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Piecies8.jpg (34421 bytes)Boat-  "le Voyageur " 1977 Clipper 33 Ketch
OWNERS - Corinne & Gerald Bot
AREA OF SAILING - Pittwater, Sydney, NSW, Australia
E-Mail Corinne & Gerald
Boat- "SANDPIPER" - 1970 Clipper 33' designer - Bill Luders
OWNER - Grant Pettinotti
AREA OF SAILING - Monterey Bay, California
E-Mail Grant
Boat-  "PROVIDENCE", 1976 Clipper 33, designed by Bill Luders
OWNERS - Dale Garringer
clipper33.jpg (42891 bytes) E-Mail Dale
3/09  I have purchased Albert LaMarche's 'Providence', a 1976 Luders 33 Clipper. Currently, I am land-locked in Wonju Korea with the US Army, but will return to the USA next spring to refit and sail the East Coast, ending up in Honolulu. Perhaps further?
Boat-  "Xiao Rui"  - 1986  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Robert Henry de Haer
E-Mail Robert

Here is article Jonathan Canon wrote on Katrina, then named Ying Lu and now name is Xiao Rui

Cheoy Lee’s Clipper 33 double headsail ketches enjoyed tremendous popularity in the 1970s and around 90 of the Bill Luders-designed classic were produced. By 1980, mass production of the model ceased as Cheoy Lee’s emphasis shifted towards the more modern, and higher performance, David Pedrick-designed sailboats, and sophisticated (for their day) Tom Fexas motoryacht designs. However, there was one anomaly. In 1986, Cheoy Lee produced a final Clipper 33, yard number 4193, for a local client in Hong Kong. Although the youngest Clipper 33 by some years, the yacht is now 23 years old, and when she last changed hands in 2007, the latest in a line of Hong Kong-based owners set about building on the work of his predecessor, who had extensively repaired and refinished the masts and replaced the standing rigging and engine. The current owner’s restoration obsession started with an “ancient” teak Alden Malabar Junior in Hong Kong over 20 years ago and the Clipper 33, now named ‘Katrina’, is his fifth project. The yacht was inherited in basically sound condition and new work has included Awlgripping the hull and replacing all the running rigging. A new set of Lee sails and a feathering Kiwiprop have also been added in an attempt to eek out every drop of performance from this venerable yacht. Having resisted an early urge to convert ‘Katrina’ from ketch to cutter, the owner is planning to remove the wheel steering and install a tiller helm in order to gain space in the cockpit. This should be relatively straightforward job, given the fact that the rudder stock was sensibly left protruding through the cockpit sole to provide easy access to the emergency tiller. After that, the owner hopes to move on to renovating the interior. He notes that, while the Clipper 33s are not fast, they are very comfortable, a pleasure to sail and one of the best looking yachts around. And his efforts have paid off. At last year's Classic Yacht Rally in Hong Kong (also featuring many other Cheoy Lees), ‘Katrina’ took the honors for best-presented yacht of her vintage

.Tumbir page of previous owner -

Boat-  "SUMMERWIND"  - 1978  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Steve Hobbs
AREA OF SAILING - Sarasota Florida
E-Mail Steve
Boat-  "Chopsticks"  - 1976  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Max Fagerstroem
E-Mail Max
jennifer II.jpg (35923 bytes)Boat-  "Jennifer II"  - 1975  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Bernie Tobisch
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf Islands
E-Mail Bernie Bernie has owned for 9 yrs, sailed throughout Gulf Islands, Mexico and Hawaii

Update 2/15 Hi James and Cilla, Thank you for keeping this page going. It is always a pleasure to come and browse. I especially love that you have that great picture of Jennifer II on the opening page. I wanted to update the info on her. I have now owned her for 25 years ( time sure flies ) and she is about to get the second refit since I bought her. She richly deserves it. The masts and all the exterior teak are getting coated in new and modern materials. I will report how it turns out when it is done this summer. The decks are also getting their fair share of attention. I replaced every screw and teak plug. I don't think my back has recovered yet. For what it's worth, there were only two screw holes that had a very minor water ingress. Each groove in the deck has been cut deeper and will get new rubber. The ballast that I first encapsulated in 1992, with help from articles on your site, has held up beautifully and will require only minor repair. I'm doing all the work myself so it's taking longer, but, it will be very satisfying when it is done. If any one could do a drawing of the standing rigging on their Clipper 33 and forward it to me, I would be grateful. I have misplaced mine and though I can figure it out, I'd rather get it right the first time. Again, thanks for keeping this site alive, it's very much appreciated. Regards, Bernie Tobisch, SV Jennifer II

Boat-  "Mandalynn"  - 1974  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Thomas Holmes
E-Mail Thomas
Boat-  "LEO II "  - "  - 1971  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Peter Katevatis Esq
E-Mail Peter
Boat-  "Delarna "  - 19 "  - 1976  Clipper 33
OWNERS - John & Robyn Kunkel
AREA OF SAILING - Seattle WA, Puget Sound
E-Mail John & Robyn  1st Time Boat Owners
Boat-  "Native Bird"  -   Clipper 33
OWNERS - Tom Biggs
AREA OF SAILING - Hong Kong  -   Clipper 33
OWNERS - Tom Biggs

E-Mail Tom
Boat-  "Sanctuary "  - 1976  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Frank Stefanone has sold Sanctuary
  A joy to sail....always receive positive comments from other boaters...Sanctuary
has sold waiting to hear from new owners
Boat-  "Joaquina " - 1975 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Arayan Lias
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay
E-Mail Arayan  New member 5/15
Boat-  "Fairhope " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Fernando Diaz
E-Mail Fernando
Boat-  "Dee Dee Lee " - 1978 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Wendell & Mary Reilly
E-Mail Wendell & Mary
Boat-  "Not yet named" 1976  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Ron Thorne
E-Mail Ron
Boat-  "One Fine Day " - 1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Bob & Valerie Wilkinson
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay & East Coast
E-Mail Bob & Valerie
Nani II.jpg (24116 bytes)Boat-  "NANI II " -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Carl & Lynn Pellegrini
AREA OF SAILING - Atlantic City
E-Mail Carl & Lynn
Boat-  "Pentacle " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - William T. Vaughan
E-Mail William
Boat-  "Spirit " -  1971 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Lorraine & Fred
AREA OF SAILING - Sassafras River, Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Lorraine & Fred    

Back in January 2015, my wife and I purchased the SPIRIT. Its a 1971 Cheoy Lee Clipper Ketch 33. The boat went through a major restoration back in 2002 then was kept in dry dock for another 5 years. When we bought the boat it was dirty and neglected but nothing that TLC couldn't fix. We spent a good chunk of time and money and she is back to get glory. We plan to sail her for the next 8 + years gaining experience to later retire and sail the oceans as far as she can take us. We absolutely love the retro classic look of the Cheoy Lee Clipper. it was love at first site!!

Boat-  "Sealark " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Sharon Ortega
E-Mail Sharon
Boat-  "Solutions " -  1976  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Tim Ashe
AREA OF SAILING - Caribbean, W. Florida
E-Mail Tim
Boat-  "Jady " - 1975 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Max Heter
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay
E-Mail Max
Hen Frigate.jpg (19690 bytes)Boat-  "Hen Frigate " -  1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Jim (Mickey) & Judy Glenn
AREA OF SAILING - Coeur d Alene, Idaho
E-Mail Jim & Judy  


Boat-  "Whitney Ann " -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Waiting to hear from new owner
AREA OF SAILING - Biscayne Bay, Miami FL
Matt passed away in December of 04 we are sorry to say.  james
Boat-  "SEA DEUCE " - 1980 Clipper 33 
OWNERS - Ross Bradley
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Ross  "Sea Scout Ship 59 Sailing in the 2008 Governors Cup Race on the Chesapeake"
Sunchaser2.jpg (38320 bytes)Boat-  "Sunchaser " - 1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Brian Lough
E-Mail Mail Brian
Boat-  "Lady Hamilton " -  1975  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Colin O'Brien & Pamela Pinar
AREA OF SAILING - Ettalong NSW Australia
E-Mail Colin & Pamela
Boat-  "Snap Dragon "  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Don West
E-Mail Don
Boat-  "Serendipity " -    Clipper 33
OWNERS - Ron Bland
E-Mail Ron  I am on my third Cheoy Lee, (Frisco Flyer, Bermuda were past Cheoy Lees)
Boat-  "Lady Zoi " - 1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Marc Anassis
E-Mail Marc   I have been a sailor since childhood, I am a graduated Naval Architect and have been the designer of the Atlantic Sailing boats from 33' to 65'. Over 700 boats built. I just want to restore this clipper and use  her as a charter boat, sailing  the Long Island sound, which is part of my business.
I own "Sailing Paradise" a yacht charter brokerage firm in Bay Shore, NY , and my intention is to give the chance to my customers, to sail this beautiful classic. She needs a lot of work and she will be restored to the best possible way trying to preserve her as of the time she was built from the Boatyard.  Congratulations for your nice work and effort in keeping this site, if I can help with technical advice for your members I would love to. Marc's website  
Boat-  "Clarity " -  1972  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Alan & Rosemary MacHardy
AREA OF SAILING - Marina del Rey, CA
E-Mail Alan & Rosemary
Boat-  "Summer Wind "1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - James P. Lannon
AREA OF SAILING - Sarasota Florida
E-Mail James
Boat-  "?? " -  1972  Clipper 33
OWNERS - John Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland
E-Mail John 
Boat-  "?? " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Larry Ellis
AREA OF SAILING - Port Angeles, WA
E-Mail Larry
Boat-  "Yankee Clipper"1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Bill & Shirley Putney
AREA OF SAILING - Fort Walton Beach, Florida
E-Mail Bill & Shirley   This boat is the former Sea Lark owned by Sharon Ortega.  She is still in Rockport, TX being upgraded.  When they complete the maintenance and improvements in late spring 05, they will bring the boar to the northern Gulf.
Boat-  "Indian Summer " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Andreas & Theresia Hrdliczka
AREA OF SAILING - Adriatic Sea
E-Mail Andreas & Theresia Andy and Theresia are from Austria 
CL31clipper.jpg (69329 bytes)Boat-  "Necessity " - Clipper 33 
OWNERS - Bill Cole
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf Coast & Fort Myers Area
E-Mail Bill As you can see "Necessity" made the cover of Chesapeake Bay magazine
Photo by Scott Dine and is copyrighted

Scott Dine submitted several great photos of "Necessity", a Clipper 33 owned by Capt. Ross and now owned by Bill Cole.   Click here for page

Capt Bill Ross sold me "Necessity" in June 2008. "Necessity" was in the Boston/New England area until 1993 when it was moved to the Chesapeake Bay.  Need crew for ICW trip to FLa. in 11/08 and welcome contact from Cheoy Lee Owners on the Gulf Coast in Fla.

Boat-  "Dragon Lady " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Chris Kirkwood

E-Mail Chris

Chris has submitted pics of new deck on "Dragon Lady"

Boat-  "Scheherazade " -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Charles J. Gassen
AREA OF SAILING - Madisonville Louisiana
E-Mail Charles
Boat-  "Tien-Yi" - 1970 Offshore 33'
OWNERS -  Will Houze
AREA OF SAILING - Portland Maine
E-Mai Will
Boat-  "Shibumi "1975 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Charles & Kelly Ester
E-Mail Charles & Kelly  " They found Shibumi overgrown in weeds and purchased her in 2003.  She needs a lot of cosmetic work but everything important such as hull, masts, booms, sails and mechanical are in excellent condition.  Their dream is to live aboard but it is a work in progress and a labor of love.  They hope to complete her in 2 years.  From there they move on board and once ready they will sail her down the coast to Florida where they want to live their dream.  They are currently sailing the bay in 25' Coronado on which they are just earning the last few days necessary to her captain's license
Boat-  "Hermitage " -  1974 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Don Bolden
AREA OF SAILING - Powell River, B.C. Canada
E-Mail Don

Vancouver registered. Same owner since 1976. Bought from this owner in 2003. Major restoration undertaken in 2004. First was a complete overhaul of the Volvo diesel MD3B,new clutch and reduction gear, conversion to fresh water cooling, modifying the bilge system re-piping and fully auto pump system. Restoration still in progress.


Boat-  "Puigpen " -  1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - James & Marilin Puig
E-Mail James 
Boat-  "Gentian " -  1971 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Jeffery Lange & Keri Young
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Union/Salish Sea
E-Mail Jeffery & Keri   2017  I purchased Gentian about two years ago. The boat had belonged to my father, Lee Lange, from 1976 to 2008. She was in very rough shape when she became available again, having sat on the hard with minimal care since my father's sale of her. She is currently berthed in Lake Union undergoing a slow restoration. The short term goal is to return her to her former glory (with appropriate covers made for all that teak I'm refinishing). Longer term, Keri and I hope to emulate my father and Melanie with a summer cruise through the Inside Passage.
Boat-  "Seadragon " -  1975Clipper 33
OWNERS - Mel Surdel
AREA OF SAILING - Sauatuck, Mich
E-Mail Mel 
Boat-  "Anna-Maria " -  1979 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Eric Krim
AREA OF SAILING - London, Thames, SE UK
E-Mail Eric
Boat-  "Pacific Sprit " -  1978 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Darrell McNurlan
AREA OF SAILING - San Diego, S Calif
E-Mail Darrell
Boat-  "Angeli " -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Al J. Tirella
E-Mail Al
Boat-  "Flying Cloud " -  1980 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Doug Bittner
AREA OF SAILING - Pappy's marina in Pirate's Cove Watauga Lake, Butler, Tennessee
E-Mail Doug - was bought summer 07, delivered 1700 miles from Cudjoe Key, FL to our marina in Tennessee, through the Gulf Of Mexico to Mobile, up the Tennessee river system. It has traveled to Havana, don't know where else. She has been mostly restored, some nice pictures of her on web site.
Website -
Boat-  "Pirates Witch" -  1972 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Nick Conner
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Superior
E-Mail Nick - New live aboard owner at 55. Will be living aboard and playing music in the Ashland, Bayfield, Duluth area.
Boat-  "Patti Lynn" -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Stan Moe
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Conroe, Texas
E-Mail Stan  The Patti Lynn has been around the world and some. I am in the process of restoration. I would like any advice you might have to pass on. I am humbled by the craftsmanship on this boat. She is such a pleasure to work on. Pictures comming. Happy Sailing!!
Boat-  "Come Monday" -  1975 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Martin Drees
AREA OF SAILING - Elizabeth City NC
E-Mail Martin
Boat-  "Talisman" -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Michael Perretta
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Oneida & Ontario
E-Mail Michael  During the ten years of ownership I have completed several restoration & upgrading projects such as a new bowsprit,rebuilt ice box with ice water reservoir,new battery charging system among others and much refinishing.
Boat-  "Sum Yot" -  1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Morgan Waters
E-Mail Morgan
Boat-  "Poor Charlie" -  1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Greg & Derree Kamp
AREA OF SAILING - Placencia, Belize
E-Mail Greg & Derree
Boat-  "Bras d'Or" -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Roy, Barbara & Son Robert Mac Keen
E-Mail the Mac Keen's  Roy, Barbara and son Robert Mac Keen, owners of Bahamas Marine International Inc. located in Boca Raton, Florida, after many years of ‘wishing’, have purchased a ’77 Clipper 33 which to say the least is in the worst condition known to the boating world. It’s a one year restoration project after which it is hoped that “Bras d’Or” will put a fair amount of Bahamian water mileage under her keel. The Mac Keens lived in Nassau for 20 years. For those interested in the name “Bras d’or” , Roy and son Robert were born in Sydney, Nova Scotia which borders the Bras d’Or Lakes on Cape Breton Island. Former name BELLO MAR 11 and would be very interested in ANY available history of the boat
Boat-  "Dolli Jon Erin" -  1975 Clipper 33
OWNERS - John Clemente
AREA OF SAILING - Brooklyn, NY  Gateway Marina
E-Mail John
Boat-  "Julia Janes" -  1976 Clipper 33
OWNERS - John Murphy
Lake Pend Oreille, ID
Boat-  "Not yet named" -  Clipper 33
OWNERS - Zach Toleman
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Zach 
This is a pretty serious restoration project, and would love for anybody to send me any info at all!" You can use this e-mail address
Boat-  "Andromeda" -  1970 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Andrew Napoli
AREA OF SAILING - Norfolk VA Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Andrew
Boat-  "Mon Ami" -  1977 Clipper 33
OWNERS - Don Townsend
E-Mail Don   I am the original owner of a 33’ Cheoy Lee Clipper, Luders design, built in 1977. Her home port is Sausalito, CA
In 1981 I sailed “Mon Ami” from San Francisco to Acapulco, to Hawaii, and back to San Francisco. On the way back from Hawaii we hit 35 foot seas in a full gale. Twice she went under for a few seconds, popped up, and we sailed on.
She has always been maintained in Bristol condition. Over the past 5 years she has gotten a new deck, new engine, and many other upgrades.  11/14

I have a page now built on Mon Ami,  Click Here, James

Boat-  "Dragon"  -  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Richard Buning
Boat-  "Pegasus"  -  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Shaun Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Fort Walton Beach, Fl
E-Mail Shaun
Clipper 36 Owners, 78 produced

65 Members

JamBirth.jpg (43781 bytes)Jamcill_sailing_new.jpg (61981 bytes) Boat-  "JAMCILL" -   1969  Clipper Ketch 36, Hull #2318
OWNERS - Chuck Littlefield
AREA OF SAILING - Coast of North Carolina
  "Jamcill" formally "Tender Lies" was featured on the cover of Practical Sailor for the review of the Clippers  
 E-Mail Chuck
Boat-  "PROUND LADY"  - 1969 Clipper 36 
OWNERS - Red & Vicki Hickle
boat.jpg (33881 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Leaving Great Lakes via Erie Canal to Florida Keys.
E-Mail Red & Vicki
This is the finest picture of the clipper we have gotten
Boat-  "BEGORRA"  -1979  Clipper 36 
OWNERS - Pat Miller
AREA OF SAILING - San Diego, Calif.  -1979  Clipper 36 
OWNERS - Pat Miller
AREA OF SAILING - San Diego, Calif.
Boat-  "RAPPORT"  -1977 Clipper 36 
OWNERS - Ron & Gwyn Koris
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake, VA
E-Mail Ron & Gwyn  3.5 yr. into a 5yr restoration - (Ron tells us Soundings will do article on Rapport in Sept.)
Boat- "BOLERO"- 1969  Clipper 36 
OWNER - Bob & Clara Wilson
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay & Delta
E-Mail Bob
Boat-  "NORTHERN LIGHTS"  1971  Clipper 36  Hull #2422
OWNERS - Steve Brennan
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay
E-Mail Steve doing full restoration
Boat-  "ORIENT"  - 1969  Clipper 36
OWNERS - John Gass
AREA OF SAILING - S.F. Bay-San Pablo Bay
E-Mail John
Boat-  "DREAM QUEST"  - 1969 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Brent Hansen & Sue Fritzke
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Calif
E-Mail Brent & Sue  Brent & Sue have been organizing the SF Bay Rendezvous,  Click Here for pages on this group.  Also Brent & Sue have submitted information on their restoration, Click Here for the page
Boat-  "Star * Ship"  - 1980  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Peter Dupree & Nadia Korths
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Champlain
E-Mail Peter & Nadia
Boat-  "Double Eagle"  - 1985  Clipper 36
OWNERS - William Doehring

E-mail William  My sail No. is 4137. According to the original owner I'm the third), this was the last 36 built. He pleaded with the owner to put the mold back into production and build this one last 36 Clipper. Does anyone out there have a newer 36 (Clipper Ketch) or a higher Sail No.???
Boat-  "Nefertiti"  - 1969  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Pia & Nicolas Manini
AREA OF SAILING - St-Martin  - 1969  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Pia & Nicolas Manini

E-mail Pia & Nicolas
Pia & Nicolas got Nefertiti after hurricane Luis, she was on bottom for 3 months, they are doing restoration
Boat-  "Sunset Sue"  - 1972  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Mike Anderson
AREA OF SAILING - Coral Bay, St John, USVI
E-Mail Mike
Boat-  "Orient Express"  - 1981  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Fred & Nancy Joslin
Orient Express at Indian Creek.jpg (19519 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Fred & Nancy
Island Zephyr3.jpg (29608 bytes)Boat-  "Island Zephyr "  - 1975  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Gene & Bonnie Louden
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake & Mid-Atlantic Coastal
E-Mail Gene & Bonnie  Just purchased this summer (2001)
carafina.jpg (86248 bytes)Boat-  "Carafina"  - 1972  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Gil Nyland
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Gil
Boat-  "Seawolf "  - 1970  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Bob Joyner
AREA OF SAILING - East Coast Florida
E-Mail Bob
SweetDreams.jpg (20288 bytes)Boat-  "Sweet Dreams "  - 1978  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Larry Maese 
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Meredith, TX
E-Mail Larry

Larry & Susan purchased Wanderer, now named Sweet Dreams through the ads here at the Cheoy Lee Association
Boat-  "Odyssey III "  - 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Jose Rivera
AREA OF SAILING - Pacific Coast of Mexico
E-Mail Jose
Boat-  "Destiny "  - 1976  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Jim Miller
E-Mail Jim  Destiny was feature boat of Latitudes & Attitudes Sept/Oct 99 issue
Boat-  "Lady Galadriel "  - 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Dean & Annie Cycon
LadyGaladriel.jpg (16029 bytes)AREA OF SAILING - Jamestown, jRI
E-Mail Dean & Annie  Sailing her over the highway back to New England after a twenty year absence. Replacing Atomic 4 with Beta diesel, creative plan for re-doing teak decks for less than a bank bailout. Lots more!
Boat-  "China Doll "  - 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Randy Oliver
AREA OF SAILING - Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic & Caribbean
E-Mail Randy  Undergoing complete refit for last 3 years.  Intend to semi-retire and cruise extensively.
Boat-  "Whisper "  - 1969  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Dave Lyon
AREA OF SAILING - Caribbean, Venezuela
E-Mail Dave  I saw your web address in the "Cruising World," paragraph about Cheoy Lees. On a whim, I checked you guys out. Three weeks later, I owned "Whisper." The owner, James Tabor, was a very nice man. We met in St. Martin and sealed the deal. In November, I am going back to St. Martin. I am going to sail Whisper to Venezuela to have some work done on her. She is the boat of my dreams, and I owe it to your "Cheoy Lee Association." Many Thanks, Dave

"Flying Cloud"  - 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Jamie & Eileen Sibley
E-Mail Jamie & Eileen  Jamie & Eileen have just purchased Flying Cloud from Ro & Marie Larum

Safety Update on Clipper Dolphin Striker Fitting
We have made a page of info that Jamie submitted on this issue.  Thanks Jamie

Boat-  "Walkabout"  - 1977 Luders 36
OWNERS - Norman Guindon is no longer owner, waiting to hear from new owners
Boat-  "Magic "  - 1977 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Owen Morgan
Caribbean and then into the Pacific in a couple of years
naomi.j @
Boat-  "Southern Cross"  - 1976  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Dave Matthews
E-Mail Dave  We are just completing a two year restoration of this boat.  We bought it from the insurance company after it had sunk at it's berth.  The overboard discharge throughhull had failed and the boat sank in twelve feet of water and was under for about 16 hours before being salvaged.  Needless to say, the restoration has been a long process; but now most of the major jobs are done and we are looking forward to getting the sticks back in her and to enjoying actually SAILING this summer! 
Boat-  "Aurora"  - 1971  Clipper 36 Ketch
OWNERS - Danny Covington
AREA OF SAILING - Charleston, SC
E-Mail Danny
Boat was submerged and will need a cleanup and refit. Still a nice boat.Looking for several parts and info.
Boat-  "Flying Eagle "  - 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Donald Miller
AREA OF SAILING - Merit Island, FL
E-Mail Donald
Boat-  "Morning Star- 1970  Clipper 36
OWNERS - John & Teresa Conrad
E-Mail John & Teresa
Boat-  "Mushu- 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Kris & Crystal (& Shayla) Fisher
E-Mail the Fishers  We have just bought the boat in St. Petersburg Florida and are having it shipped home to Canada shortly. This is our first boat, chosen in part by opinions found in the enthusiastic members of the association. It was hauled 7 years ago and requires extensive restoration, which we hope to get done in two years, but for now we would just like to get it home. Bottom work is done (peeled, dried, epoxied(x8) painted micronCRC(x2), but topsides are not done. Teak decks were removed and glassed over, engine and trans. rebuilt, but no fuel/ exhaust/ electrical. Interior is gross, Does anybody know where to get teak cheap? Right. We need as much input as possible, everything is is boxes and very intimidating. We still love the boat , it's lines, (the price), and this association
Boat-  "Ripple"  - 1976 Clipper  36
OWNERS - Timothy & Barbara Brown
Bayfield Wisconsin
E-Mail Timothy & Barbara

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member
Boat-  "Dolphin- 1970  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Vic & Barbara Hansen
AREA OF SAILING - Fort Myers/Southwest Florida
E-Mail Vic & Barbara In the middle of the second rehab-rebuilt engine-new decks-new interior-masts - awlgrip hull and topsides etc........Owned a Newel Cadet on Lake Michigan during the 70s.......
Boat-  "To be Announced- 1969  Clipper 36
OWNERS - George Skinner
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail George
Boat-  "Wishbone- 1977  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Mika Laakio
AREA OF SAILING - Helsinki Finland
E-Mail Mika
Boat-  "???"  - 1977 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Williams
Vancouver, Canada
E-Mail Williams  Lived aboard for 25 years (and still do).  Their first offshore was San Francisco - Mexico - Marquesas - Hawaii and back to Vancouver.  Then off sailing Vancouver - Oswego,NY - Cross Lake Ontario - Kingston.
Boat-  "Coalminers Daughter"  - 1977 Luders 36
OWNERS - Gary Sutton
AREA OF SAILING - Mackay Whitsunday Islands
E-Mail Gary

Coalminers Daughter formally Rashomon, was purchased in Antigua, sailed her to Florida and shipped to Australia on Dockwise vessel. Now rigged Bermuda cutter she has undergone extensive refit including new teak laid cockpit, new dodger, Bimini, davits, new 44b Westerbeck engine and a complete paint job, still have along way to go but that's boats.
This boat took part in the Antigua Classic Regatta.  See  for pics - 2002 are especially attractive. 

"Blessed- 1979  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Ralph & Kathryn Pears
AREA OF SAILING - Downeast Maine
E-Mail Ralph & Kathryn 
"When we bought Blessed is 2003, she was almost fully restored after having been damaged by Hurricane Andrew in Florida. Since taking possession of Blessie, we've continued restoration and unpgrade work, including adding a new propane stove and oven, cabin heater, microwave, new electronics, refinishing interior and cockpit storage areas, and adding new shelving in both the forward and main cabins. We've had the mizzen sail recut for a better set, have refinished all of the exterior brightwork and the spars, and our winter project for 2005-6 has been replacing the worn out teak decking in the cockpit. Blessie is a joy to sail, and we're finding that we're currently able to spend most of our somewhat short summer sailing season in Maine, cruising and living aboard. We'd love to hear from and/or rendezvous with other Clipper owners who may be visiting Maine."
Boat-  "Flying Eagle- 1971  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Harry Thompson
AREA OF SAILING - Melbourne, FL.
E-Mail Harry 
Boat-  "Kuan Yin- 1979  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Nigel H. Smale
AREA OF SAILING - Fleetwood, England
E-Mail Nigel
Boat-  "Havana Moon "  - 1981  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Daniel Sullivan & Ronald Janowick
AREA OF SAILING - Lake Michigan
E-Mail Daniel & Ronald
Boat-  "AEOLIAN- 1970  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Susie & Graham Kerr
AREA OF SAILING - Beaufort, SC, Mediterranean
E-Mail Susie & Graham 
They have owned AEOLIAN for 15 years, sailed her across the Atlantic in 2000 and have been cruising in the Mediterranean for six months a year ever since. 
Boat-  "SAMBA- 1977  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Dennis Hayes
AREA OF SAILING - Annapolis, Maryland.
E-Mail Dennis 
Sailed up from South Carolina last June, a picaresque tale of fuel contamination, water pump failure, BUT and incredible day and a half of sailing from Port Royal Sound to Beaufort, NC 6" quartering seas with 15-18kts SE off starboard quarter giving us a lift and push to up 7.2kts for extended periods.  Went up the ICW from Beaufort to Chesapeake...heart of darkness/apocalypse now etc.. great trip. Mow she must come our and fixed/prettied up is looking for a bimini or bimini
Boat-  "Shogun- 1976  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Ben Moore & Linda Lind
AREA OF SAILING - Wilmington, NC
E-Mail Ben & Linda
Boat-  "AQUARIUS- 1970  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Edward "Tony" Metcalfe
AREA OF SAILING - Houston, Texas
E-Mail Tony Recent purchase of Clipper 36.  Plan to use in home waters would like to get input from other owners
Boat-  "Pindar- 1975  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Waiting to hear from new owners
Boat-  "Jaquline-  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Ben Moore & Linda Lind
AREA OF SAILING - Wilmington, NC
E-Mail Ben & Linda
Boat-  "Jaquline- Clipper 36
Boat-  "Eastern Elegance-  1971 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Brian & Anne Coppard
E-Mail Brian & Anne
Boat-  "Morning Star-  1969 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Randy Carnevali
AREA OF SAILING - S.F. to Hawaii
E-Mail Randy

Pics of trip from S. Francisco to Hawaii
Boat-  "Caelan-  1973 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Brian Black
AREA OF SAILING - Strangford, N. Ireland
E-Mail Brian

I bought CAELAN (then named Silver Hind) in 1996 and have upgraded the boat significantly since then. The first priority for both comfort and security was a doghouse to replace the pramhood which I felt was too insubstantial for the Arctic sailing I had in mind. Since then we have had several Arctic seasons - Iceland/Greenland, Svalbard twice and East Greenland again last year. Storms, ice and flat calms, CAELAN has proved an able and seaworthy craft. Her only vice is a waywardness in light airs which I suspect may be due to being undercanvassed. I have just ordered a new headsail to replace the yankee jib to see if that rectifies the problem - any views would be welcome. We are now engaged in thw winter re-fit and plan to launch again before Christmas with a busy season anticipated in 2007.

Boat-  "Gambit"  - 1969 Luders 36
OWNERS - Renee & Mike

E-Mail Renee & Mike

Boat-  "Unnamed-  1968 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Steve Marksbury
E-Mail Steve
Boat-  "Frances Lee"  - 1976  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Jesse Lee Stephens
AREA OF SAILING - Mexico & the Carribean
E-Mail Jesse 
Previously owned by Jim Miller "DESTINY" and featured in "Lattitudes & Attitudes" magazine( Sep./Oct. 1999 issue)
Boat-  "Dragon Lady-  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Bill Ogilvie
E-Mail Bill
Boat-  "Alekai"  -  1970 Clipper 36, Yard #2324
OWNERS - Derek Lindstrom
AREA OF SAILING - Melbourne, Fl
E-Mail Derek   I bought my boat in 2002 I have sailed it over 8000 miles through the the Caribbean into the pacific and back to Florida
Boat-  "Sea Hawk"  - 1972 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Chris Gregory
AREA OF SAILING - Tortola British Virgin Islands

E-Mail Chris
 I have recently purchased the boat and she needs a lot of work . She has a good engine however a rebuilt yanma 3gm  with less than a hundred hours on since rebuilt by a friend of mine who is a great marine mechanic.  However the wood work needs work   Mostly simply refinishing but some replacement parts would help.   However I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship. Having come from a family of carpenters and joiners I know good craftmanship when I see it! I love the boat already and I've known her for around 15 years and sailed on her with my friend the previous owner. The last time to Anegade for the millennium new years party.
Boat info etc.  I would like to post that I would appreciate any help in locating some replacement parts mainly wood like the dolphin striker and vents on cupboards and drawers   Hope to hear from you soon.                                             Sincerely  CHRIS
Boat-  "Renaissance-  1971 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Patrick & Maria Smart
AREA OF SAILING - San Mateo, California
E-Mail Patrick & Maria 

Purchased in June of 2010 and shipped from Michigan to the SF Bay Area.  Wife Maria and I started a long overdue restoration.  Starting with rebuilding a water logged rudder, epoxied the keel, and then on to the bright work.  We finished all of the external wood (masts, rails and cabin bulkheads).  This season we will paint the exterior and refinish the mahogany decks. Next year we paint the hull.  A true labor we love.  
It has not been all work and no play.  We have enjoyed many days sailing SF Bay with our family.  This was to be a retirement project but who could wait.  We plan to visit each of the ports within San Francisco Bay.  This is a fine boat and has been called the “Belle of the harbor”…pat, 2012

Boat-  "Fine Ketch"  -  1969 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Mark Roadley
AREA OF SAILING - Williamsburg, VA
E-Mail Mark
Boat-  "Aeolian"  -  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Andre Hodgson-King
Emsworth Harbour on the South Coast of England near Chichester
E-Mail Andre
Boat-  "Caelan-  1973 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Alistair Macleod
AREA OF SAILING - Inverness, North Scotland
E-Mail Alistair
Boat-  "Meiling"  -  1979 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Tom & Cindy Kennedy
E-Mail Tom & Cindy
Boat-  "Seraphim "  - 1982  Clipper 36
OWNERS - Ben & Christen Walcher
AREA OF SAILING - Galveston Tx
E-Mail Ben & Christen 
Seraphim is in need of a total refit and we are looking for interior details and details of how the inboard (lower) jib halyard should be run
Boat-  "SV Ibis"  -  1977 Clipper 36
OWNERS - Kelvin Collins
AREA OF SAILING - will be Charleston, SC
E-Mail Kelvin
Boat-  "Prelude"  -  1971 Clipper 36, Yard #2509
OWNERS - Cynthia Brown & Chris Toomey
E-Mail Cynthia and Chris

Previous owner Peter Winter.
She has been sitting neglected in her slip, under cover, no bottom cleaning and w spars stored outside, uncovered in the marina yard for at least 10 years. While the interior is in good shape I'm sure you can imagine how
much else will need to be done...
Clipper 42 Owners

38 Members

spellbound.jpg (37597 bytes)Boat- "SPELLBOUND" - 1980  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Has been sold, waiting to hear from new owners


Boat-  "Illusionne "  - 1980  Clipper 42, Pilothouse version
OWNERS -waiting to hear from new owners
AREA OF SAILING - Greece, Mediterranean
Boat-  "DAKOTA"  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - L.B. Carpenter
AREA OF SAILING - Coconut Grove, FL
E-Mail L.B. 
Dakota has now been trucked to Coconut Grove, Florida where we will be sailing her and getting her outfitted for a planned trans Atlantic crossing in a couple of years.  Our maiden voyage was bringing her out of the ship yard and sailing her 125 miles down to Miami against the gulf stream with stiff winds and steep choppy waves during our first cold front of the year to come through.  She sailed beautifully, not one wave over the bow making 8 knots much of the way even with sloppy sail settings since we raised the booms to accommodate a bimini top and had not yet had the sails re cut.  Still a lot of work to do, but it's a joy to work on her.
Boat- "CARACOL" - 1974  Clipper 42' designer - Bill Luders
OWNER - Pedro Riera
AREA OF SAILING - Ampuriabrava, Spain
E-Mail Pedro
Boat-  "SEDUIT MOI" French for seduce me -1975 Clipper 42 
OWNERS - Herb Kanis
SeduitMoi.jpg (60396 bytes)AREA OF SAILING -Houstin Tx.
E-Mail Herb K
Nice pic of how a pilot house looks on a clipper

Herb has a web page with info on "Seduit Moi", Click Here to view
CompassRose5.jpg (29416 bytes)Boat-  "Compass Rose"  -1976  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Joe Shimkonis
AREA OF SAILING - South Carolina
Joe sold Compass Rose, waiting to hear from new owners.
Ichthus2.jpg (33543 bytes) Boat-  "Wakuu "  - 1971  Clipper 42    
OWNERS - Jason Echevarria
AREA OF SAILING Hailing port is Melbourne, FL but currently sailing in San Diego, CA
E-Mail Jason 
I am always looking for suggestions or questions on how to make the most of my boat at the most economical price.  Currently, my boat is a  bit of a project and I'm always looking for ideas.  The boat can be found on FaceBook under "S/V Wakuu".
Boat-  "Natalee"  - 1970  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Claire Corroon & Lars Lindquist
E-Mail Claire & Lars   Lars has spent the last two years doing a major overhaul and we will have a website with pictures of renovations coming in the near future.
Boat-  "WINDSONG"  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Vincent McDermott & Sophia Serghi
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Vincent & Sophia


Chwan.jpg (23327 bytes)Boat-  "Chwan"  - 1974  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Benge CVhittenden
- Birdham Pool (Chichester) England.
E-Mail Benge
Boat-  "Lady O "  - 1975  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Claus Kũtting
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
E-Mail Claus
Boat-  "Izurde "  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Roger & Lydia Noble (new owners)
E-Mail Roger & Lydia  Izurde made a brief appearance in the movie "Ragtime". She has been completely restored with new decks, rigging, engine, etc..
destin1.gif (20642 bytes)Boat-  "Windsong "  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Steve & Joyce Crocker
E-Mail Steve & Joyce
Boat-  "Pegasus "  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Kieron & Linda O'Connell
Pegasus.jpg (20769 bytes)E-Mail Kieron & Linda  1/2013 I have attached a new photo of "PEGASUS" a Clipper 42 I purchased from Frank Martin in L.A. in 2011. Pegasus was sailed back to Australia and arrived here on 1st August 2011. This is our second Cheoy Lee, our previous being "SEAYA" a Offshore 31. We believe Pegasus to be the only Clipper 42 in Australia. She is a beautiful boat and a real credit to Frank for the beautiful restoration that he did. The photo is of Pegasus at anchor in Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesis Islands, French Polynesia after 27 days non-stop passage from California. April 2011. She is a great boat.
Lachesis.jpg (18630 bytes)Boat-  "Lachesis "  - 1973  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Roberto & Tony Tola
AREA OF SAILING - Alghero, Sardegna Island, Italy
E-Mail Roberto
Robert has a great website at

Lachesis is for sale, click here for information

Boat-  "Taxi Dancer "  - 1971  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Scott McCoy
E-Mail Scott

Very few Schooner versions of the Clipper were produced, here is history of Taxi Dancer

The photo of the "clipper schooner" on the bottom left of your website is one 1971 Choey Lee Clipper '42 Staysail Schooner christened the "Taxi Dancer" of Juneau, AK. The vessel was originally named "TAI-PAN" and still has the plaque inside with the name on it, which reads in Chinese that it was made in a shipyard in Kowloon, Hong Kong (luckily my girlfriend is chinese). The vessel was renamed by it's second owner to "Foreign Affair", and renamed again by it's 3rd owner (Timothy Davis I believe) in 1981 to the Taxi Dancer. The boat at that time was torn down to the hull and completely remodeled. A new motor and transmission was put in it, among other things, and the dog house was added. The vessel was acquired in 1999 by one Mark Dorsey who I believe to be the Fourth owner. I acquired the vessel in August of 2006. She's in good shape with a few minor chips in the gel coat from a few recent storms, and looks quite like she did in that photo. Add a dinghy hoisted off the stern, and in place sail bags and you have the boat I'm writing this email from.

Boat-  "Ibis "  - 1972  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Iallan & Glorianna Black
AREA OF SAILING - Fla & Bahamas
E-Mail Iallan & Glorianna
Boat-  "Whisper Winds "  - 1978  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Justin Burns & Betsy Niece
E-Mail Justin & Betsy  This is the boat formerly known as Iwalani, which was featured in Bill McNaughton's book, "Tales From a Small Tall Ship".  We are in the process of restoring it, and would appreciate any information anybody has on this boat.
Boat-  "Dreamers of the Day "  - 1977  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Loreen & Allan Horsfall
E-Mail Loreen & Allan  In her past life as "Sea WytechIII & Mylyn of Plym" she spent time in Hong Kong & the Great Lakes
Jenesis.jpg (29767 bytes)Boat-  "Jenesis "- 1970  Clipper 42 Hull # 1
OWNERS - Bob & Jen Layland
AREA OF SAILING - Key Largo, Florida
E-Mail Bob & Jen  Just purchased
Boat-  "Lady of Spain"  - 1974  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Alexander Hoekstra
AREA OF SAILING - Holland, Europe
E-Mail Alexander
Boat-  "Penelope"  - 1977 Clipper
OWNERS - Dusan Robida
AREA OF SAILING - Slovenia, Adriatic

E-Mail Dusan
Boat-  "Symphony - 1979  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Boris & Tressa Kirilloff
AREA OF SAILING - Jacksonville, FL
E-Mail Boris & Tressa  I bought the boat in 1989 as "Amy" and did a moderate refit then. Currently undergoing a major restoration including major overhaul of the Perkins 4108, new teak decks, upgrade of electrical panels, etc.  As a naval architect I may have some talent your association may be interested in and as a hobby this would be free advice!  Above pic taken in the
Boat-  "Summerwind II"  - 1971 Clipper 42
Ev & Warren Anderton
E-Mail Ev & Warren
Boat-  "Helios -
1976  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Danna Redding
E-Mail Danna


Boat-  "Maya"  - 1978 Clipper 42
OWNERS - McKim B. Sherman 
AREA OF SAILING - Montego Bay, Jamaica
E-Mail McKim   Bought the boat after Hurricane Ivan threw her up onto the beach.  She is once again floating and the owner is just starting a restoration process.  Could use some input. 

1975  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Dave Holt & Barbara Watson
E-Mail Dave & Barbara  Dave and Barb have a hard doghouse on their Clipper, see the photos to the right and click for full view.
Boat-  "'It's The Serenity -   Clipper 42
OWNERS - Keith Lush
AREA OF SAILING - Solomon Islands, S. Pacific
E-Mail Keith   Jan 09 update, Keith has email us that his boat has been identified as a Formosa not a Cheoy Lee.  We are leaving his entry here as she still was built in China. james

Hello from Perth Western Australia. I have recently purchased a Cheoy Lee Ketch that I discovered in a small ship yard in the Solomon Islands. She is registered on the Australian Shipping Register as 12.12m, not that this means much, and is meant to be a Formosan. A search of the web turned up your page and I am hoping to find some more information about my boat. From your page I am able to recognize the Clipper 42 as being very close to what I have. From a hull shape, rigging and layout perspective that is. The information I was given about this yacht is that she was custom built by Cheoy Lee for a retiring Royal Australian Navy skipper. He was the skipper of the Australian aircraft carrier the HMAS Melbourne at the time he retired. The boat was built by Cheoy Lee then shipped to Taiwan for the interior fitout and then shipped to Australia for final rigging. First registered in 1973, she was christened Taholi and that name still adorns the stern today. While I was given the model Formosan I have been unable to find any reference to that model in any web site associated with Cheoy Lee or Choy Lee for that matter. One person also suggested that Formosan was another boat builder using Cheoy Lee moulds? None the less, my boat looks very much like the Clipper 42 from the beautiful bow spit all the way back to the stern. Some differences are noted in upper deck shape but the boat was apparently custom built to the owners needs at the time so this would account for cabin and layout differences.
       Website -

Boat-  "Nancy Dawson"  -  1970 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Randall Sherman & Susan Brown
AREA OF SAILING - Halifax, N.S. East Coast / Caribbean
E-Mail Randall & Susan 

Click Here for Nancy Dawson Blog

Boat-  "Elisa"  -  1979 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Andre Kulbastian
AREA OF SAILING - Marseille, France
E-Mail Andre 
Boat-  "Queen of Santana"  -  1976 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Jeremy Woolley
AREA OF SAILING - Portsmouth / Europe & Med
E-Mail Jeremy
 Purchased August 2004 in Spain. Originally German registered. Charts suggest that she has been widely sailed in NW Europe and both east and west Med. Internal layout different to those on the web-site.
Boat-  "Satori II"  -  1974 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Stoye Milburn
AREA OF SAILING - Berkeley, California
E-Mail Stoye 

Satori II is currently undergoing restoration. Stoye Milburn cruised from Southern California through the Panama Canal en route to Panama City, Florida when he was rammed by a Nicaraguan Gun Boat in September 1988. Stoye was taken in to custody be the Nicaraguan Government. He was later released and completed the journey to Panama City. Satori II now resides in the Berkely Marina in Berkeley, California.
Boat-  "Poseidon"  -  1978 Clipper 42
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Kap
Boat-  "Serena"  -  1976 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Philippe Rouff
AREA OF SAILING - Toulon, France
E-Mail Philippe
Boat-  "SV Nirvana"  -  1970 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Juan & Liz Daigle
E-Mail Juan & Liz
Boat-  "SY Holtan"  -  1976 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Susanne & Volker Schoratti
AREA OF SAILING - Marina Messolonghi, Greece - sailing area is Ionian sea and Mediterranean sea
E-Mail Susanne & Volker
 The boat is in an excellent shape, masts, engine and interior are mostly in original state - but for sure permanently kept up.
Boat-  "SV Canopus"  -  1979 Clipper 42
OWNERS - Gordon & Patty Humphrey
AREA OF SAILING - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
E-Mail Gordon & Patty
Boat-  "La Brujita -  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Elizabeth & Jose Campos-Oneeglio Story
AREA OF SAILING - Victoria, B.C.
E-Mail Elizabeth & Jose 
Boat-  "Ku'uipo -  1978  Clipper 42
OWNERS - Byron Ellis
AREA OF SAILING -Cortez, FL, Key West FL
E-Mail Byron
Clipper 48 Owners

9 Members

BOP.jpg (28923 bytes)Boat-  "Bird of Paradise " - 1979 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Charles Paul
AREA OF SAILING - Western US, Mexico & Central America
E-Mail Charles

3/15 Update, Bird of Paradise is leaving for circumnavigation.  To follow them go to their website. Good luck Charlespo

Boat-  "Alice "  - 1978  Clipper 48
OWNERS - Marty Hofstetter
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail  Marty 
Alice.jpg (25923 bytes)

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

  Click Here for Photo Album of Restoration of Alice

 Alice3.jpg (63255 bytes)  Alice2.jpg (30823 bytes)  

Alice 4.jpg (46757 bytes)

Boat-  "China Girl " - 1977 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Gary Di Vito
E-Mail Gary  


Boat-  "Euphoria II "  -  Clipper 48
OWNERS - Jimmy Buffet's Ex  Cheoy Lee
AREA OF SAILING - S.W. Pacific, N. Zealand
Euphoria.jpg (53446 bytes)E-Mail Euphoria II. Dear James,   In July 1979 I purchased from Jimmy Buffett his Cheoy Lee Clipper 48 "EUPHORIA II", & have been cruising it ever since; the past 9 yrs of which here in the S.W. Pacific, basing out of New Zealand. I have the boat up to, & maintained at, a pristine & improved condition. She is well know in all her ports of call as the most beautiful boat of any day.
Click Here for page of info on Euphoria II

Boat-  "Empress Milli Lani " - 1979 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Prof. Rafi Boritzer
E-Mail Rafi  Rafi has a great website with pictures of "Malkat Singapore".  The URL is Website has information on the voyage and many pictures of crews.  Also
I bought the vessel in Honolulu in 1989 and spent 7 year as a liveaboard at the Ala Wai Marina preparing her for journey to the Med.  In 1996 we sailed to Israel via the South Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Red Sea.  Currently she sails between Israel and Gibraltar. Her Mediterranean base is Herzelia Marina (6 miles North of Tel Aviv), Israel.


Boat-  "Sarah " - 1979 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Ken Taylor
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail Ken
Boat-  "Windsong II " - 1976 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Thomas Coxe
AREA OF SAILING - Suffolk, Virginia
E-Mail Thomas
Boat-  "S/V Hemmingway's Whiskey " - 1976 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Paul Stinson & Veronica Rivera
AREA OF SAILING -Caribbean - Virgin Island
E-Mail Paul & Veronica

Hemmingway's Whiskey is for sale, click here for information, james


Boat-  "King Loon " - 1976 Clipper 48
OWNERS - Theo Piper
E-Mail Theo

Scott Dine submitted several great photos of "Necessity", a Clipper 33 owned by Capt. Ross.  Click here for page

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