Photos of "Necessity" a Clipper 33
Owned by Captain William Ross U.S.C.G.

Photos by Scott Dine

I photographed Captain William Ross' Clipper 33, Necessity, near where the West River empties into Chesapeake Bay, about a dozen miles south of Annapolis. 
We had perfect wind--about 12 knots, enough to move the boat and put a bone in her teeth. I photographed Necessity from my C&C 25, not exactly a camera platform, but with my capable wife at the tiller we did quite well. Conditions were about perfect and we were finished in about 45 minutes.
Necessity is a beauty to photograph and a beauty to sail.

I live in Annapolis and would be happy to photograph other Cheoy Lee sailboats for a reasonable price."

Scott Dine
(410) 897 0590

"Chesapeake Bay Magazine" Jan 2002 featured on their cover a
picture of a Cheoy Lee Clipper owned by Captain Ross, U.S.C.G. Here is photo of cover.

CL31clipper.jpg (69329 bytes)
Photo by Scott Dine and is copyrighted
Click for full size image

All images below can be clicked for full size shots by Scott of "Necessity"




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