Cheoy Lee 
Pedrick Owners
33, 36, 38, 41, 43, 47 & 55'

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33' Pedrick

1 Owner

Boat-  "Zephyr" - 1978  Pedrick 32
OWNERS - Bruce & Cheryl Horton
AREA OF SAILING - Off for Caribbean on 11-2000
Bruce signed up as a 32 Pedrick, I listed as 33 since I have no info of a 32 being produced.  james...
36' Pedricks

17 Owners

Boat-  "Esperanto" - 1985  Pedrick 36
OWNERS - Anthony Will
AREA OF SAILING - Nantucket & Block Island Sounds
E-Mail Anthony
Boat-  "Emerald Lady" - 1986  Pedrick 36
OWNERS - Sold, waiting to hear from new owners
AREA OF SAILING - San Carlos, Mexico
Boat- "Odyssey" - 1985 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Mark Reinecke - use to own "Lotus" a Newell Cadet
AREA OF SAILING - Florida and Bahamas
E-Mail Mark 
Boat- "Wind Whistler" - 1986 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - John Kimball
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Michigan

E-Mail John
Boat- "Moonrunner" - 1986 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Mike Vining
E-Mail MIke
Boat- "First Star" - 1985 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Curt & Leigh Ingram
E-Mail Curt & Leigh
Boat- "Moonstone" - 1988 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Bob Hansen
AREA OF SAILING - Galveston Area & Port Aransas TX
E-Mail Bob Bob would love to hear from other Pedrick Owners
Boat- "Vuja de" - 1987 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - George & Ruth Pecherek
AREA OF SAILING -Chicago, Lake Michigan
E-Mail George & Ruth
Boat- "Sitka" -  Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Captain Lonnie Ryan
E-Mail Capt Lonnie

Boat- "Seven Tenths" - 1985 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Rod Heikell
AREA OF SAILING - Mediterranean
E-Mail Rod  Sail around the Med, one transatlantic, Caribbean cruise, probably crossing back to the Caribbean and east coast USA in 2004.
Boat- "Ciminna" -  Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Peter & Margaret Gulotta
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland
E-Mail Peter & Margaret
Boat- "Lady Mary" -  Pedrick 36'
OWNER - John & Mary Guillermin
AREA OF SAILING - Channel Islands, Calif.
E-Mail John & Mary
Boat- "Mystic" -  Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Mike  & Edy Quinlan
E-Mail Mike & Edy
Boat- "Puffin" -  1985 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Edward Barnett
AREA OF SAILING - Nassau Bay, Texas/Gulf Coast
E-Mail Edward  New owner would like to hear from other owners especially any open water cruises taken (more than 100 miles offshore) and any information on suggested modification to the boat for convenience or before extended cruising. 
Boat- "Puffin" -  1985 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Rusty Liddiard
E-Mail Rusty
Boat- "Modesty Blaise of Hong Kong" -  1990 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Robert Winter
AREA OF SAILING - Hong Kong - Hebe Haven/Clearwater Bay
E-Mail Robert  The boat has remained in Hong Kong where it was built and is now the last Pedrick 36 left in Hong Kong. She was renamed Beluga 2 by the second owner, but I reverted to her original name Modesty Blaise when I bought her in 2000. She has made the 500nm crossing from Hong Kong to the Philippines on two occasions as part of the annual South China Sea race, but is now mostly used for local cruises and day sailing.
Boat- "Kimber Lee" -  1986 Pedrick 36'
OWNER - Richard Macdonald
AREA OF SAILING - Montreal Quebec, Canada
E-Mail Rochard
38' Pedricks

8 Owners

Boat- "Salacia" - 1984 Pedrick 38
OWNER - Doug & Diane Elliott
AREA OF SAILING - Texas, Clear Lake
E-Mail Doug & Diane 
Good article on Doug replacing the teak deck in Good Old Boat March/April 05 Issue
Following is email received 2/06 from Doug and Diane

Link to pics -

Having maneuvered ourselves down to VZ we probably dropped off the radar screen for all of the folks looking to us for info or whatever. please update our location and email address so folks can get in touch with us if they want info on our boat - 38' Pedrick design. We continue to love cruising and love VZ even more. this past year we  traveled inland quite a bit and plan to continue that trend. it balances out the time and energy required to keep a "good old boat" afloat! keep well and thanks for all your work on that web site. good luck with your preparation.  keep in mind, as Aquinas said (I think) - "if you wait until you are ready you will  never do anything" :)

Boat- "Serinity" - 1984 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Jim & Lisa Hutchins
E-Mail Jim & Lisa
Boat- "Sea Venture" - 1979 Pedrick 38  Cutter
OWNER - Bob Arnold
AREA OF SAILING - Columbia River/San Juan Is. Portland, Oregon
E-Mail Bob
Sayonara.jpg (25516 bytes)Boat- "Sayonara" - 1991 Pedrick 38 Sloop, 
OWNER - Roberto Maroni
AREA OF SAILING - Italy (welcome our first entry from Italy)

E-Mail Roberto
Boat- "Windbird" - 1985 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Francis Hayes
E-Mail Francis
Boat- "Zephyrus" - 1985 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Dan & Lorraine Olsen
E-Mail Dan & Lorraine   We purchased Zephyrus in 2000, and spent 4 years converting her from a daysailor to an offshore cruiser. We just returned from 6 months in Mexico, and had a GREAT time. Our Cheoy Lee Pedrick handled all conditions with ease! We hope to spend another cruising season in Mexico and then turn left and head for the Caribbean.
Boat- "Reverie II" - 1985 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Edward Coco
AREA OF SAILING - New Orleans, La
E-Mail Edward  Just purchased in process of removing bad teak deck.
Boat- "Wednesday's Child" - 1983 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Pat McDonald
AREA OF SAILING - Stonington, CT
E-Mail Edward 
Boat- "My Sharona" - 1983 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Rick Barenholtz & Sharona Javit
AREA OF SAILING - Kenosha, WI, Lake Michigan
E-Mail Rick & Sharona
Boat- "Kathleen" - 1988 Pedrick 38'
OWNER - Geoff Middleton
AREA OF SAILING - Sandringham Yacht Club, Melbourne, Australia
E-Mail Geoff
41' Pedricks

32 Owners

Boat- "Nana Gray" - 1983 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Arvid Hoppas
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay & Calif Coast
Did not leave email address
Boat- "Tenderly" - 1984 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Craig & Elma Johnson
AREA OF SAILING - Southern Calif.
Did not leave email address
Boat- "Orient Express" - 1985 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Joel Taliaferro
AREA OF SAILING - Florida West Coast
E-Mail Joel
Boat- "White Wind" - 1979 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Dane & Shawn Spelman
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
E-Mail Dane & Shawn
A'Marea Spinnaker.jpg (24101 bytes)A'Marea at Anchor.jpg (20111 bytes) Boat- "A'Marea" - 1985 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Craig & Belinda Rone
AREA OF SAILING - Pacific Northwest
E-Mail Craig & Belinda


Boat- "Prometheus" - 1989 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Dix & Dottie Poppas
AREA OF SAILING - Long Island Sound
E-Mail Dix & Dottie
Boat- "Big Sky" - 1981 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Terry Kreitzberg
AREA OF SAILING - Pensacola Beach FL
E-Mail Terry
Boat- "Bullship" - 1982 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Martin & Connie Cook
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Martin & Connie
Boat- "Gaucho" - 1980 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Carlos A. Bilbao
AREA OF SAILING - Long Beach, Calif
E-Mail Carlos
Boat- "Gauco" - 1980 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Mary & Carlos Bilbao
E-Mail Mary & Carlos
Boat- "Southern Comfort II "- 1986 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Randy & Patty Rankin
AREA OF SAILING - Long Beach, Calif
E-Mail Randy & Patty

Web -
Boat- "Singularity"  - 1982 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Jeff & Cindy
E-Mail Jeff  E-Mail Cindy
Boat- "Music"  - 1986 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Kris & Sarah Allen
AREA OF SAILING - Reedville, Virginia
E-Mail Kris & Sarah  Undergoing refitting
Boat- "Resolute"  - 1981 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Al & Gale Parmentier
AREA OF SAILING - Ft. Pierce, FL - Bahamas - Chesapeake
E-Mail Al & Gale  Bought this boat in FL 1992.  we are forth owners, formerly EXCLAIBUR, BRIGADOON, and we can't remember 3rd name
Boat- "Nebulous"  - 1986 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Keith & Jan Mathis
AREA OF SAILING - Ventura California
E-Mail Keith & Jan  Currently refitting
Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
  Boat- "Bar Nuthin"  - 1990 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Peter Morby
E-Mail Peter  Purchased in Sept 2008, 1 week before Ike - survived without a scratch
Boat- "Orient Express"  - 1985 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Ron Wolfe
AREA OF SAILING - Santa Barbara, Calif
E-Mail Ron

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
Boat- "Beyond"  - Pedrick 41'  (formally Liquid Sky)
OWNER - Rob Field & Bettyann Power
AREA OF SAILING - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
E-Mail Rob & Bettyann
Boat- "Miller's High Life"  - Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Bob & Jan Miller
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, MD Upper Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Bob  & Jan 
This is an update of information from 10 years ago. In those ten years, I have removed the teak decks and replaced them with “PlasDeck” synthetic teak decking. I completely rewired the boat and installed a proper power panel. Replaced the Perkins 4-108 with a Yanmar 4JH4. Nice drop in with NO bed changes needed. The boat was painted from masthead to keel and renamed Miller’s High Life from Friendship. I am currently replacing the rig. Dec 2013

Boat- "Singularity"  - 1982 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Cindy Compton & Jeff Conley
E-Mail Cindy & Jeff

Boat- "Olivia"  - 1984 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Chaz Morantz
AREA OF SAILING - Marina Del Ray
E-Mail Chaz  Chaz's Blog
Boat- "Simbra"  - 1983 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Al Burkholder
E-Mail Al 
Boat- "China Doll"  - 1982 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Alexander S. Holden
AREA OF SAILING - Blowing Rock, North Carolina (Man-O-War, Abaco, Bahamas)
E-Mail Alexander  China Doll is now completing a major refit in Florida.  This started with damage from Hurricane Floyd in the Bahamas several years ago.  This escalated into a stem to stern refit.  Hopefully she will be back home in Man-O War before Christmas 04.
Boat- "Roughneck"  - 1990 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - John Pitcock
AREA OF SAILING - Port Aransas, Texas/ Gulf Coast

E-Mail John
Boat- "Karma"  - 1982 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Reg & Sue Aitken
AREA OF SAILING - Tampa, Florida
E-Mail Reg
Boat- "Cambio"  - 1985 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Linda & Al McOrmond
Whitby, Ontario
E-Mail Linda & Al
Boat- "Coolbreeze"  - 1983 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Don & Pat Janda
AREA OF SAILING - Forked River, NJ

E-Mail Don & Pat
Boat- "Camille"  - 1985 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Chuck & Amy Alexander
AREA OF SAILING - Chattanooga, TN
E-Mail Chuck & Amy
Boat- "Morning Winds"  - 1985 Pedrick 41',  Sail Number 40279
OWNER - Chris and Michele Hartnett
AREA OF SAILING - Bayfield, Wisconsin

E-Mail Chris & Michele

2017 - Morning Winds was shipped to Wisconsin in 2014 from Annapolis, MD. She was commissioned by Frank Kittredge as Compulsion. Mr. Kittredge sold her to Don Deline in 1999, when he changed her name to MW. She lived on the Chesapeake 1986-2014. Don sold her to his daughter, Michele, and me for $1 in 2015.
- Frank changed her interior layout during her initial build: he moved the aft quarter berth to the port side where the nav station generally sits; the center head was moved to the original quarter berth location; the nav station was moved across from the galley. A second companionway stair was added between the galley and the nav station. This creates a separate aft stateroom and reduces the size of the main salon. It makes the boat feel a bit small for her size but provides terrific privacy for two couples.
- Since 2014 we have been busy with typical "first projects": new genoa and roller-furler; new running rigging; boot and cove stripes; some rewiring; new water and bilge pumps; new varnish on topsides decorative teak; new v-berth and settee cushions; four new prisms; new cover; etc.
- She is currently undergoing a large deck replacement project at Miller Boatworks in Herbster, WI. The original teak has been removed, major sections of her deck and cabin trunk are being removed and recored, and a Teak Systems "screwless" deck will be fabricated and installed. With some prodding by me, Andy is also repainting the cabintop; we're still negotiating his painting the cockpit. This deck seems to be the Cadillac of teak decks and I'm not sure if it is the right decision versus going with a painted deck. Given that I don't have time to do the work myself, the cost of new teak vs. considerable prep and deck paint was about $7k, so we decided to go with the teak. Only time will tell if this is the right decision.The project progress can be seen on the YouTube channel Boatworks Today (
- During her time in Andy's heated garage, I am rebuilding the winches, recaulking and varnishing the cockpit teak, replacing and rebedding the portlights. Hopefully, she will get a new suite of electronics and will have her damaged interior teak refinished.
- Michele and I are working towards moving aboard in 2018 to pursue our careers overseas.
- We have found Morning Winds to be a strong and reasonably swift boat for her size and weight. She stands up to 35+ knot winds without batting an eye; she's easy to balance and her hull is reasonably slippery in light air. Most importantly, she checks off all the attributes for blue-water sailing in reasonable safety. I find her lines to be somewhat masculine, strong and pleasing. Dave Pedrick drew a beautiful bow (so Sparkman and Stephens) and a gentle shear. Her cockpit is spacious and reasonably dry for an aft cockpit. We've joked that she will "sink from the top down" as her deck leaks flooded the cabin with water. Hopefully, we will solve that. While all small boats are a compromise, this boat seems to strike just about the right balance for this sailing couple.

Boat- "Bona Venture"  - Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Travis Faker
AREA OF SAILING - Santa Barbara, Calif.

E-Mail Travis

Website -
Boat- "Outrageous  - 1983 Pedrick 41'
OWNER - Albert and Sandi Sykes
AREA OF SAILING - Sodus Bay, NY Lake Ontario

E-Mail Albert & Sandi

Purchased 2010. Recent upgrades are new Main and 135% tri radial Genoa. (With amazing performance increase). Garmin chart plotter, AIS, GMR 18D radar, full canvas, and Axiom 3 blade prop (another amazing performance increase)

43' Pedricks

5 Owner

Boat- "Glory" formally" Sea Lion" -  Pedrick 43'
OWNER - David Tuck
AREA OF SAILING - Huntington, NY is home port, sailing area, Long Island Sound and N. England
E-Mail David

David Toombs was previous owner, he spent 18 months at the yard in Hong Kong.  David was the original Cheoy Lee importer/Distributor from 1960 to 1991 when Cheoy Lee terminated sailboat production.


Boat- "Abracadabra" -  1988 Pedrick 43'
OWNER - David Near
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Michigan
E-Mail David
Boat- "Circe" -  1988 Pedrick 43'
OWNER - Nick Lane
E-Mail Nick Needs help on restoration ideas, will be sailing from Israel to UK or Charlestown USA
Boat- "Nepenthe" -  1988 Pedrick 43'
OWNER - Conrad Bailey
E-Mail Conrad 

Aug 08 - I am currently updating boat slowly to include conveniences of this century with a minimal compromise to last century's craftsmanship. areas of interest include: refrigeration/cold plates, prop refits, and (ugh) deck replacement

Boat- "Mistress" -  1988 Pedrick 43'
OWNER - John & Lurie Jackle
AREA OF SAILING - Wichita, Kansas - Stockton Lake, Missouri
E-Mail John & Lurie  3/09 we are working on 2-3 year major restoration and re-fit.
Boat- "Adagio" -  1989 Pedrick 43'
OWNER - Ahmad Houshmand & Sandra Wilcox
AREA OF SAILING - Eliot, Maine
E-Mail Ahmad & Sandra 

2015  After the original owner passed away two years ago the boat sat in dry-dock until we purchased it last November and we are about to launch it in a few weeks. We need guidance as to where to find any schematic drawings for this boat. Especially any mechanical or electrical drawings. If anybody has close familiarity with this kind of boat we have a ton of questions and the answers will certainly help us. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated. We have nothing to assist us in identifying the pipes, lines, hoses, electrcial wiring and connections, thru hull valves, etc. etc. There is a lot that needs to be done and without schematics it is like reinventing the wheel . I hope someone has more info than we have !

47' Pedricks

6 Owners

The Last Cheoy Lee made

Boat- "Midnight Walk" -  1999 Pedrick 47'
OWNER - Anthony Miller and Cecilia Melin
AREA OF SAILING - Velasis Marina, Muira Peninsula, Tokyo
E-Mail Anthony  I am the owner of Pedrick 47 Midnight Walk, the last sailboat actually built by Cheoy Lee (1999). Midnight Walk is a custom 47 foot center cockpit ketch with a teak coach house, teak decks and all stainless winches. It was the last sailboat built in Penny's Bay and may be the last sailboat ever built by Cheoy Lee unless they change their mind and build another in their new home in the PRC. However I believe that they have destroyed all the sailboat molds. My new homeport is Velasis Marina, Miura Peninsula, Tokyo Japan. The boat sailed from HK to Tokyo in 18 days in June of last year - without using the engine except to leave RHKYC marina in HK.

NOTE: I am afraid that there is small controversy here. There is another boat, a fine Pedrick 55 named Ocean Girl that is claiming this rather curious distinction of being Cheoy Lee’s last sailboat. I think you will find, if you talk to John Cannon at Cheoy Lee, that  Ocean Girl’s hull was built in 1983 and the owner changed his mind. The new owner only “completed” the boat in 2001. Midnight Walk, however is hull number 1429 and the last boat actually built from the keel up starting in 1998 and finishing in January of 1999. This is not a very great controversy and I am happy to say that Ocean Girl was the last sail boat “completed” by Cheoy Lee while Midnight Walk was the last sail boat “built” by Cheoy Lee. Either way it is a pity and HK Disney land will always be a sad place for me.)  Anthony...


Boat- "La Luna" -  Pedrick 47' Centercockpit
OWNER - Stewart & Barbara Hart
AREA OF SAILING - South Portland, Maine
E-Mail Stewart & Barbara
  2017 - Good afternoon, We are Barb and Stew Hart, still living aboard S/V La Luna, a 47 Center Cockpit Pedrick Cheoy Lee.
She was built in 1985, we bought her from the second owner and we have put a lot of miles under her keel.
We left Maine in October 2010, making our way down to the Caribbean, and spending three years sailing in the Eastern Caribbean. In the spring of 2014, we sailed to the Azores, then the Canaries and then back to Guadeloupe in December. In June of 2015, we sailed to the San Blas Region of Panama, staying there until November when we brought La Luna back to the U.S. for the first time in 5 years. Our temporary home port is St. Augustine. We are working on the cruising kitty and the boat. Right now, my husband is varnishing the interior on rainy days and removing the teak decks on nice days. I am working on the cruising kitty
We would be particularly interested in photos of the decks that have been painted once the teak has been removed. I'd like to see the non-skid pattern.
We love this boat. While we have made a few mistakes, she has performed beautifully. We've been living aboard for 15 years.

The blog of our experience is We would be happy to answer any questions about our boat.
GypsyBoogaloo.jpg (20938 bytes)Boat- "Remains Of The Day" -  1985 Pedrick 47'
OWNER - Judy & Wister Smith  Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

AREA OF SAILING - Guntersville, AL  
E-Mail Judy & Wister
“A cutter rigged, center cockpit sloop with dark green topsides, "Remains Of The Day" was purchased in 2009. Set up for cruising, she earlier plied the waters of the West and East coasts, the Sea of Cortez, and the Gulf of Mexico. Previous owners upgraded to glass decks, 100hp Yanmar diesel, additional fuel and water tanks, two auto pilots, radar, generator, electronic suite, heat/air, extra refrigeration, and ice maker. After a seven month/6000 mile cruise in the Caribbean, she is on-the-hard in the Dog River, Mobile Bay undergoing a general refurbishment and installation of solar and wind power generation, AIS, and new radar in preparation for a cruise to Panama and subsequent Pacific crossing.”

Boat- "ARC D'OR" -  1984 Pedrick 47' Aft Cockpit
OWNER - Rod & June Perry
E-Mail Rod  I purchased this boat from the previous (first) owner in 1994.  He had upgraded the engine and electronics in 1988/89.  Since that time I have restored the boat with new gelcoat, new pumps and electrical systems, a new teak deck, new sails and rigging and updated electronics.  She is fitted with a Scanmar Monitor steering system and I use this, operating together with a Raytheon Autohelm 1000 tillerpilot (rather than the windvane) to steer her for coastal passages.  She is set up for single handed sailing.
I live in the UK but keep the boat in Maine USA.
Boat- "SV Whisper" -  1986 Pedrick 47' Aft Cockpit
OWNER - Thomas Cell
AREA OF SAILING - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
E-Mail Thomas 
1986 Cheoy Lee '47 David Pedrick design, two state rooms, two heads. Aft cockpit cutter, dark blue topsides, converted to glass decks. Up graded to 100hp Yanmar turbo diesel and bow thruster Up graded stern rail, fresh water heads, added fuel tank, air and heat, full electronics Berthed in Twin Dolphin Marina, Bradenton, Florida... coastal sailing western coastal waters of gulf
Boat- "Life of Reilly" -  1987 Pedrick 47' Center Cockpit
OWNER - Mike & Terri Reilly
AREA OF SAILING - East Greenwich Rhode Island, Narrangansett Bay
E-Mail Mike & Terri 
The boat was well taken care of by it's previous owner but does need a bit of work to get her up to 100%, nothing major but the usual things that need attention over time, we look forward to putting her back into tip top condition and many years of sailing pleasure.
Let's see how far she takes us.
55' Pedricks

1 Owners

The Last Cheoy Lee made?? See Midnight Walk's info above

Boat- "Ocean Girl"  Pedrick 55'
OWNER -Rainer Brodmeier
Hong Kong
E-Mail Rainer

Dear James,
 Ocean Girl, the hull was built in 1983 in high performance version, was waiting well covered under a roof top on Lantau Island to find the owner she was looking for. The hull without keel and steering, nothing inside except the furniture framework and bulkheads was giving may be the wrong impression to others. But I have seen under 3 cm dust and dirt something nice and unique.  So, I bought her and she was fitted out by her mother boatyard Cheoy Lee with Engine (John Deere), Rig ( Navtec) steering ( Epson )...................., nothing was good enough for her and she became soon the most expensive Girl I ever had. The 9 tones keel was caste in China and attached by Cheoy Lee, 2,90m draft was unavoidable by her design.  Ocean Girl is an offshore racer with a total displacement of 22 tones only, her design is the old good style with 13 winches all over the boat. The design is 17 Years old but the boat is brand new, no boat like that is on this world, her only sister was build in cruising version today located in Australia.
The first race she was performing like a young horse and was trying to train the crew ( most of them ).
Best regards
Rainer Brodmeier


The following email submitted by Wayne Robinson
The Last Cheoy Lee Yacht built & launched in Penny's Bay Lantau
She was built 15 years ago but the owner changed his mind [wasn't you was it ?]  and has sat at the yard ever since.  With the land site earmarked for redevelopment by HK government for Disney land, the Cheoy Lee Shipyard had to move elsewhere [ back into China] and the remaining stock of completed or partially completed boats were sold off.  Ocean Girl was the last one of these and in 2001 was the last of a long line of Cheoy Lee built yachts to be launched at their yard at Penny's Bay Lantau Island.
Anyhow she is a Pedrick 55' .  She looks a bit like a Swan with teak decks, aft cockpit & mid deck cockpit & companion way. She was bought by Rainer Brodmeier, a German sailor based in HK 18 months ago as a bare hull & cabin top only & since that time he has been working hard night & day to fit her out.  Many believed he would not complete the mammoth task in time.  Well he did, he got the keel cast in China and fitted out all the rigging himself .  We are 13 crew and Hot to Trot. 
The name of the yacht is Ocean Girl and you can follow our daily progress [or other] on the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Clubs, China Sea Race web site - see link below.
So far the boat has only sailed a total of 30 miles or so only ' four times ' from her Hebe Haven Mooring to the Nine Pins and back - the CSR is 600 nautical miles from Hong Kong to Nasugbu Bay just outside Manila Bay.   Wish us luck !

Wayne Robinson
Ocean Girl



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