Frisco Flyer Restoration

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Tim Cox aboard "Zdenka"
with a project from hell

Current shot from May 99 below

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Current shot from March 2002 below


Pictures submitted by Tim of his restoration project

Pics below submitted in 1999

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Aloha James,

    I've owned the boat about 8 years now, and I have had 6 years of great times sailing off the North Shore of Oahu.  The deck was needing
repair when I bought her, due to previous neglect , then compounded by my own neglect.
    I started the project almost 2 years ago, although only being able to work an average of 1 day per weekend, weather permitting, and doing it in the slip, without shore power, and having some setbacks like loosing my entire dock box with power tools, supplies, caulking, etc. in it, due to some 25+ foot surf a few weekends ago, all in all I guess I am progressing OK.
    I am replacing all the sub deck, with white oak, everything being treated with SmithCo. penetrating sealer and all joints are caulked with
3M 5200 and screwed with Stainless screws.  One notable item which may be of interest are the wedge & dovetail joints that the rib's were
notched into the original baseboard  that is fiberglassed into the top of the hull, which I am replacing also. These are difficult to do with just a hammer & chisel, but I'm getting better at them.  Also the 2 sides, port & starboard are not identical, there is about a 3/4  to one inch difference in width, so every piece is different, each piece individually crafted, what a fitting nightmare! AARRGGH!
    I have just fitted my cockpit combing boards, which I got from a 2" X 12" X 10'  piece of teak I had ripped to have 2 matching side pieces. They look great.  The original was mahogany. I will be installing them in the next couple of weekends & moving forward to the cabin sides of the deck, then the bow, then the teak deck which I will do all at one time.  I already have 5 - 2" X 6" X 21+' pieces of teak to do the deck
with, The longest I need is 16', yea tell me that was easy to find in Hawaii. (or cheap!)      Not counting the actual laying of the teak, which will be another major task, actually my original intention, which I am now looking forward to, I estimate the reconstruction is about 65% done, although having been through this far, it seems like the rest should be a breeze.  Yea, right!     I will have some new pics in a few weeks, but right now I have my annual state boat inspection, due tomorrow, and I can not have any "unsecured hatches" or any open area's in the deck, which means some junk ply board being screwed down to plug the holes, just to pass the inspection.
        You may edit & put proper names on the parts I mention, or condense, or whatever, I am at the mercy of my publisher!!!
        Oh yea, I'll volunteer to help put a Y2K thing together in Hawaii, I hope I can sail by then.


Pics below submitted in 2002

Pics below submitted in 2001

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Boat - "ZDENKA" - Frisco Flyer, Type II
OWNER - Tim Cox

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