her past splendor
Boat-  "Hope"1971 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Melinda Ridderhof
AREA OF SAILING - Manly, Queensland, Australia
E-Mail Melinda  Purchased July 2007 - very bad condition due to fresh water leaks inside yacht; have spent last 16 months repairing/rebuilding deck surface (removed teak overlay) and inside. Still have another 6 months possibly to go before bulk of restoration is complete. Original owner was a Heinz Wiankow. I am the 7th owner. Plan to sail her locally and hopefully along the Queensland coast but probably won't go offshore.
Boat-  "Morning Star"1972 Offshore 33
- Craig Elliot
AREA OF SAILING - Hernando Beach, FL
E-Mail Craig   2016   It has been two years, and a lot of work, but the project is basically complete, and here’s the proof. Morning Star is now located behind my home in Hernando Beach, FL, about 40 miles NW of Tampa. A beautiful traditional design, the 1972 Offshore Shoal Draft Ketch is everything I envisioned she would be. Restoration required replacement of all systems (wiring, plumbing, engine), complete deck repair, refinishing every bit of wood, removal and replacement of all hardware, and a new engine- much of it in steamy hot weather- but it was worth every minute. Often the boat, especially the deck, would get so hot in the Florida sun you could not even walk on it, much less work on it, so it is a great relief to be finished. I made sunbrella covers for all practical external wood, and I also have it covered from bow to stern with a sun shade (last photo)- all for protection from the vicious FL sun and also to reduce maintenance. So now there is a reborn addition to the fleet.
Boat-  "Owl Moon "1972 Offshore 33, schooner rig
OWNERS - David & Karen Knapp
AREA OF SAILING - Long Beach, California
E-Mail David & Karen
Boat-  "Fine Companion"1973 Offshore 33, Hull #2622
OWNERS - Randall Williams
AREA OF SAILING - Midcoast Maine
E-Mail Randall  -  Website
Boat-  "SV Flying Dragon"1972 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Fred & Amy MacLean
AREA OF SAILING - British Columbia, Canada
E-Mail Fred
Boat-  "SV Reason"1974 Offshore 33
OWNERS - Tom John
AREA OF SAILING - Hudson, Florida
E-Mail Sara

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