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This page has updated info (04/05) on our Cheoy Lee Forum.  Please take a minute to read the following information.  james & cilla
  History of this Forum:  When we first started this website in 1998 I tried using MS FrontPage to build a forum.  It was difficult and time consuming to manage and we decided to use Delphi to host the forum on their website, less maintenance etc. 

At first they offered a lot of services for free, not anymore.  But we now have a cost involved to offer what some have requested, the ability to publish pictures etc with your posts.  I have upgraded to the premium level which offers "Outline" view for enhanced searching the threads and the ability for pictures etc.  In order to have the premium level we had to also upgrade to the "Plus" membership level.  I have spent 4-5 hours this weekend getting this all in place.  

If you are new to this forum you will have to register in order to be able to post threads, a simple and free process.  There are 3 levels of membership to use the forum:

  1. Basic Level - Cost is free, you can read and post to the forum, and search the posts back 3 months.
  2. Advanced Level - Cost is App. $1.30 per month.  This level allows you to search posts back 6 months and upload pictures to your posts.  You get 1MB of space for your pictures.
  3. Plus Level - Cost is $4.95 per month.  Not sure if this level has much value over the Advanced Level.  You get 5MB of storage for your pictures and search all posts

Click Here for their chart detailing the services you get at each level, also note that PayPal is accepted as a payment method.


Therefore if you want to use more of the features you need to spring the cost of at least the Advanced Level.  By the way 10% of your fee comes back to the association to offset our Delphi costs. 

One last request:  If you would like to see more folders refine your browsing of the threads let me know and I will add.  james...   Now on to the forum

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