Cheoy Lee Winslow 42
Designed by  Ralph Winslow



This is the only information we have on this model...



Boat-  "Pagurus" - 1964  42' Ketch by Ralph Winslow
Pagurus.jpg (24553 bytes)OWNERS - Francois Lavoie
AREA OF SAILING - Monterey, Calif.
E-Mail Francois  Francois tells there was a book written about Pagurus called "The Pagurian Adventure"
Boat-  "Undiscovered Country" - 1962  42' Ketch by Ralph Winslow
OWNERS - Michael Farrens
AREA OF SAILING - Pacific Northwest
E-Mail Michael
 I have created a facebook page for SV Undiscovered Country and I have a youtube channel whith some nice hd video of her in action. 
We absolutely love our new addition to the family an plan to sail her from Seattle to Hong Kong in the near future. 

LOA - 41'9"
LWL - 30'10"
Beam - 11'
Draft - 6'
Displacement  25,700LB
Sail Area 772

Regarding the Winslow ketch, quoting from the Rudder, January 1948:
LOA 41'9"
30'10" on water line
beam 11',draft 6' displacement 25,700,sail area 772
The boat shown in Ruddeer is named Nora May, built for A.N.S.Jackson,
Kingston, Jamaica, by Cayman Boats Ltd, Jamaica.

Rudder showed a second Winslow boat of nearly the same dimensions and lines
in June 48, named Dreamer, LOA 41'8", 30'10",11',6',26000#,764sq ft.  The
plans for Dreamer are archived in the library at the Mystic Seaport,
Connecticut.  I made copies of several of the plans once, which I would be
glad to copy for anyone who is interested.

Alan Thorndike...


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