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redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Nov - 2012  Member submitted the following YouTube video.  Promo from the movie Sand Pebbles but has some old footage of the Cheoy Lee Yards.  Click Here to view

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Nov - 2012 There is some great history of the Cheoy Lee company in the current newsletter from Cheoy Lee, Click Here to read.  In addition Cheoy Lee has created some history pages on models produced each decade with many models listing the number produced.  Click Here to visit their history pages

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Nov - 2012 Wayne Robinson, our first member from Hong Kong recently submitted the following great pictures

  Photo's taken from SAWADEE, my 'Perry' Offshore Cheoy Lee 35. Hong Kong
Sunday14th Oct, 2012. 
Taken from a Kite between 50 & 100 ' at around 4-5 kts - 3 kt wind +
sailing speed of boat.
Will work on different sailing angles and trying to work the kite tracking
angles as I think she would look great on a broad reach with her Spinnaker or A-sail hoisted.
Hope to do that this coming weekend.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Oct - 2012 We got the following email this month -
Hi James and Cilla
    On October 14th we crossed our outbound track on the east coast of Australia thus completing a 12 year circumnavigation of the world in our Cheoylee 41 ' Virgos Child'. A no time did we feel that she was ever going to let us down. On our way around we encountered several of our sisterships in exotic ports which is a great testament to the seakindlyness of these vintage cruisers. All in a great trip in a great vessel
 Terry and Elaine McCarroll
 'Virgos Child'

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) July - 2012  We received the following email from Practical Sailor

Practical Sailor magazine is updating its used sailboat reviews and looking for high-resolution (300 dpi) color images of the Cheoy Lee 41and the Cheoy Lee Clipper 36 and 42. Specifically, we are looking for photos of boats under sail, but good photos of the cockpit, deck, and interior would be appreciated. If you would like to help Practical Sailor with this project and feature your boat or another member of the Cheoy Lee Sailboat Associations boat in the upcoming reviews, please send them Please include your contact information and any known details about the boat where relevant (owner, year, boat name, home port, etc.). Thank you very much for your support.


Any questions about the project may be directed to Practical Sailor editor Darrell Nicholson at

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) April - 2012 Matthew Garthwait has a face book page for the Frisco Flyer's

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) April - 2012  My name is Mike Schock and I am the owner of a 1979 Offshore 41 sloop rig (Ray Richards design).  I have recently pulled the original spruce mast and boom and will be replacing them with aluminum.  I would like to offer the original spruce mast for sale on the association web site.  The mast and boom are in excellent condition and were last painted in 2008.  I am located in Southern California so it would be best if any potential buyers were located nearby to avoid expensive shipping costs.  I would appreciate it if you would post this on the association web site.  I have already created a post on the association Delphi forum page.  I can be contacted at

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Feb 2012 - have some new pictures of the Lapworth 50,  Click Here for page

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Oct 2011 - Message from James - many of our members need to update their email address.  Please email us at to update your email address.  Please include your name, make of your Cheoy Lee and her name to make is easy for us to locate your member information.  Thanks, james...

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Oct 2011 - My name is Steve Archambault and I recently purchased a 1976 Cheoy Lee Luders Ketch. She is 36ft long and is named “Windeva”. My home port is Falmouth Maine. I am currently sailing south along the eastern US coast and plan to head to Tortola for early December. I would like to get together with several other boats planning to make the crossing to the Islands or to Bermuda, and then on to the Islands. Currently I am solo, but would not be adverse to having someone else on board looking to make the crossing. My e-mail address is

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Jan 2011  We now have a new page with contact information for Jonathan Cannon.  This page has information on parts etc for your Cheoy Lee.  This page is a collaborative effort with Jonathan Cannon at Cheoy Lee Shipyards, Ltd.  Click Here for page


redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Dec 07  Glenn Wakefield is sailing his Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 around the world, you can follow the trip at

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) New: 11/05 Martin Tregoning has sent in a copy of an original parts catalog.  Click here to view

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) NOTE: 4/05 I have created a folder on the Delphi Forums for Power Owners of Cheoy Lee's.  Also have upgraded our Cheoy Lee Forum.  Click Here to enter & join cheoy lee forum for Power Owners. 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) April 15, 05  Important safety update for those of you that own Clippers with Dolphin Strikers.   Jamie aboard "Flying Cloud" submitted the following info.  I have made a page for this important information.   Safety Update on Clipper Dolphin Striker Fitting
Thanks Jamie

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Dec/04  The Jan/Feb issue of "Good Old Boat" Magazine has three articles related to Cheoy Lee's.  First article is on the Horton's Richard 32 written by Don Casey, then there is a short article by Ted Brewer on on the Cheoy Lee 32.  The issue rounds out with a article on Sonny Furmans Pedrick 41.  If you do not subscribe to "Good Old Boat" you should.  They can be found at Karen and Jerry have published many articles on Cheoy Lee's over the past few years.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Oct/04  Click Here for interesting link to info on Cheoy Lee's submitted by Doug Claflin
July/04  Andrew and Ginny Skok have sent us a copy of the article that Ginny wrote for the Jan issue of "Soundings"  They sail a Perry 44 "Jenny-Beth" out of CT.  Click Here for pdf format of article

July 17/04 Click Here for article from Sea Magazine on the San Diego Cheoy Lee Rendezvous


May 2004 We received the following email.  Nice to see our website helped Cheoylee to find the meaning of her name

This evening, I was trying to search for the meaning of my name. It has been 25 years since I  got this interest to know what the real  meaning of Cheoy Lee. But when I was younger my father already told me that it was a yacht name. Then I came to know that you  guys made a site, I was so happy knowing that my name appeared on that site, glad to know u guys!. Anyhow, i just want to thank you!... at least I got the idea of what Cheoy Lee really means... Keep in touch!
By the way,  im Filipino, 25 female.  Hope im welcome   regards Cheoylee Santiago .
You can send Cheoylee an email at

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  News Archive:  Click here for past website news, stories too large to put on this page,  and interesting pictures or misc. information people have submitted to the association's website.

6/04 Captain Bob and Fran Decker have a charter business in the Florida Keys aboard a Cheoy Lee 35.  Click Here for info

6/04 - Jeff Rowland has sails for a Cheoy Lee 38 and a Autoprop Propellor for sale, Call him at 323-657-1444 or email

12/30 We have info on two articles from magazines on Cheoy Lee's.  Click Here for our page on Cheoy Lee's in the news.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  05/2/2003 Click Here for Cheoy Lee's website history on the company.  Here is a picture of the new yard located about 60 miles from Hong Kong

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  11/22/2002  We now have some information on the Cheoy Lee 50 designed by Nils Lucander, Click Here for page

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  10/02/2002 Click Here for pictures of the new Cheoy Lee factory's production.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  08/22/2002  Scott Dine submitted several great photos of "Necessity", a Clipper 33 owned by Capt. Ross.  Click here for page

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  07/12/2002   We have info on a Cheoy Lee model that is new.  The Cape Cod Cat info was submitted by Chris Coose,  Click Here for the page of information

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  04/20/2002 We have had the question asked, What does LLoyds Standards mean.  Many of the Cheoy Lee brochures and ad say built to LLoyds Standards.  Click Here for a couple of responses from members

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  01/12/02 "Chesapeake Bay Magazine" Jan 2002 featured on their cover a picture of a Cheoy Lee Clipper owned by Captain Ross, U.S.C.G. Here is photo of cover, click for full image and thanks to Glenn Coleman, on "True Lee" an Offshore 33, for submitting the photo

CL31clipper.jpg (69329 bytes)
Photo by Scott Dine and is copyrighted

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  03/31/2002 The following email submitted by Wayne Robinson
The Last Cheoy Lee Yacht built & launched in Penny's Bay Lantau
She was built 15 years ago but the owner changed his mind [wasn't you was it ?]  and has sat at the yard ever since.  With the land site earmarked for redevelopment by HK government for Disney land, the Cheoy Lee Shipyard had to move elsewhere [ back into China] and the remaining stock of completed or partially completed boats were sold off.  Ocean Girl was the last one of these and in 2001 was the last of a long line of Cheoy Lee built yachts to be launched at their yard at Penny's Bay Lantau Island.
Anyhow she is a Pedrick 55' .  She looks a bit like a Swan with teak decks, aft cockpit & mid deck cockpit & companion way. She was bought by Rainer Brodeimer, a German sailor based in HK 18 months ago as a bare hull & cabin top only & since that time he has been working hard night & day to fit her out.  Many believed he would not complete the mammoth task in time.  Well he did, he got the keel cast in China and fitted out all the rigging himself .  We are 13 crew and Hot to Trot. 
The name of the yacht is Ocean Girl and you can follow our daily progress [or other] on the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Clubs, China Sea Race web site - see link below.
So far the boat has only sailed a total of 30 miles or so only ' four times ' from her Hebe Haven Mooring to the Nine Pins and back - the CSR is 600 nautical miles from Hong Kong to Nasugbu Bay just outside Manila Bay.   Wish us luck !

Wayne Robinson
Ocean Girl

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  03/24/2002 We have had the question asked, What does LLoyds Standards mean.  Many of the Cheoy Lee brochures and ad say built to LLoyds Standards.  If you have the answer email james at with the answer.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  03/15/2002 Brent & Sue aboard "Dream Quest" have submitted a great page of information on their restoration project.  Click Here for page

Also Jerry Flint & Carolyn Edwards have submitted information on their project aboard "Mandarina" an Alden 44  Click Here for page

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  01/13/02  Click Here for great article on "Lady Pirate" submitted by Al Lingelbach.  "Lady Pirate" is a Cheoy Lee Alden 50

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  7/29/01  Thanks to Tom Gilson from Cheoy Lee NA we now have two brochures on the Golden Waves.  I had thought they were all designed by Robert Perry but have found that he only designed the 42.  The 48 was designed by Britton Chance and the 38 by Dave Pedrick.  Click Here for the new page on the Golden Waves.  Click Here for updated Luders 30 page...

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  7/27/01 I have started the process of rescanning many of the brochures now that my scanning skills have improved.  Also will be scanning line & sail plan in full size for those of you who want to print them.  We have more space on the server at DellHost than before.  These are large files but may be of use to those who do not have original brochures.  james.... 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  7/21/01  Cheoy Lee's in the news - May/June issue of Good Old Boat had a great article on the Offshore 40.  Plus the August issue of Cruising World noted that the Clipper 36 was one of the great buys in solid classic used boats.   They also mentioned our association's website...   Also the June 200 issue of Practical Sailor ran an article on the Richards Offshore 41. 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  6/25/01  News from James & Cilla,  our website for the association has grown and we needed a new host.  We have chosen DellHost.  We now have the space to grow ( I will rescan many of the brochures I have and post as printable images).  Of course costs have shot up.  I am in the process of setting up affiliates and will post a page where you can do your online shopping at West Marine, Amazon, Dell Computers and perhaps Defender.  This will be a way to support this association with your online shopping.  We were off the air for a short time during the transition but everything should now be working.  james...

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Click Here for a great website on the Cheoy Lee Midnight Lace by Tom Fexas
redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Feb 2001 We have a new member from Israel who has sailed much of the Pacific in a Clipper 42.  Click Here to view great webpage of Rafi's Clipper 48 "Malkat Singapore"

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Jan 2001  The Cheoy Lee Association's website has been acknowledged in the the Jan issue of Good Old Boat.  Check the issue out for a nice two page article on this website...

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Dec/00  Click Here for news clips on Rhodes Offshore 40 Mah Jong owned by Tony Singleton

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)   Oct/00 Click Here for 1983 Cheoy Lee R. Richards 38, Perkins 4-108) Dealer Provided Owner Manual
Submitted by Eric Beauchamp aboard "Beaudacious"  Thanks Eric.  james...

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Oct 28/00  Click Here for page on the Laurent Giles one-off Motorsailor 32.  Oliver Cobb has sent us photos as well as a short history of this Cheoy Lee beauty.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Oct/00  Kate Godfrey-DeMay who sails "Clarity" an Offshore 31 with her husband Paul, had a great article published in the July/Aug issue of Good Old Boat Magazine.  Article has great info on history of company as well as info on the designers of the various models of Cheoy Lees. 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Tracy Van Buskirk wrote us the following looking for info on "So Fong"
I am writing a history of an early Cheoy Lee, a 70 ft schooner built in the mid to late 30's.  Solid teak, dragon carvings, tile fireplace, the mailsail was marconi & the foresail was gaff rigged.  I was fortunate enough to sail on this boat as crew from Connecticut to Singapore in 1978.  The memory of this boat has haunted me for years and I am anxious to find out about its life.  If you know anything please email me at
Thanks, TVB

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  August 2000 We received the following update from Kevin Ralph of Cheoy Lee North America:  
     The Lantau yard has now closed and all future yacht and ship construction will take place at the new state of the art facility in Daomen, 60 miles from Hong Kong , on the mainland. The company is still based in Hong Kong and maintains its service yard in "downtown" Kowloon, so the companies contact address remains the same. The Lantau site will by landlocked by  the end of the year due to a 500 acre land reclamation project for the future Disney site. Unfortunately for logistic and economic reasons this meant that the company will not move the moulds for any of the motorsailor or sportfishing models. These are being donated to a local artificial reef program. 

Cheoy Lee Shipyard's new state-of-the-art facility on the Pearl River.

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Click Here for update on Doug's S. Pacific Trip


redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  August 2000  Cill and I had a great time at the New England Cheoy Lee rendezvous hosted by Mick and Judy Cochran.  Click here for pictures of the event which coincided with the Tall Ships Newport event.
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  May 20000  Vic & Carlene Danart have a web site on their Clipper 36  Click Here to visit, great restoration shots.
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  2/4/00 Carey Johnston, office manager for The Seven Seas Cruising Assoc., is off for another go around of the Atlantic this summer.  Looking to rendezvous with other Cheoy Lee Owners in Bermuda, Azores, Madeira, Portugal, or the Canaries.  Email Carey & Wally if you will be in any of these areas, 
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  2/4/00 My husband and I bought a CL Offshore 41 last summer.  The deal included an aluminum main mast, which we are just now getting around to fitting.  We would like to offer the original (1978) wooden mast for sale if someone could use it.  It's in okay shape, but needs a little TLC. 
Susan & Ken FitzGerald "Endless Summers" Seattle
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  1/16/00 I have had requests for a listing of our members by area, click here for this new listing.
 redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Monday, January 10, 2000 email from Andy Laurence
Shipyard row may delay Disney
Officials have been unable to carry out proper environmental checks at a Lantau shipyard, raising doubts whether Disneyland can be finished on time. 
Because of a legal battle, officials can conduct visual checks at the Penny's Bay site but cannot test for contamination. 
Disneyland - and other projects planned for north Lantau - must pass environmental tests before work can begin. But because the tests cannot be done properly, government environmental advisers may not approve them. 
The 19-hectare shipyard is owned by Cheoy Lee, which has begun a battle for compensation for the loss of shore and seabed which the Government is reclaiming. The Government has been unable to get permission from the firm to conduct tests on the site.  Road and rail projects and a water recreation centre will be built on land next to Disneyland, due to open in 2005. 
Contamination at the shipyard is included in an environmental impact assessment under the "Northshore Lantau Feasibility Study", which will study development in the area, including Disneyland. 
A study of the combined environmental impact of the theme park and related developments, including the recreation centre, is also under way. 
The two studies have to be completed next month for submission to the Environmental Protection Department and the Advisory Council on the Environment for endorsement. 
The reports will be subject to a two-month public consultation before reclamation can start in May. The reclaimed site is scheduled to be handed to Disney by the end of 2002. 
But a Civil Engineering Department spokeswoman said: "We can enter the shipyard to have a look but we cannot conduct any site assessment at this stage. The contamination assessment can only be done visually." 
Tourism Commissioner Mike Rowse has warned that the joint venture running the Disneyland project can claim compensation if work is delayed by more than three months.  Assistant director of Friends of the Earth and advisory council member Plato Yip Kwong-to said: "How can you do the study visually? The assessment is a science. This is unacceptable."  Council chairman Peter Wong Hong-yuen said: "I cannot tell at this stage whether a visual assessment is acceptable. But I wonder how you can visually check if there are chemicals underground." 
The shipyard operator, which declined to comment, will be asked to hand over its land after Exco endorses the outline zoning plan for Northshore Lantau gazetted on August 12 last year.
Published in the South China Morning Post. 
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)   1/10/00 Have started a page on Cheoy Lees that are in the charter business, click here
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)   1/10/00  Thanks to Robert Baumer we now have a page on a model I did not know Cheoy Lee produced, the Lapworth 50.  Click Here to view
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  12/23/99 Andy Laurence has once again contributed to the website, this time with a thorough article on repairing the stemhead fitting on the Offshore 31  Click Here  Also article on Typhoon York from Hong Kong Magazine.  Large images so be patient -  Click Here
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  12/15/99 We have three new listings of Cheoy Lees for sale, a Trawler 61 and an Offshore 31 & a Clipper 36 - Click Here
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Rendezvous at the Yards
  12/5/99   I suppose you have heard that the Cheoy Lee yard on Lantau ( where my boat was built ) is due to close within the next 12 months or so to make way for the Disney Theme park.  All new production is to be transferred to a yard in China as such they are currently running down the production. So I feel a visit to the yard before this happens would be appropriate and especially before the new year, (dare I say the next millennium) so having talked this over with Jonathan Cannon we have obtained approval for a final yard visit for Cheoy Lee Owners on Saturday 18th December.  I will be leading a group of Cheoy Lee yachts on my CL Perry 35' to rendezvous at the yard to pay final respects for their craftsmanship and dedication to service over all these years.  I think it will be the first such visit by my yacht in over 20 since she was built there!   Of particular interest to me will be the foundry, as I understand that this is one of the very few yards in Asia where in addition to making the hulls and fitting them out, actually made their own hardware & fittings. Casting bronze & Stainless Steel on site (some say from reconstituted s/s cutlery courtesy of Cathay Pacific Airways) Jonathon tell me that their is not much going on nowadays as the yard is only working on two power cruisers and the site will soon be vacated to make room for development so that why we must go now.  Anyhow if you wish to put this bit of info on the web page in case any Cheoy Lee owners are passing through HK I'm sure they will be welcome to crew on any of the boats going to Lantau on that day.  I will of course be notifying all Cheoy Lee owners within Hong Kong of this visit and try to make this a memorable event.  I will of course be taking as many pics as I can and will forward them to you for your records. Best Regards  
Wayne Robinson
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  11/99  James,  I finally made it to a country with good internet cafes, and looked up the new location of your website. It looks like it has really taken off. Congratulations! 
I last wrote you that I was planning to sail to Tahiti in my 68 Cheoy Lee Alden 32 Motorsailer, "Endless Summer". Hey, I made it, so I kept going..... Click Here for rest of story and photos 
Cheers, Doug Villepique
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  11/99 Peter Czermak has a great web site in German on his Cheoy Lee, will be translating parts of our website into German.   Click Here

a Cheoy lee 47 sinks 
in Florida Keys

11/11/99  T. White & B. LeCroy aboard "Splendid"  emailed us with the following message - "Sorry to pass on such a sad story, but it is a lessen for all of us that our boats, no matter how well built, are still vulnerable". 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Also received email from Andre Tardivel, owner of Mariesylance, a Richards Offshore 41, that she was hit by another boat and sunk while at mooring during a storm on Lake Champlain recently.  


JCannon.jpg (20890 bytes)8/99 Andy Laurence aboard Triton in Hong Kong sent us a great article updating what is going on at the Cheoy Lee Company Click Here for article.  He also sent this pic of Jon Cannon's Custom Cheoy Lee "Gecko".  Many of you know Jon as the Cheoy Lee Contact in Hong Kong.  Click image for full size picture.
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)   8/99  We are now linked from Dirk Wyle's website.  Dirk is a murder mystery writer and his lead character, Ben Candidi, lives on a Cheoy Lee.  Click Here for his website.  Click Here for a second page referring to us.
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Summer 1999  Andy Laurence has submitted a pic of a Cheoy Lee add from the Hong Kong Yachting Mag as well as a pic of Jon Cannon aboard his Cheoy Lee Click Here Here to view
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Summer 1999   We have a couple of pics of Cheoy Lees being used in National Ads submitted by Ben Stavis  Click Here
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Summer 1999   Tribute to Bill Luders by Ted Brewer.  Click Here
redarrow.gif (56 bytes)  Summer 1999  The  Following pictures have been submitted by Justin Thompson.  Justin has one of the worlds largest collection of boating brochures.  I will have more info on his collection soon.  He has many of the Cheoy Lee brochures and for a small fee will duplicate for you.  Here are two new pages from brochures submitted by Justin.  Offshore 26 and Offshore 28. Meanwhile here are a few photos of the Cheoy Lee Yard and the production molds of the Cheoy Lee 35 and 43 Motorsailor he has emailed us. Cclick to enlarge

2 shots of the 43 Molds

CL_43MS_Deck_Plug=Hull_Mold1.jpg (20852 bytes)     CL_43MS_Deck_Plug=Hull_Mold2.jpg (36322 bytes)

Pics of the 35 Molds
Both Justin and Eric Dysart have confirmed the below pic is a Perry 35

Cheoy_Lee_35_Hull_&_Deck.jpg (55900 bytes)