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Fish.jpg (17063 bytes)Boat- "Endless Summer" - 1968 Cheoy Lee Alden 32 Motorsailer
OWNER - Doug Villepique
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco, Calif
E-Mail Doug 
12/99 James.  I last wrote you that I was planning to sail to Tahiti in my 68 Cheoy Lee Alden 32 Motorsailer, "Endless Summer". Hey, I made it, so I kept going. We made the crossing from Puerto Vallarta to the Marquesas in a fairly respectable 26 days, without even using all of our diesel. I was a bit worried about boat speed, but we made a faster passage than many of the bigger, heavier boats.  Click Here for rest of story and pics
Boat- "Wild Irish Rose" - 1973  Alden 32 Motorsailer
OWNER - Larry Young
AREA OF SAILING - Callao, VA/ Chesapeake Bay & N.C.
E-Mail Larry
Boat- "WHITE CLOUD" - 1969  Alden 32
OWNER - Gary Wingert
AREA OF SAILING - Northwest Coast, US
E-Mail Gary
Boat- "Natalie K" - 1978  Alden 32
OWNER - William G. Vought, III
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay
E-Mail William
Boat- "KINE AHORA" - 1970  Alden 32 Motorsailer
OWNER - Terry Taylor
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco Bay Area
E-Mail Terry
Boat- "Perro Azul" - 1968  Alden 32
OWNER - waiting to hear from new owners
AREA OF SAILING - Southern Calif. & Mexico
Boat- "Bamboo Bomber" - 1968 Alden 32 Motorsailer
OWNER - Michael Shea
E-Mail Michael 
Boat- "La Reina" - 1969  Alden 32
OWNER - Brad & Chris Olsen
E-Mail Brad & Chris   Comments: 9 years ago my brother called me up and told me about a classic sailboat in the harbor that had fallen into disrepair (an understatement) that was available for a good price. Here we are, nine years later and she is ready to go sailing!

Here is a short list of the work:  New aluminum mast & boom.  New whisker Pole New standing rigging, including chain plates
New roller furler New main sail & genoa. New electric toilet & marine sanitation tank/system
New windows in cabin. New port lights. New radar & electronic navigation system
Restored teak interior & exterior (ongoing). New paint top to bottom. Autopilot (in progress)
Water maker (in progress). Rebuilt diesel motor -Perkins 107. New propellor
New bow pulpit. New windlass. New CQR anchor, 200’ chain with 200’ rode
Completely re-wired electrical system. And the list goes on...

The Pacific Ocean is our back yard and we can’t wait to go play in it.

Web address: (site will be up soon, Dec 2017)
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Boat- "Koana" - 1966  Alden 36 sloop
OWNER - Mark Hennelly
AREA OF SAILING - Greenwich, Conn
E-Mail Mark  This boat has a custum house,and the boat was built for A.L. Terwileger, a past commodore of Annapolis, I have been sailing her for the past 25 years. She is a stable sea worthy platform all seven tons of her!
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Boat- "Hope San" - 1958  Alden 42
OWNER - Patrick Monika Abrecht
AREA OF SAILING - Newport Rhode Island
E-Mail Patrick  Hope San is carvel built on ipol, deck refastened and recaulked, cabin top new plywood with dynel, outside striped and refurnished, interior will be finished after winter 04-05
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Boat - "C.R. Eden" - 1974 Alden Offshore 44
Bacchus.jpg (14773 bytes)Owner - Joseph & Lynda Creeden
AREA OF SAILING -Cucamonga, Ca/
E-Mail Joseph & Lynda
Boat - "Serius" - 1970 Alden Offshore 44
Owner - Samellas
E-Mail Samellas
Boat- "Dosar" - 1965  Alden 44 Ketch
OWNER - Alan Stowell
AREA OF SAILING - Florida & Bahamas
E-Mail Alan Alan has owned a Clipper 42 and a Richards Offshore 41
Mandarina.jpg (10360 bytes)Boat - "Mandarina" - 1972 Alden Offshore 44
Owner - Jerry Flint & Carolyn Edwards
AREA OF SAILING - Mediterranean
E-Mail Jerry & Carolyn  We are the third owners of Mandarina.  She was converted from centre wheel to off-set wheel steering to enhance the cockpit area.  We live aboard (with our two dogs) and are currently in the Agean, having spent last summer in the Ionian.  We are restoring Mandarina to her former glory, a slow and painful process, but the initial results are very pleasing.  The teak decking will be causing us problems in the future!  Jerry & Carolyn have submitted a great page on their restoration work, Click Here for page

Jan 2011 Sad update from Jerry and Carolyn

It comes with great heartache to report the loss of our floating home for the last 10+ years, “Mandarina”. She was an John Alden designed Off Shore 44 ketch, built in 1970. 
We suffered a severe knock down in the South China Sea some 175 nautical miles south of Hong Kong, during a tropical storm. The yacht ended up being holed and dismasted, without power and with a damaged, unserviceable, engine. 
We were rescued by a passing tanker, and taken to China.
Mandarina surprised all, including our Insurers, by turning up, still afloat, but very low on her marks, in Vietnam, some two weeks later. She had been “raped” by the local fishermen, all deck hard ware had been removed, including the masts and standing rigging, and it was reported that the interior had been very seriously damaged. She had obviously shipped a lot of water.
Our (UK) insurers advised us not to pursue recovery from Vietnam, due to local issues, political climate etc. They paid up in full.
It is further proof of the standard of build and design of these wonderful yachts surpasses all rivals, past and present, to be able to withstand a voyage of some 300+ nautical miles, through treacherous conditions, not under command, without foundering.
Jerry & Caz Flint

2013 update:  We got an email from a Frenchman in Vietnam who inquired about Mandarina and sent us the following picture
  Sad ending to a great boat, james

Boat - "VOYAGER" - 1973 Alden Offshore 44
Owner - Tom & Joanne Rowland
AREA OF SAILING -Kilmarnock, Virginia (Chesapeake Bay)
E-Mail Tom & Joanne  Just purchased last month and plan to begin major restoration in a few months and we hope to put it back in the "WOW" category within a year.  Like most of the boats on your site this will be a labor of love. 


Boat- "Muscadine" - 1973  Alden 44 Ketch
OWNER - Roger & Lee New
AREA OF SAILING - Lonian Sea, Greece
E-Mail Roger & Lee   Moved inboard to live on her in Sept 2011, having owned her since Feb 2009, when we bought her in Leros, then took her to Mallorca, only briefly to return to Greece. Currently moored Lefkas Marina, Lefkada.
Boat- "Rain Ketcher" - 1974  Alden 44 Ketch
OWNER - David Linsdeau
E-Mail David
Alden 50 Owners

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Allen Sewell emailed us that there were 14 of these built by Cheoy Lee
Boat- "Endurance" - 1970   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Jeff Copley
AREA of Sailing Venezuela

E-Mail Jeff
, Jeff did a singlehanded delivery from Florida to Venezuela
Boat- "LADY ANN" - 1969   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Al & Ann Lingelbach

E-Mail Al and Ann

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member


Boat- "AVE MARIA" - 1967  Offshore 50 Ketch, Hull # 1
avemaria.jpg (27451 bytes)OWNER - Paul Richmond
AREA OF SAILING - Sea of Cortez to the Caribbean
Email Paul
Boat- "Lady Pirate" - Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Donald & Debra Drost
AREA OF SAILING - Caribbean & Florida

E-Mail Donald & Debra    "Lady Pirate" is for sale, Click Here for the ad
  Boat- "Orient Star" - 1969   Offshore 50 Ketch
Tuckerman Esty



5/05/05 - We received the following email from Al aboard Lady Ann,  Does anyone know of this Alden and who owns her?

James - I have been out of touch for a while - and tried to send a message to Ernie (fellow owner of an Offshore 50 - Orient Star) but the message bounced back.  The photos I tried to send to Ernie are attached. They were taken within the past three weeks. Jaguar may well have been the victim of one of the hurricanes last season. Note the damage on the port after quarter in photo #2.
              The photos were sent to me by a good friend, who was on his honeymoon, and saw Jaguar while on the ferry to the airport in St. Martin on the way home, and recognized her as a sister ship.   Regards, Al


Boat- "Boojum" - 1970   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Anne Mooney

E-Mail Anne  Former name was PENRHYN and was purchased by Anne in 2011


Boat- "Bacchanal Too" - 1970s   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Anthony Gunn
AREA OF SAILING - Southern Caribbean

E-Mail Anthony  This Offshore 50 was a ketch and now sits as an empty shell.  I am completely rebuilding her (interior and new decks and cockpit) and will re-rig her with a tall-rig sloop and asymmetrical spinnaker/gennaker; aft cockpit.

A few years back, you had updated your ab fab web site with the news that I had bought a bare empty hull of an Offshore 50 in St Lucia and was about to restore her. We launched the basic rebuild in Nov 2003 and since then have done her up a lot, sailing from St Lucia to St Vincent & the Grenadines, to Barbados and  now up the chain to Dominica.


Boat- "Renegade" - 1973   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Peter and Josette Werk
E-Mail Peter & Josette

Renegade sailed around the world from 1977, returned to Nouméa (New-Calédonia) in 1978 and has been in Tahiti from September 1979 to this date in Tahiti

Boat- "Maeva Rainui" - 1972   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Tim Scudder
Rhode Island
E-Mail Tim     I sail mostly Eastern sea board particularly the Vineyard to Main, Nova Scotia and Bermuda.  I do want to extend to any Association member that comes across me, if your cold wet and tired, row over and I’ll give you a hot meal, a beer and a dry berth.

Lifetime Cheoy Lee Association Member

Boat- "Terra Nova" - 1968   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Mark Topping
New Zealand
E-Mail Mark  Two major refits -recently  upgraded with Andersen electric  winches,  in boom furling and the addition of a hard dodger over the cockpit to give some relief from the NZ sun.
Boat- "Lady Lucretia" - 1980   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Carel Visser
Cape Town
E-Mail Carel   1/2012 - At the moment she is underway on a ship from Baltimore to Cape Town where she will undergo a refit.













Boat- "Petrana" - 1968   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Paul Deeth,

E-Mail Paul 
In 1968 Cheoy Lee built an Offshore 50 for me which my wife and I named Petrana.  I owned her for 30 years before selling her to my son, Paul, who still owns her.  I based her in Antigua but sailed her extensively throughout the Caribbean and then the Mediterranean, including the Black Sea and Russia.
My wife and I made a circumnavigation during 1982-87
Petrana is still here in Antigua and Paul cruised in her and races her every year in Antigua Classic Week, Peter Deeth.

Boat- "White Swan" - 1984   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Kevin Whitcomb
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco

E-Mail Kevin
Boat- "Aphrodite" - 1969   Offshore 50 Ketch
OWNER - Allen Sewell
AREA of Sailing Hobart Tasmania Australia

E-Mail Allen
  11/17 Aphrodite is the original launch name I think. She went to BVI and then in the 80s was in Vanatu where she washed ashore in a cyclone. She was refitted and came to Australia and was much loved and kept in good order by a surgeon based in Queensland. When his wife put her foot down and said that as he was in his late 70s he had to sell. I luckily for me, happened to spot the yacht on my way back to Tasmania from North Queensland on my beneteau 461. I said the broker if he could sell my yacht in the week I was spending in Brisbane I would buy it and so it was, much to my shock. I then wondered whether I was a nutter for sailing a totally unknown yacht the 1200 nm in our notoriously challenging weather back to Hobart. It behaved beautifully, was a much stable and comfortable platform and faster than the beneteau. I continue to be very pleased with it's performance and though I continue to upgrade electronics the basics of the craft are solid as is.I will send some photos if this email connects. Do you have a secure way of receiving money.


Click Here for great article on "Lady Pirate" submitted by Al Lingelbach

Here is what I believe is a complete list of all the OS50s built by Cheoy Lee (and one hull built of steel in Holland) as created (for the most part) by Neil Helleberg of the Alden office, just before he closed it down and the plans were all sent to M.I.T. The printed material is from N.H., while the penciled notes are mine. As you can see, there were variations on the main theme (full keel, aft cockpit) but there were more than 20 hulls built.  Albert Lingelbach aboard "Lady Ann"
Click Here for PDF file submitted by Al

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