Cruisaire 30 Clipper 

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Centerboard or Fixed Keel 


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Thanks to Andy Laurence aboard "Triton" in Hong Kong for taking the time to scan and submit the information on this page.  E-Mail Andy and thank him for the hard work.  We do not have any members yet that have this model.  james...


LOA - 30'
LWL - 23'
Beam - 10'8"
Board Up - 2'6"
  Board Down - 6'
Fixed Keel - 3'11"
Sail Area - 696 sq'
Displacement -  12,000 Lbs
Westerbeke 4-107 Diesel
Water - 50 Gal
Fuel - 30 Ga;

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We need the brochure on the 36 Cruisaire


4 Members

Boat- "MA-KAI" - 1971 Cruisaire 30 Clipper 
OWNER - Albert Stonus
AREA OF SAILING - Ibiza, Spain
Email Albert  
Boat has been entirely restored in 1993.New teak-deck, new engine(Universal 32)Hard Dodger(pilothouse)Singlehanded crossing of the North-Atlantic in 2003
Boat- "Miss Bess" - 1967 Cruisaire 36 by Sparksman and Stephens
OWNER - Sherman Havens as sold Miss Bess, waiting to hear from new owner
  This is a unique one of a kind accommodations layout on a Cruisaire 36 hull.
Boat- "Fia Fia II - 1970 Cruisaire 30 
OWNER - Roy Rolf
E-Mail Roy  Fia Fia II is a Cheoy Lee Cruisaire Clipper 30. Built in 1970 and exhibited at the London Boat Show at Earls Court in 1971. There is a newspaper photo of her in the pool with some vips? watching Ted Heath open the show. She has been laid up ashore since 1993 and there is a bit of work to be done before we are sailing again.  I have been disappointed with the quality of the teak faced plywood used for internal linings as some of it is delaminating. Where I can get at a top edge I can pour glue down between the laminations and cramp it up to restore it, but for the main bulkhead I have had to completely cover it with a new sheet of teak.  I am puzzled by the centreboard winch. This is a worm drive gear and as the plate weighs 700lb it has to work hard to lift it. The bulkhead was not strong enough for this and was bending in the middle as the plate reached the top of its travel. I have stiffened the bulkhead with a 6" x 1" strip if teak on each side of the bulkhead and this is now ok. Worse, there is nothing to keep the plate up and when you let go of the winch handle it spins back and starts to lower the plate again! Previous owners have obviously had trouble with this as the winch handle is bent. >Has any one else had this problem and can they tell me what the solution is??  Roy Rolf.  
Boat- "North End" - 1968 Cruisaire 36 
OWNER - Jeff Norman & Carolyn Shields
E-Jeff & Carolyn
Boat- "Arke" - 1967 Cruisaire 36 
OWNER -  Gregg Rogers
E-Mail Greg

 We do not yet have any info on the 36 just the 30


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