Cheoy Lee Lapworth 50

by Bill Lapworth

The information on this page was supplied by Robert Baumer aboard "Gjoa"

Roberts Lapworth 50 was built in 1962 to do the TransPac Race.  Robert say only 6 of these were produced, not all by Cheoy Lee.

Thanks to Robert for the information on this model.  Anyone know the whereabouts of the other Lapworth 50 let us know. james...


LOD  -  50'
Beam  -  14'
Draft  -  7' 10"

Interestingly, for a '60s wood boat vintage design, she has a fin keel and a separate spade rudder.

Bob Baumer

Here are some pictures of Trimani - she appears to have been built by Cheoy Lee, pictures for Signature Yacht's ad for Trimani


Following is email from Sam Bell, July 2016

Hi James, I will chime in on the L-50. I am co-owner of #5 Westward and have sailed on her for over 50 years. Transpac 1965 and transpac 2015.

I am aware of only 6 being built. Ichiban 2nd overall 1961 transpac, Sumatra multiple transpacs, Kuanyin, Kamsin transpac in 63, Westward and Neferti. Ichiban was a yaul and the rest were sloops. Westward and I don't know about the rest had chain plates for yaul conversion.

Sumatra and Westward are in So. Cal and it sounds as if tho others have moved from So Cal with name changes. Looking in transpac history should reveal the original owners of most of the L-50s built
Sam Bell
# 2 son of Willard, original owner of #5



5 Members

Boat- "PAULALYNN" - 1962 - 50' Sloop by Bill Lapworth
OWNER - John & Paula Lynn and Dusty Jablonowski

E-Mail John and Paula Lynn

  Click to enlarge pic

Boat- "Trimani" - 1962 - 50' Sloop by Bill Lapworth
OWNER - Klaus

E-Mail Papi   2012 - Trimani is for sale, website is
Boat- "Westward" - 50' Sloop by Bill Lapworth
OWNER - Bell Family

Hi James,

I came across your site and thought I would send you an e-mail.
Westward, Lapworth 50 #5 is owned by the Bell Family in southern California, as she has been since she was built for Willard Bell in 1962 .
Recently Westward went through quite a bit of work to bring her back to racing shape so that the Bell Family could race her to Hawaii in 2013 Transpac, which we did with pretty good success. Here is the blog about the experience
Hopefully Westward will again be raced actively in southern California along with some of the So Cal to Mexico Races
This is the Video of Westward approach the finish line if the 2013 Transpac

Below is the Photo of Westward that was on the November cover of Sailing Magazine

SiberiaBoat- "Siberia" - 50' Sloop by Bill Lapworth
OWNER - Lui Pevny
AREA OF SAILING - Malta, Europe

E-Mail Lui  or visit website
Boat- "Ichiban" - 196???? - 50' Sloop by Bill Lapworth
OWNER - Fletcher Sunde

E-Mail Fletcher

Hi James and Cilla,

I thought it best to send you an email as I know the whereabouts of the Lapworth-50 Ichiban (is this #1 of the builds?). She is safe and (mostly) sound down here in New Zealand and has recently come into my possession. On Googling what I could on her I came across this site, so it seems I best tell you all what I can!

She is currently on hard-stand in Auckland, New Zealand, where she has been for about 3 years now. I understand that after the 1961 Transpac she spent a lot of her time in Canada (someone had even installed a cast iron wood burner for the cooler climate) before arriving in New Zealand sometime in the late 90's or early 00's. She was based in Napier until about 3 years ago when she was hauled out in Auckland.

She was hauled out because the glue between the strip planks has started to fail and was opening up in places. Every so often, the owner would get these fixed by installing splines between the planks, but as this was going to be an ongoing problem she was eventually sold to and hauled out by a boat builder in Auckland. The boat builder never got around to fixing her before he sold his yard, so I picked up a bargain and now have what seems will be a very long restoration on my hands! Because she has been out of the water now for three years the gaps in the planks have opened up even more and it seems (with due advice from various boat builders) the only way to really seal her up well is to put a glass skin over the hull. I'd love to know if any other L-50 owners have had this problem and what they've done about it.

Apart from this issue, the rest is cosmetic and the mahogany has really help up well over the years. There are some patches on the deck that need replacing but the rest is all just elbow grease and time. Amazing to get down inside her and realise it's all bronze down there! I even picked her up with basically all new rigging and sails, electrics and running gear and all the rest of the bells as whistles. Plus, it seems I have Bill Lapworth's original blueprints sent over to Choey Lee! Quite the find I think!

So for the time being she is here in Auckland, in safe hands. As soon as she's ready though I plan on taking her global again, so I hope to touch base with the sister ships and owners in the not too distant future!

Best Regards,
Fletcher Sunde


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